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The State of 


One year equals approximately 1 80 days 

The State of InUUXitation 



An InUUXitating Experience 


Levels of InUUXitation 



Organized InUUXitation 



Striving While InCOXitated 



InUUXitated v\/ith Learning 



InCOXitating Ingredients 


After a Year of InUUXitation 



'&rnj~' (iJchoCr 



> ^ 

.'Jt / 

'^- #., 

■-<■"•*«* ^ ;■> 

Bubbles and shades, two passions of high school students, 
still young at heart. 


Frank W. Cox High School 
2425 Shorehaven Drive 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 2345 


The State 


If you were swept off 
your feet by an ex- 
hilarating wrestling 
match, danced until 
dawn on Prom Night, or 
if you were dazzled by 
the band's precision 
marching, you were 
caught in the state of in- 
COXitation. If you wore 
Green and Gold, bought 
a candy gram, worked 
hard for that A in math 
and sat on Santa's lap, 
you were inCOXitated. 
InCOXitation extended 
beyond classes into the 
halls, spread to clubs, 
and filtered into life 
outside of school. We 
lived with success, with 
failure, with loss and 
gain, and the style with 
which we lived through- 
out the year was our 
own spirited state, the 
state of inCOXitation. 

The Viroinia Stars, led by Mr. Bob Cotter, play the light song 
during Homecoming. 

2 C -^PENINQ oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 

Ata wrestling matph against Lit- ''"InCOXiW '"M 

in(|so(tradition, pride, and dedica. .... ''ecstatici. 

English class inspire : • '"'■? 
sometimes by '.: 

r" >: ^^{ 


n, TheSen.r^a.deir^res J^eOodv^^ ^^^ZZS^Sl^i^S^SSt'' 

The possibilities ottered by a phone call incited John Prodan to While others try for the ^'ender look Cathy Welborn is inflated 
bubble over with inCOXitation. by the inCOXitation of Green and Gold Day 

On Green and Gold Day, Marc Mayette and Allison Blozsom 
cut the links for the spirit links competition 

^ ^^ENtNQ oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 

3UMLIMC •Yi^^ 

The very essence of inCOXitation, our spirit, our pride was what being a Falcon 
was all about. The sources varied, fronfi the willingness to strive for academic or 
artistic excellence, to the satisfaction in sinking a jump shot, or having a good day 
at work. From the most visible achievers to the students who simply did their best. 
It couldn't be contained, we all bubbled over with inCOXitation. 

Showing their levels of inCOXitation in dressing up for Spirit 
Week, the student body shows their true colors — green and 

The newest member of the cheering squad, Dr. Burletine InCOXitated wrestling fans, including Mack Heckler and 
Karlen, is inCOXitated with Homecoming Spirit. others, rejoice as Mike Davidson pins his Green Run opponent 

in less than thirty seconds. 


jsilNQ O S 

Thespians Amy Riddick and Larry Bayles entertain with a scene from "The Man Who During a weekend celebration, Paul O'Neill and Pete Howard look into the kitchen for 
Came to Dinner' ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ °' popcorn. 

Working at the Key Club booth during the Neptune Festival Air Show provided an 
amusing moment for Lynn Bolgiano. 

Young Life leader Steve Ross supervises the doughnut pass 
between Rob Bagby and John Poe. " 


The total student body en- 
gaged in and provided one 
another with some of the most 
thrilling, most touching, most 
intensely inCOXitating mo- 
ments imaginable. What feel- 
ing could compare to the fever 
pitch of Homecoming week 
and all of the inter-class 
competitions? Who would 
have dreamed that our pockets 
and our hearts would have 
opened so widely for the 
United Way? Who could have 
made us laugh as much as 
Donald Morris on Hero Day or 
Dr. Burletine Karlen as she 
donned a cheering uniform and 
led us in a Homecoming 
cheer? Could any other school 
boast an SCA president who 
reached such heights as 
Wendell Cosenza? These and 
other people entertained and 
enthralled us at isolated times. 
Combined, they made up the 
inCOXitating experience that 
was our Student Life. 

The inCOXitating spirit of Christmas is spread by Tammy 
Tasheil<o and Allison Davis via Christmas ba!loon-a-grams. 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ' PSHWQ O 7 

- A 


VX^* prC ' 





^„, SON ^e s\\J(^«'' 







Coming Oi/ii 

Info ihe Real World! 

The weatherman was wrong. Ram had 
been predicted all day, and many seniors 
were wishing they had voted to hold gradu- 
ation at the Pavilion. However, when the 
sun broke through the gray sky in the late 
afternoon , it was obvious that the choice to 
hold the ceremony in the stadium was the 
best one. 

The proud parents and guests of 500 
graduating seniors filed into the stadium 
and found seats on the bleachers while 
anxiously awaiting the commencement of 
the service. The traditional "Pomp and Cir- 
cumstance" could be heard as the ecstatic 

seniors marched onto the field. Several 
speakers were scheduled, including Mr. 
Bill Whitehurst. Following his talk, Susan 
Wood gave a memorable valedictory 
speech. Finally it was time for the seniors to 
receive their diplomas. While Mr. Williams 
and Mr. Porter announced the students' 
names. Dr. Karlen and Mrs. Waters shook 
hands and distributed diplomas. The 
service was finally completed , and 500 hats 
flew up into the air. The happy graduates 
marched off of the field to meet their 
parents and attend the reception in the 



'\ ^- -^^V 

During the commencement ceremony, |unior Audrey 
Hernaridez looks enviously at the graduates. Wishful thinking , 

2 O S'^UDSNl LIFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

After graduating, Scott Voliva stands in line to receiv his 
"real" diploma. 

)0000000000000000000000000000000 $TU.' ../v f UfS O ^ 

Spiriir Week 

Nerd Day provided us with many laughs like this one from Billy 

TrtP k^pu -hn Fnlrnn Fp 


isual things began to 

;;.4..^D;:r, (Junng the third week in 

"...ober. Flatbeds were parked 

uehind the stadium and there was a 

^isady stream of lumber and pizza 

deliveries. Saws hummed and hammers 

pounded nails as clubs and classes began 

to put their floats fnto final form. 

All week long competition between the 
classes thrived. Spirit links were sold dur- 
ing all lunches and the winning evidence, 
thousands of Senior green links, was on 
display at the Homecoming Pep Rally. 
Dressup days added a little color and ex- 
citement to the pre-Homecoming fes- 
tivities. Fifties day brought out greasers 
and bobby-soxers and Denise Morgan was 
the best bopper of them all. 

Tuesday was career day and every 
profession imaginable was represented, 
even housewives in this age of modern 
women. Doctor Pennington and John 
Jansen MD"took first place . . . STAT. 

Max Headroom rubbed shoulders with 
Tina Turner and more than one Dolly Parton 
dined in the cafeteria. What looked like 

Halloween was actually Celebrity Day and 
Donald Morris as our own Mr. Porter 
captured the first prize among the rich and 

Thursday brought out the Alfred E. New- 
man in all of us on the first Nerd Day during 
Spirit Week. Unmatched polyester and pen- 
filled pockets were proper attire with Christi 
Davis and Ted Sakis, scoring highest for 
the overall tackiness. 

Faculty and students alike decked out in 
Green and Gold on Friday which began with 
the now traditional Senior Spirit Parade. 
Resplendent in green and yellow balloons, 
senior Cathy Welborn floated to a first place 

At the Homecoming Pep Rally there was 
further competition between classes in the 
form of cheers and relay races led by a new 
member of the cheering squad, Cheer- 
leader Dr. Karlen!! When asked why she 
decided to join the squad. Dr. Karlen re- 
plied, "I dressed up like a cheerleader to 
show a little school spirit. It was a lot of 

The competition was fierce as Alan Norman, Ricky Engel, and Ambitious freshmen Brent Bohike and Ryan McGuinness dis- 

Marc Mayette awaited the judges' decision on Green and Gold cuss the "battle of the burgers" on Career Day. 


70 O ?Tl/D£AiT L(F£ ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo) 

(Right) Homecoming co-chairman Jennifer Lucas had her 
work cut out tor her in organizing the multitude of spirit linl<s. 

In the foreground, Sophomores Doug Edwards and Kristy 
Bivins discuss the makings of a prize winning float. 

In their fittie's attire, juniors Jenny Sullivan and Nicole Stuffing chicken wire was just one of the many tasks Denise 
Andrews show off their spirit. Mickelson and Kelli Malloy had to attend to as chairmen of the 

Senior Class homecoming float. 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo $TU^'' I itf£ O 11 

(Top) Senior representative Kim Haynie. 
(Bottom) Senior representative Natalie Taylor. 

MajesHc Itfterlac/e 

CiiUer at Halftivne 

The 1986 Homecoming night was 
filled with excitement. Although our 
football team suffered a loss, the 
halftime celebration was colorful 
and memorable. The Theme, "The Past is 
the Key to the Future," challenged the 
students to portray on their float previous 
events that had relevance to the years to 
come. Every float showed time, creativity, 
and much effort put forth by members of 
each organization. 

The fourth-place winner out of ten floats, 
the Latin Club, showed the chariot as a 
fore-runner of the spaceship. The French 
Club took third place with their focus on the 
French and Indian War. The second place 
winner, the sophomore class, showed edu- 
cation as the "key." The winning float was 

The newly-crowned queen Mandy Tavares enjoys her victory 
ride around the track. 

The creative portrayal of "Alice and the Looking Past Mirror" 
by the Junior Class won first place. 

that of the junior class, showing 
and the "Looking-Past Mirror." 

The Homecoming Court presentation at 
half-time was a show of elegance. The 1 985 
Homecoming Queen, Rachel Atkinson, 
returned to crown the new queen, Mandy 
Tavares. Our principal, Mrs. Lottie B. 
Waters, presented Mandy with a bouquet of 
one dozen roses. Other senior representa- 
tives were Meg Dobson. Kim Haynie, Amy 
Riddick, and Natalie Taylor. Junior 
representatives were Nicole Andrews and 
Sheri Miles. Representing the sophomore 
class were Amy Collier and Michelle 
Whetmore. The Freshman Class chose 
Amber Medlin and Courtney Wilson as their 

72 O $TL/D£A/T L(F£ ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooi 

(Top) Sophomore representative Michelle Weiiiior*' 
(Bottom) Sophomore representative Amy Collier 



. is of longing were finally coming to 
an end as the time for the holiday vacation 
approached. The foyer was decorated in 
iigreen and reds as visions of vacation danced 
in students' heads. The tree in the cafeteria 
was decorated with care, and everyone 
hoped vacation would soon be there. 

Beginning in December, various holiday 
activities were organized. On December 
, sixth, the S.C.A. had a dance, hosting the 
^well-known East Coast band. "The 
Ravens." Although the band did not live up 
to its reputation, the dance was still a 
success due to the thorough planning of the 
dance committee. The following week the 
cheerleaders held a pep rally in holiday 
style, featuring Mark Petersen as Santa 

The week of the 15th was a busy one. 
The S.C.A. sponsored a contest in which 
homeroom classes were encouraged \£ 
decorate their doors to win a S40 certificafe 
for the teacher at the restaurant of his 
choice and a wall clock or electric pencil 
sharpener for the classroom. First place 
was awarded to Mrs. Frost and her home- 
room class. At the same time, students 
were given the opportunity to show their 
appreciation for the faculty by participating 
in Secret Santa week. Students chose a 
teacher to do something special for, such 
as giving them a gift. The following Mon- 
day, the S.C.A. held a reception so that the 
participating teachers could meet their 
Secret Santas. Throughout the month, the 
holiday spirit was alive and well. 

Falcons Wrap Up ike Hoddays 

In sixth bell lunch, Kristen Wilcox and Molly Whelahan take a 
break Irooi eating to visit Santa Claus, Jonn Dustin. 

Santa Claus. Mark Petersen, greets all of his fans at the Holi- 
day Pep Rally before collecting their wish lists. 

1k O SlUDSNl Ufe ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

Seniors Sarah Hess and Christi Edw'ards visit Santa over the 
holidays at Lynnhaven Mall. 


In the spring musical, buddies Philip Grant. Pat Dooley. and Co-stars Sally March and Larry Bayles show the extent of th( 
Glenn Grimsley clown around talent in this scene from the fall play 

In this climactic scene of Once Upon a Mattress, Pat Do 

and Glenn Grimsley confront each other as Anne Filer, lit' 
Jackson. Diana Vann, Christy Underhill, Robert Flores. 
Hayden, and Jenny Sullivan watch. 

1^ O SlUDENl LIFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 


•The f^'^'t *' 

Sharing a musical moment, Nicole Andrews sings to her son, 
Larry Bayles in Once Upon A Mattress. 


, the direction of 

n drama teacher Mr. Garrett, both 

|he spring and fall drama productions were 

pectacular success. The spring musical was a 

himsical production based on the fairy tale, 

The Princess and the Pea." Meg Dobson as 

rincess Winnifred the Wobegone charmed 

rince Dauntless, Larry Bayles. Other fine perfor- 

ances were given by Pat Dooley , Jeff Ames, and 

icole Andrews. Commented senior Allison Blox- 

om, choreographer, "We had so many people 

out that Mr. Garrett chose a musical with a 

arge cast. It was a great group of people to work 


The fall play, The Man Who Came To Dinner, 

starred Sally March and Larry Bavles. The olav. a 
comedy, depicting a stranger taking advantage of 
an innocent family, ended with an ironic twist. 
The elaborate sets demanded the skills and time 
of the Drama II, III, IV classes. 

Each production required countless hours of 
rehearsal each week,, and the final products 
reflected the talent and time that went into each. 
Musical cast member Matt Jackson said, "It was 
hard work but definitely worth every minute of ef- 

Cast in the role of a seductress, Amy Riddick casts a coy 
glance toward Larry Bayles, the man who came to dinner. 

Aspiring actresses Kristin Regula, Missy Bell, and Anne Filer Acting as the estranged aunt. Nicole Andrews confides in 
discuss the latest news. Larry Bayles during the fall play. 

oDoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SlUPB^l Uf£ O 77 



Junior Class oflicers Kathy Slough. Alex Sadler, and Caddy An intimate evening is spent with a group ol friends Kim Sophomore Allison Moore smiles as she thinks of her Rifi 
Wood study the roster before distributing rings. Savino, Alfred Ascenon. IVIelissa Streeter, Rick George, Liz Dance to come while junior Kevin Shea looks to the danii 

Henry, and Kevin Phillips. floor 

After an hour on the dance door with Brandon Perry, Kan 
Kay must rest her feet. 

7? O $Tl/D£MT LIFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo<oc 

Junior Nell-Garwood MacEachern and her date Tim Blanchard 
give their most sophisticated look to the photographer. 

Junior Scott Sjovall and Jerri Edwards take time out to admire 
his ring. 

On The Town 

Lei ike Good Times Roil! 

3:00 — Anticipation rose in the heails of juniors 
as the hour for ring Dance approached. 

5:00 — Juniors all over the Cox district began to 
prepareforthenight'sfestivities. Asthe 
girls primped in front of mirrors, their 
dates waxed their dads' Mercedes. 

6:30 — Dates began arriving in their shining 
cars at the homes of junior girls all over 
the city. As parents fumbled frantically 
with cameras, couples posed in front 
of the fireplace with phony smiles. 

7:00 — Couples began arriving at the Holiday 
Inn Executive Center. Excited voices 
could be heard from inside the hotel. 

Males awkwardly helped their dates out 
of cars and up to the door. 
7:30 — Dinner was served. After dining, the 
dancing started. 

10:30 — The ring ceremony started as people 
approached the bridge with their dates 
to receive their rings. They wobbled 
onto the bridge over a shaky cinder- 
block and kissed one another. 

12:00 — Midnight! Juniors left the Executive 
Center with rings on their fingers, 
blisters on their feet, and a warm 
memory of the highlight of their junior 

1(0000000000000000000000000000000 $TUD£A/T L\^S O 7^ 

Taking time off away from her date, Debbie Kupyar finds a 
moment to herself. 

Two Fun For Words 

Couiples Siep Oni In Siyle 

During the last gruelinq year of high school, the 
minds of seniors tended to dwell on one of the 
most glamorous dances of the year. It was events 
like this that let many of us show our true colors. 
On prom night, seniors left their jeans, t-shirts, 
sweatshirts, and tennis shoes at home. The girls 
got out their new dresses, and the guys put on 
their tuxedos. 

Last year's prom was held at the Ramada Inn, 
Oceanfront. Tne turnout was incredible. Those 

who waited until the last moment were disap- 
pointed to find out that the dance was sold out. 
When couples weren't sitting down or carrying on 
conversations, they were most likely found danc- 
ing to music provided by a local band. The Ptaad. 
At the end of the night's festivities the guys 
took their dates home, and the next morning the 
seniors took back their regular identities and their 
rented finery. 

20 O SlUDENl UfE ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

While getting away from the dance floor, Paige Nelson and 
Dawn Cohan discuss the night's festivities. 

Senior class president, Tim Brunick captures the spotlight for 

a few moments to speak to his peers. During the evening, Locals Only made a surprise appearance. 

:)Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SlUl . . i LIfS O 27 

Suiynyner Fuin Heats Up 


Street. The very 

name evokes the 

thought of summer and the 

smell of Panama Jack coconut oil. 
Summer v^/as sun, surfing, and festivity 
packed into three short months that passed 
all too quickly. 

Harborfest kicked off the season as 
thousands of people poured into Tov^/n 
Point Park to celebrate the official return of 
summer. "It was amazing that out of the 
half million people there, I ran into a huge 
group of people from Cox!" exclaimed 
Sarah Ashton. 

From that point on, summer w/as non- 
stop fun as we packed the strip and cruised 
the Boardwalk. The long drought meant 
bad days for local farmers, but great days 
for working on that perfect tan. While there 
may have been a lack of rain, but there was 
no shortage of entertainment. From cooling 
down at Wild Water Rapids to a few rounds 
of Jungle Golf, those days of summer were 
anything but lazy! 

Delegates Danielle Mayetle, Satah Ashton. Richard 
Walsh Marc Mayette, and Susan McClellan rush up 
the hill at the Virginia Beach Leadership Workshop 

The beach isn't |ust for breakfast anymore as Leigh 
IVIazach. (VIonique Dockter, David Brazier, and Sean 
McKenzie meet for dinner 

22 O $Tl/DeWT iH ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SlUi.. w i Uf£ O 23 

"Animal Night" gives Ami Woodard a chance to express 

First-mate Caddy Wood tends to the mast while taking the 
Chesapeake Challenge. 

Posed mlrontol the boat they would be living on for five days Members of the girls cabin at Saranac with their leaders Senior Rob Bagby and former student Mike Whaley take pari ii 
are Sarah Ashton, Susan McClellan, and Caddy Wood Jennifer Lucas, Amy Smithwick, Gina Clark, Christine Abbale, a volleyball game at Saranac 

Stephanie Siebeking, Sarah McElvein, Angie Hughes, Kristen 

Morton, Jeannie Murphy, Julie Byrd, Kim King, Tiki Garrett, 

and Missy Bell 

2^ O SlUDENl UF£ ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooco 




t^ass APP^""' 


day already? You 
say you have a ton of homework 
to do? What? You're not stopping at TCBY? 
You're going straight home to do your home- 
I work? Oh yeah, it's Young Life tonight. All week 
long you were looking towards an evening out of 
the house and a chance for fun and fellowship. 
Young Life is an extracurricular organization 
that is not officially affiliated with school or school 
clubs, yet it boasted a large membership. Under 
the leadership of both adults and students, Young 

Life Incorporates fun and games with a more 
serious religious theme. Young Life also provided 
many occasions for interaction with students 
from other schools, such as Camp Saranac in 
New York and the Chesapeake Challenge, which 
was a week of survival skills on a yacht on the 
Chesapeake Bay. 

"After spending a week on the Bay with no 
shower but bay water, I was glad to be on land. 
The trip, a challenge of my endurance, was great 
because I had the time to get to know myself," 
said Susan McClellan. 


Young Life clubs usually attract a large crowd, such as this 

Senior Susan McClellan makes waves while on the 
Chesapeake Challenge. 


ooooooooo 9mm Life O 2S 

Juniors Sarah McElvem, Came Monger, and Robin Hudson 
warn the seniors of their upcoming defeat 

Id O SlUDENl LIFE ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc^ 

o Prisoners 

Ji^niors Play Rouigk at Powder Pi^jf 

The seniors did not pay attention to the 
message printed on the back of the shirts of 
juniors, "Juniors are tuff." However, after 
having been beaten 22-0, they all wished 
they had heeded the warning. 

Despite more than a week of long prac- 
tices, the seniors were not prepared for the 
juniors. Although the seniors played well, 
the juniors' strategy and speed perser- 

There were several factors contributing 
to the seniors' loss. Because of inclement 
weather, the game was postponed from its 
original date, and much of the seniors' 
momentum was lost. During the course of 
one of the roughest girls' games ever 
played, one of the key senior players, Lori 
Grubbs, was injured in a tackle attempt. 
Nevertheless, the seniors practiced good 
sportsmanship. Co-captain for the seniors, 
Sarah Ashton, commented, "Even though 
the juniors won, we had a great time play- 

■^"86 / 

o J^ 

The confidence' 
Sarah McElvein. 

'er the back of ' 

Seniors Kelly Malloy, Lori Grubbs, and Raelin Storey prepare 
tor the game in the locker room. 


$TU&aiT L/f e O 27 

- jan't reach Pat Baldwin at home in the afternoon, try 

at work at Dan Ryan's for Men. 

After School AcHon 

The Day is Ji^si Beginning 

What's the one thing students didn't want to do 
after six hours of school? Homework, although 
sometimes it was necessary to go straight home 
and hit the books in order to avoid staying up half 
the night. Most of the time, though, after school 
activities were the majority's choice on how to 
spend their free time. From Debate to Science 
Club, students were involved in a wide range of 
clubs that reflected their interest. The level of in- 
volvement in these clubs varied from half-hour 
meetings every two weeks to two hour meetings 
five days a week. 

Many students found the idea of earning 

money more appealing and chose to spend their 
time outside of school on the )ob. Cox students 
could be found all over Virginia Beach, from Farm 
Fresh to Dan Ryan's for Men. 

Aside from extracurricular activities and work- 
ing, some popular pastimes after 2:00 p.m. were 
working out, sleeping, shopping, or going to a 
popular gathering spot, such as TCBY, and gorg- 
ing to forget a terrible day at school. Whether it 
was activities, work, or just plain fun. the 
students were never at a loss on how to spend 
their free time. 



I" .-. *™r.,r;fcrs;»" --e-n, « .0.. 

n me <'"<="Vkn<;tpn Wilcox 
Whelahan. and t^"Sten vjini. 
Irking on the yearbook. 

2? O S1UDEN7 LIFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oioo 


ex„ TCBY-'P"" yogurt 



Students Tanya Brothers, Monique Dockter, Leigh Mazach, 
and Heidi Fountain spend the afternoon studying together. 

ioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SlUOtN f UfE O 27 



SirLyidenis Who Excel 

students strive to uphold the reputation of 
academic excellence in all areas, from the arts to 
leadership to SAT's. There are many opportuni- 
ties for students to achieve distinction. 

In their junior year, 5 students are nominated 
to apply to the Governor's School for the Gifted. 
Last year, two lucky students were chosen to at- 
tend. Also m the summer, several students at- 
tended Girls' and Boys' State. Students are nomi- 
nated tor this on the basis of their involvement in 
school activities and their leadership ability. Other 
school leaders are selected to attend the Virginia 
Beach Leadership Workshop, during which new 
office holders learn the skills necessary to do 
what IS expected of them . Senior Class President, 
Alex Sadler, commented, "Leadership Workshop 
was a very special week; I was thrown into a 
group with a bunch of strangers, and by the end 
of the week, we were all the very best of friends. " 

Most of the honors previously mentioned are 
geared towards upperclassmen. However, the in- 
novative Superthmker Seminar honored many 
freshmen and sophomores. The Governor's 
Magnet School for the Arts is open to all ages. 
Because of the multitude of talent in the school. 

we sent several representatives. 

The "Tidewater Challenge" is a game show in 
which students from various area high schools 
participate in televised competition. The team 
consists of 4 players and 4 alternates. 

Because of their outstanding performance on 
the Scholastic Aptitude tests, three students 
qualified for National Merit scholarships as semi- 
finalists. "It was a great way to brighten up a 
Monday morning!" added semi-finalist Barbara 

Looking exhausted after a busy week at Leadership Workshop 
are delegates (back row) John Dustin, Alex Sadler, Marc May- 
ette, Kevin Kratzer, Richard Walsh. Wendell Cosenza, Matt 
Valerio, (front row) Caddy Wood. Sarah Ashton, Molly 
Whelahan, Danielle Mayette. Susan McClellan, Audrey 
Hernandez, Jennifer Lucas. Kan Broocke, and Nell-Garwood 

Those selected to attend Girls' State were Caddy Wood, Kim 
Haynie, Audrey Hernandez, and Meg Dobson Boys' State 
participants were Jon Oden, Wendell Cosenza, and Alex Sad 
ler (Not Pictured Mike Davis and Mike Dooley) 

Many talented students attended the Governor's Magnet 
School tor the Arls Jennifer Lipfert, Charlie Cho, Sally March, 
Kathy Crowder, Phil Grant, Larry Bayles. Leslie Short, Kathy 
Zinas. Jeffery Ames, Jenny Sullivan, Carolyn Vann, Melinda; 
McCuiston, and Ginger Middlebrooks 

30 O SlUDENl LIFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

Seniors Nell-Garwood MacEachorn and Caddy Wood attended 
the Governor's School (or the Gifted. 

National Merit semi-finalists were Mike Davis, Caddy Wood, and 
Barbara Elliott. 

Tidewater Challenge participants were Mike Pelton, Caddy 
Wood, Mike Davis, Audrey Hernandez, Chris Sprouse, Kristen 
Wilcox, Scott Eun, and Nicole Andrews, 

Those students chosen to be representatives at the Super- 
thinkers Seminar were Lee Hark. Greg Shields, Ken Coll, Mrs. 
Sylvia Hallock (advisor), Lisa Overton, Emily Becker. Kristin 
Coll, Kim Zenarolla, Anne Walker, Shelley Sheridan, Julie 
Brunges, Ana Ghore, Shian, Yvonne Jones, Mrs. Susan 
Downie (advisor), Ryan McGuinness, Scott Eun, Cliff May- 
hall, Phil Grant, Korb Matosich, Jason Schick, Duane Gabor, 
and Scott Raynes. 

>oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SlU. ^, J I Lire O Z1 

Senior Nell-Garwood MacEachern dances for a Scottish 
competition in Ctiarleston, South Carolina. 

In preparation for her next show, Tammy Tasheiko practices 
on her horse Flying Nun" (aka Emma' 


RecreaiionaL Therapy 

Inieresis and Talents 

While most seniors looked forward to going 
away to college, Becky Lemburg anxiously awaited 
ttie trip to Paris which kicked off a career in mod- 
eling. Aside from being a very talented model, she 
was, as well, an excellent student and said that 
she would go to college, but not immediately. 
"Everyone thinks modeling is all fun, but I've 
learned that it is really hard work," added Becky 
Lemburg. There were many other students who 
devote much time to outside interests. 

Senior Tammy Tasheiko rushed home, 
finished her homework, and rushed out again 
quite often to the nearby stable to ride Emma, her 
horse. After spending some time away from the 
equestrian sport. Tammy said she was glad to be 
"back in the saddle again." She regarded riding 
as the "great escape" after a physically and men- 
tally gruelling day at school. 

Skateboarding had become a very popular 
activity among teenagers. Driving through almost 
any neighborhood, you were bound to see 
someone maneuvering his board in the street. 
After much practice. Tommy Stewart appeared to 
have perfected this art. 

Both having started at an early age, Jocelyn 
West and Nell-Garwood MacEachern had ac- 
quired a great passion for dance. Hardworking 
and determined, Jocelyn has attained great skill in 
ballet through extensive practice and quality in- 
struction. Nell-Garwood's avid interest in her 
Scottish heritage and dancing had aided her in 
achieving a national rank in Highland Dancing. 
"Between teaching and taking lessons, I spend a 
lot of time on my feet, but it's worth it, " said Nell- 
Garwood MacEachern. 

Modeling is more than a pastime for Becky Lemburg: it looks 
like a future career. 

An example of skateboarding-made-simple is given by Tommy 

Ttie talent of freshman Jocelyn West has won her many parts 
in ballet productions. 

ioooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo S1UD6N1 Uf£ O 33 

Upperclassman Denise Bosko falls dead asleep after a rough 
first bell. 

Signing in late, Anna Vita cfiecks in with Mrs. Judy Bandy in 
the attendance office. 

For some, homeroom is a chance to take one last glance at the 

3^ O SlUDENl LIFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


' fis 

Be li Ever So Early 

There s No Place Like Homerooyn 

Second bell on the first day opened with the 
traditional "May I have your attention for the 
morning announcements?" and then the 
students were bombarded with pertinent tips for 
survival during the year. 

Not every homeroom was spent filling out 
forms and reviewing school policy. More times 
than not, homeroom consisted of 
announcements and the homeroom teacher shuf- 
fling those gold attendance cards. Occasionally 
there were diversions: Mr. Gary Leagan hunting 
down stray students, a United Way Fund collec- 
tion, holiday door decorations, or Homecoming 
and SCA ballots to be completed. 

Homeroom offered a brief respite during which 

Rounding up attendance cards every morning was one of 
many tasks assigned to teacher Mrs. Karen Jenkins. 

Students took a glance at homework, caught a few 
quick Z's, adjusted makeup, or gossiped with 
classmates. And of course, the focal point of the 
ten-minute periods was the announcements. Just 
who were those two people who served as the 
voice of the Falcons? 

After a rigorous audition and selection 
process, Ted Sakis and Christine Abbate were 
chosen to pass along vital information or, during 
National Library Month, the trivia of the day. 

"We were really excited to be the announcers. 
At first I was nervous, and Ted used to switch my 
papers so that I'd find myself repeating the 
announcements," said Christine Abbate. 

When Christine Abbate and Ted Sakis talk, the whole school 

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SlUPBNl Uf£ O 3S 

' the final scene. Alvin Novoa dips Marlissee Flowers while 
Amber Agee. Curtis Brumfield . Jimmy Burritt, Garnet Vincent, 
Jennifer Hoffman, Becky Banks, and Cathy Long come 
together for their last pose 

Posing like King Tut are Stacey West, Jimmy Burritt. and 
Jennifer Hoffman 

Ouii of me Skadows 

Glitter, fame, and fortune Ttiese conne witti the 
life of a model but aren't tfie only things behind 
the seemingly glamorous jOb as our students 
found out m the annual fashion show. Hard work 
and lots of time play important roles as well. 

After two days of try-outs, the student models 
were finally chosen With the help of choreog- 
rapher Jon Vogt, our models were able to put on a 

Falcon Faskions 

spectacle of fun and colorful fashions featuring 
clothing from Lee Kartis, Bahama Shop, Ber- 
mans, and Clemens. Hot dance scenes and 
romantic love scenarios created the themes for 
the show. Keeping the audiences interested in 
between the scenes were the free door prizes 
donated by many local stores. 
Some things we can be sure of are the hard 

work and long hours that were put into the show 
By working together our Cox High fashion models 
were able to create a show better than any like it 

Sporting their shades. Jennifer Hottman and Lisa Jennings 
model summer sportswear. 

% O SlUDENl LIFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

enior Becky Lemburg models the latest weekend wear, 
enior Raelin Storey dances in the latest wear by Lee Kartis. 

Model Becky Lenfiburg looks dazzling in this giitter>" formal. 

coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SlUVENl Uf£ O 37 

3? C $TL/D£A/T LIFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

DO load ydllt"&b(31SMo a backpack.' 

DON'T be loaded down with books! 

To Do or Noi io Do 

When there are over 2,000 people of varying 
^ages at one school there is bound to be a wide 
range of tastes. However, certain things seem to 
be well-liked by everyone. Of course, there are 
also those things that most people do not like 
which are not accepted in almost any social circle. 

Looking around the halls, you might feel as if 
you are at a local university. Although backpacks 
have been popular on college campuses for 
years, bookbags weren't really accepted until this 
year. This more organized way of lugging books 
to and from school is definitely a DO. Never- 
theless, you still might see a few ambitious fresh- 

Si/irvivai Tips 

men campaigning for the title of "Most studious" 
with a pile of books in their arms. However, that is 
a DON'T. 

Brown-baggers appeared to be a dying race 
ever since Deli Day was introduced on Tuesdays 
and Thursdays. Deli sandwiches were much 
preferred to the familiar chicken filet and the 
dreaded hot lunch, as well as the usually safe bag 
lunch. Deli Day earned its standing as a DO. 

Riding the bus to school is often excused if 
you're a freshman or a sophomore. But, for 
juniors and seniors, there's no other way to go 
except by car. When asked about riding the bus, 

senior Susan McClellan commented, "I'd rather 
walk." For the part, riding the bus is 
definitely a DON'T. 

The new style in girls' hair this year was bows, 
one of the biggest DO'S of the year. Fortunately 
for those who really needed to use the bathroom, 
there weren't as many people in the way spraying 
hairspray in all directions because teased hair just 
wasn't the style and a big DON'T. 

If you want to succeed socially in high school, 
there are only these simple guidelines to follow. 
These tips should help you get on your way. 


m o z^ 


I CnfC^y some Spanish 

I • team ThiircHav/ tho lannnano 

Visuals such as this helped Sarah McElvein teach her elemen- 
tary class. 

French students Mike Hopper and Gil Compo get their "class" 
involved in the lesson. 

By a proclama- 
tion from the Governor, the first 
week of March was designated officially as 
Foreign Language Week, and we here at Cox 
did our fair share to celebrate it. 

Monday, the kick-off day, select language 
classes were invited to hear Hope Mihalap, 
who provided insight and a humorous ap- 
proach to the study of foreign languages, 
after beginning the day with the pledge in 

Tuesday was German Day, and in addition 
to the pledge in German, the staff began its 
day with gummi bears in mailboxes. 
Wednesday, Latin Day, was a chance for 
some not-so-serious competition between 
language classes in the traditional Latin- 
sponsored Silly Olympics, won by an awe- 

some Spanish 
team. Thursday, the language 
classes provided an all-day smorgasbord for 
the staff as we all were startled to hear the 
pledge of allegiance in Russian. Friday, 
Spanish Day, saw Level 3, 4, and 5 language 
students sent out to elementary schools to 
teach mini-lessons to grades K-6. 

Saturday was the city-wide observation, and 
Cox High students competed against other 
schools in prepared forensics, impromptu 
speaking, and International Trivia. Cox's 
German speakers were first-place city-wide 
overall, and our trivia team placed second in 
the city. Individual speakers won different 
honors as well 

"Our performance at Green Run was out- 
standing!" exclaimed Mrs. Margaret Beck- 
ner. 'The students prove their proficiency to 
us every day. Here we proved it to the whole 

W C S7UDEN1 LIFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

Jsing phonetics, Will Dasher and Robyn Hudson teach correct 
jfonunciation to their elementary school class. 

Wearing her fancy-dress toga, Candice Morrison attends the 
Language Fair held at Green Run High School. 

Trivia team membei;? Dwight Gibbs and Gil Compo show their Introduced by Mr. Larry Becker, the Cox High School Trivia 
enthusiasm over their victory. Team, Tammy Tasheiko; Alec Marshall; Dwight Gibbs; Gil 

Compo; and Shawn McCausland; awaits the first toss-up 


Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo $Tl/D£WT UFE O h1 

''The Claynoroi/is Life' 

Miss Cox Has The Key 

The Key Club did another excellent job with the 
Miss Cox Pageant this year. Many hours of hard 
work and organization shone through on that 
night of the pageant. All of the girls, looking 
spectacular, certainly did appear to live the 
■'Glamorous Life." 

As the spectacle began, all of the contestants 
sang and danced together to their opening num- 
ber. In their black leotards with high kicks, the 
girls were our own version of the Rockettes. 
Following the opening dancing and singing act, 
the girls were than able to show the audience their 
individual talents. From dancing to singing to 
playing the piano, each girl became a star as she 
stepped onto the stage. The most original talent, 
however, was a Korean fan dance performed by 
Susan MacDonald. 

Following the talent segment was the evening 
gown competition. Each girl, as she walked 
across the stage and spun around for the judges, 
was a vision of loveliness in the special gown she 
had selected that reflected both her personality 

The moment then came when the judges had to 
choose five finalists. While judges were tallying 
scores, Meg Dobson, Amy Riddick, and Jeff 
Ames entertained all who were present. Then, 
with one last look at the finalists, the three 
winners were chosen. The second runner-up was 
senior Pam Pascual. Amber Medlin, freshman, 
was chosen as the first runner-uo. Finally, it was 
time to announce the new Miss Cox for 1987. As 
Amy Riddick, Miss Cox 1986, announced the 
winner's name, anyone could tell by the excited 
reaction of the audience that they agreed with the 
judges' decisions. The new Miss Cox, 1987 was 
Susan MacDonald. 

Miss Cox contestants Susan MacDonald, Mollie Schmidt, Lisa 
Crutchfield. Ami Woodard, Amber Medlin, and Shelby Leh- 
man smile and dance during the opening number. 

In between competitions, Meg Dobson and Amy Riddick en- 
tertain by singing By My Side' and "The Rose ' 

Upon hearing the announcement that she would reign as the 
new Miss Cox, Susan MacDonald looks happy and surprised 

Sophomore Susan MacDonald performs her winning Korean 
fan dance. 

^2 O SlUDENl LIFE oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

The winning contestants of the Miss Cox 1987 Pageant were After Christi Edwards and Sarah Hess asked the question, 
Amber Medlin, first runner-up, Susan MacDonald, Miss Cox contestant Amber Medlin answers enthusiastically while Carol 
1987, and Pam Pascual, second runner-up. Vest and Pam Pascual await their turns. 

)oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SlWOBNl Uf£ O ^Z 

InCOXitated with Senior Spirit, Wendell Cosenza, Alex Marshall and Rob Bagby cheer Cramming for a current events quiz. Kathy Slough and John Janseii share a momeiv 
for their peers at Homecoming Pep Rally of InCOXitation. 

InCOXitated with excitement, Melissa Perez rejoices as she makes the Cheerleadm.: 




Wrestling tans cheer on the team at an inCOXitating and victo*| 
rious match. 

%OPl£ ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

Levels €if 

From the youngest 
freshman to the most 
veteran faculty mem- 
bers, we were marked 
by diversity, yet unified 
by the one thing that 
gave us all that common 
bond. We were all Fal- 
cons. Each class, each 
person left his own mark 
on the school, whether 
in the subject taught, 
the club sponsored, or 
the locker opened with 
the start of each day. 
Each person affiliated 
with Cox, from principal 
to counselor, from senior 
to junior to sophomore 
to freshman, worked to 
his own individual level 
of excellence; together 
we were the Levels of 

Senior George Viar h? 
71st Street with e.; 


^i£ O ^' 

Seniority Rules 


Senior privileges may have seemed few and 
far between, but, in actuality, the seniors were 
granted several privileges. Admittedly, some 
seemed dubious, but the majority of them 
were fully appreciated. 

The graduating class — the whole class — 
was given a special treat. All the seniors piled 
into a fleet of buses in order to go to the 
Pavilion to see a modern rendition of 
Shakespeare's "Much Ado About Nothing." 
Though not everyone enjoyed the fact that the 
play was Shakespearean, the general con- 
sensus was that the trip as a whole was enjoy- 
able. The best part, seniors said, was that they 
were able to miss a full day of school. Typical 
of the graduates, right? 

Along those same lines, the senior class 

was given a class assembly in the auditorium. 
The topic of discussion was the magazine sale. 
The assembly was a success and most found it 
very worthwhile since it brought together the 
whole class. Senior Senate was along these 
same lines. For the first time, government 
classes elected representatives to attend 
Senate meetings in which solely senior issues 
were discussed. 

The final and most important privilege given 
to the seniors was the status of being a senior 
itself. After all, it makes perfect sense to save 
the best year for last. 

Dressed to the hilt in green and gold, Amy Riddick and 
Shannon Myers prep for the Senior Parade. 

Practicing her smiling techniques. Alison Bloxsom prepares 
(or senior portraits, one distinct privilege 

W O SENIORS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 

Chnstine E Abbate — It is over lor now, but I will remember 

Bradley R Adams 

Leann I Adams — I don't believe I tiave actually made it this far, 

Mictiael D Adams — The best mirror is an old Iriend 

Sarah J Allen — The first 100 years are always the hardest 

Kathleen E Allis — The fun starts now 

Jefferey L Ames — Finally, all my prayers have been answered, 

Corby M Amos — My mom thinks I'm cute 

Jason N Anderson — Nothing lasts forever, but something new 
always begins 

Alecia N Andrews — No one can walk backwards into the future. 

Sarah L Ashton — In reference to all aspects of life 

Charlotte G, Aymond — Experiment to me is everyone I meet 

Djelan M. Badawi — Time will pass and fear will fade 

Crystal L Bagby — Born to be free 

Robert L. Bagby — Winning isn't an achievement; it's an attitude 

Henry C Baker 

Patrick W Baldwin — J'aime les femmes. 

Robert W Balog 

Nicholas M Balovich 

Christopher S, Banks 

Kara Barco 

l^ark A, Barker — Never lose sight of your goals, 

Wanda M Barnard — Let this star shine better than the moon 

brightens the Earth 

Nita T Barnes 

Wayne E Barrineau — I've got it all under control. 

Stacey L Bass 
Kirsten R Baum 
Larry Bayles 

Bowen F Beachum — Soon. I can see a bumper sticker saying 
"Life's a Beachum," No loke, 

Julie E Beachboard — Fads may fade away, but true friends wil: 
always stay. 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SENIOR O ^7 

Bryan H Beaird — If it moves. rac« it! 

William J Belzer 

Melissa J Bengson — Confusion, loneliness, and depression. 

Rol)ei1 A Bergstrom. Jr — One wool survive in a world of 
technology by clinging to the past 

John A. Bernhardt — Rock ' — Reach the Beach 

John D Best — Do it. I dare you' 

Timothy P. Blanchard — Don t worry about it 

Patricia L Bledsoe — Cherish yesterday, dream of tomorrow, and 

live for today 

Allison E Bloxsom — Which one is he' TAJ 

Todd J Bohike — Whaddaya mean we have to go to school for 

four more years' 

Lynn M Bolgiano — Today's accomplishments are the results of 

yesterday s dreams 

Jennifer M Bollard 

Denise M Bosko — The one with the most toys wins' 

Evette Y Bower — As a senior this year was the best — no holding 

back — FUN' 
Troy Boyd — Four foot overhead, on the beach, shore break is 


John E Branche — Outrageous 
Cozette Y Brannen — My will is my way 

Claudia D Brassil 
Rebecca J Bratcher — Be with Larr You II never regret it! 

Kevin M Bremer 
Tammy Brian 



Teddy in hand, Kristen Wilcox, Bobby Torbert, and their sponsor Herr Becker 
put in extra tiours after sctiool lor the senior class. 

W O SENIORS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


You Picked 'Em 


iffusitom w@rfe@(a 

a 0. 




wm - 




It was definitely a year of firsts. We were the 
first to graduate after spending four full years 
in the new building. The pride and knowledge 
of this fact convinced seniors to go that extra 
mile in order to make our last year fantastic. 
The achievements were many, but they might 
not have been as outstanding had it not been 
for the ready, willing and able class officers: 
president Alex Sadler, vice-president Bill 
Brownlow, treasurer John Dustin, secretary 
Alison Davis, and second vice-president 
Kristen Wilcox. They led the pack on to victory. 

Not only were we the first to enter the new 
building as freshmen (remember that?), but 
we were also the first class to create a Senior 

In an effort to boost magazine sales, officers Bil 
Brownlow, Alison Davis, Alex Sadler, John Dustin, and 
Kristen Wilcox display valuable prizes. 

Senate. The main purpose of the Senate was to 
give the twelfth graders a chance to meet in 
order to discuss solely senior issues. Prom 
and the graduation ceremony were, of course, 
the main topics on the agenda. The concept of 
the Senate was ideal since seniors were scat- 
tered throughout several lunches. 

Fundraisers were discussed, too. We were 
off to a high flying start with the sale of green 
and gold balloons for Homecoming. The big 
push went for the magazine sale. It seemed 
that the graduating class was challenged by 
Kellam: sell the most magazines or face the 
humiliation of a pie in Alex Sadler's face. 

So went the school year: balloons, maga- 
zine sales, and above all, incredible senior 
spirit. The Senate was in session, and the 
seniors were making sure it was ... a year of 

Peter Bnnkman — Milwaukee's the best. 

Kan B Broocke — Don't expect trom others what they don't expect 


Joseph C Brooks 

Bradford C Brown 

Danny K Brown 

David T Brown 

Kimberly D. Brown 

Kimberly F Brown — Kathy, what should I doooo? 

Michael L, Brown 

Mike Brown 


Rhonda L Brown — Strive for excellence and success will be yours 

Tammy Brown 

Victoria J Brown — The fun is |ust beginning. 

William J Brownlow — Diamond lifts her glass and says cheers. 

Jennifer A. Bryson — Things can only get better 


Future Miss America Kristen Wilcox adjusts her fur stole while aspiring 
Flying Nun Molly Whelahan stands by. 

Steven A BurVe — Tram. tram, take me out ol his place 
James R Burritt — You must t)elieve to achieve 

James Bushee 
Lisa L Bushee 

Monica E Butler — Always accomplished it ever started 

Gary W Calkins — I'm finally out' 

Nets E Carlstrom — People are too quick to ludge you when you re 


Stephanie Cameron 
Heather A Carmichael — Love and life go hand in hand 

Pamela A Carter — Live, love and laugh somemore 

Knstin M Certrowski — Yesterday belongs to memories; hopes and 
aspirations belong to tomorrow 

Tina M Chambers 

Rick J Chapman — Cool as duke 

Oyan R Chilcoti — A smile is worth a thousand words, share your 
knowledge with someone 

Michelle Cianfrani 

Robin G Clark — What a long strange trip its been 

Jacinta H Coggin — Graduation s here, so look out Tom Selleck 

and Don Johnson' 
Scott W Cohan — Live for today, learn from yesterday, dream lor 


Lisa M Cook — If you dwell m the past, you ll leave no room lor 

the present 

Wendell K Cosenia — The falcon spirit was when someone would 

bleed green and gold' 

Paul fl Criswell — Freedom finally' 

Kathy M Crowder — Hey. Kim. let's hit Chelsea with the beige and 

silver submarine' 

Colleen E Crowley — Milk it does a body 

Chartes Crocker — Do the best, at which you are good 

SO o $ewfo« 



Welcome to the Future 

WHai! Will 111 H«M? 

"Que sera, sera. Whatever will be, will be," 
sang Doris Day. Though she wasn't as popular 
with this generation as she used to be, her 
words still held meaning. 

Twenty years from their graduating year, 
what will these seniors be doing? Some had set 
plans for their future; some had a vague idea of 
what they wanted. Some had no idea at all. 
Whatever category they were in, the majority of 
the seniors knew that their tentative plans 

would probably be subject to many changes. 
In twenty years, many of the seniors will be 
in for more than a few surprises. None of them 
could predict what would happen after gradu- 
ation. Who could now? Perhaps that really 
quiet, kind of weird guy in math class would go 
on to become the President of the United 
States. Perhaps the student voted most likely to 
succeed was married straight out of college and 
became the mother of eight kids. Maybe the 

guy with the old, beaten up Chevy called the 
"Brown Bomber" became the next Lee 
lacocca. Maybe that buck-toothed, freckle- 
faced girl who laughed like a hyena became a 
top glamour model. 

Seniors needed to be very open-minded 
about their futures as well as that of their peers. 
In twenty years, the graduates may learn never 
to say never. 

Michele Culver 

Kenny B Cummings — Crue rules' 

David Dangleman 

Alex Darby 

Jennifer Oarden 

H^ f^f^' 

^ '^f 


Willis A Dasher, Jr — Td everydne: Have a Idt df fun and godd 


Daniel W David — A man Is fddlish if tie hears all that he hears. 

Micheal H Davidsdn — What' It's dver" Darn. I shduld've studied! 

— 89 — Mike 

Allison M Davis 

Christi Oavis — Ydu are God's gift, what you becdme is ydur gift to 


Mike D. Davis — whd tdid me dnce that pdetry is ndthing sacred 
(108 Rich) 

Tracy L. Davis — Smile' Nd matter how ydu feel of what happens 

Michelle M. Dean — Your senior year is the best; don't let it pass 

you by 

Howard A Decker 

AIdd Oibelardlna 

Dennis Dillard 

Tomi Dingle 

Jill A Dittnck — Distances may separate people, but true 
friendships gd dn. 

Mary M Dobson — Time will never erase my memories of you- 

James K. Donahue — August 6, 1986 

)ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SENIOR O S7 

(^omms &m S ©lOffiiDinTiie mP ^ 

&m D giDOTTiKnn]© mw U mmmm mn D ©loouiiOTjDt &\ T 

Spirit Spelled Victory 

The cheers in the gym were deafen- 
ing. It was definite; the seniors won the 
overall Spirit week competition again. 
The competition included the races at 
the Homecoming Pep Rally, the overall 
Spirit Week costume competition, and 
the Spirit Link sales. The seniors blew 
the other classes out of the water. 

The pep rally was outstanding in 
terms of spirit, and the graduating class 
led the pack. The senior class domi- 
nated the costume competition with 
some of the most outrageous get-ups 
imaginable. With combined speed, 
coordination, and talent, they zipped 
through the pep rally competitions and 
won all races but one. The sale of spirit 
links was phenomenal, and the seniors 
proved their pride by winning the cheer- 
ing competition. 

Though the pep rally was the proving 
ground of the seniors' prowess in 
competition, the true proof of the pud- 
ding took place in the parking lot in front 
of Hardees on Friday morning of 
Homecoming Week. Over one-hundred 
cars were jammed into the small parking 
lot; the nearby supermarket was sold 
out of streamers, tape, and balloons. 
Why? All for the Senior Spirit Parade. 
After decorating the cars, the proces- 
sion began. While half of the cars drove 
straight to school, the other half took a 
detour in order to strut their stuff in the 
parking of their friendly rival First 
Colonial. What a way to wrap up a week 
of fund and excitement. 

Ready for the Homecoming Parade, Alex Sadler. Denise 
Michelson, Kelli Malloy. Bill Brownlow, Kristen Wilcox, 
Paul Criswell. Molly Whelahan, and Matt Savacool were 
dressed in the current fashions of their times. 

Chene L Donalo — Now comes the real lest 

Michael Dooley 

Paul A Doyle — II s a kick in the grass 

Dawn J Ounagan 

Owighl Dunbar 

md I lGyptianir 


John Duslln 

Kipal K Ouvall 

Melissa W Edmondson — lime waits tor no man and neither do I 

CItristlne E Edwards — Arrr, Airr. Arrri 

Holly Edwards 

^2 O S£NiO^ ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

Hey, isn't that Rich Walsh in the Spirit 
Week races' Cute outfit. Rich 

Looking at the smiles, it looked as if Step- 
hanie Tatem, Stephanie Cameron and Rob 
Bagby were having great fun at a game 

Laura A Edwards — (I did whaf") Laugh at yourself before anyone 
else can I 

Kevin W Ellis — God put me on this earth to tick people off. 

Susan Ellsworth 

Stephanie S. Emerson — The future's unwritten: know your rights. 

Catherine J Essau 

Rhonda Eversoll 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SENIORS O SS 

On the Road Again 

mmm \Eni@f 

"On the road again, I just can't wait to get 
on the road again," sang Willie Nelson. 
Though he was not a big hit with seniors, he 
did have something in common with them. 
Little did he know, but the majority of seniors 
felt just the same way. They couldn't wait to 
get on the road again, either. This was proven 
each afternoon at two o'clock by the traffic on 
Great Neck Road, which swelled due to the 
outpouring of students from the parking lots. 

The car carried with it connotations of status 
and freedom. Those who drove to school 
could arrive a good twenty minutes after the 
buses. They could also stay after school as late 
as necessary without having to have Mom 
come to pick them up. 

Sometimes, however, this creature comfort 
seemed more a burden than a blessing. On any 
given winter day, several seniors were tardy 
because their cars refused to start. The risk of 
a detention was not the only risk some ran. 
Some ran the risk of bankruptcy because they 
had to pay an arm and a leg for their cars. 

Was the car really worth the tardies and the 
money? You bet it was, most agreed . After all, 
how else would a senior have gotten to those 
Friday night parties? How else could one have 
been in the senior parade? The pros definitely 
outweighed the cons. 

Complete with green and gold tailfins and "PRIDE' license 
plates, this was the seniors' official spirit car 

Kevin P Felty — Do it and don't think about it 

Brian Fentress 

David H Ferguson — JOG-475 

Douglas C Ferguson — To all freshmen. I leave my first book, 101 

vKays to Get IBS 

Anne C Filer — Ne dis lamais. Jamais' 

Pierce Fleming 

Marlissee A Flowers — Life should be like Ho-Ho's. two in a 


Jana M Forrester — 8 J and C A thai s the ticket 

Katherine M Fosina — I can feel it coming in the air tonight 

Jeff A Foster 

Jerrilyn Friedsam — Happiness is 

Christopher Fountain 

llene R Focard 

a baby s toothless smile 

a purring kitten 

Angela Frost 

Oave Fulkerson 

Lee Gaiennie 

Eric Gailher 

Victor Gardner 

Jennifer M Gams — Remember wtien you smile you make the sun 


Sonia M Gaslen — Reach tor the heavens, don't slay dangling in 

the stars 


S^ O ^ENIOKS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 




Uura Gardinef 

Carol J Gavlor — I'm going to miss all Of you. but true friends last 
(orever, rignl Sha' 

Dwighl G Gibbs — The world is a classroom the lite is the teacher 
so gel ready lor class 

Steven Gibson 

Robin Oilman 

Matt Gostel 

Cedric Gray — life is set on goals, so make them high, 

Jennifer Grayson 

Lori A, Greber — Do I look okay' 

Tom E Gregory — Enjoy life while its easy 

Sharon P Gish — III miss you all, Irue friends last forever, right 

Joann Gluckowski — Deal with it 

Tracee A Godwin — That's sooo cool, Frankie' 

Lisa M Goodall — Mi — Mer, don't forget Li — Soggy Nachos and 
T P sticking logetheri 

Richard J Gordon — It's finally over 

David T Griffin 

Jennifer L Grooters — Too many to count — F C A|ii 

Lori A Grubbs — Relax take it light 

Louis Gwin 

Jennifer B Hadfield — Why does someone always have to play 

Before entering the Senior Parade, Cheri Sil<e, John Best, and 
Paul Criswell put the final touches on the car. 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SENIOR O SZ 

Elizabeth J Hale — Laissez le Cion temps rouier 

Wjlliani P Haley — Everyone will survive, but only ttie strong wi 


Ehud Z Halfon — Watch out world, here I come 

Brian D Hamm — Look up and beyond (seti 

Marilyn K Hanm 

Timothy Hannan 

Susan A Harder — Do what you can, with what you have 

Susan C Harman 

Lisa P Harmon — Life is what you make of it 

Sandy L Harnson 

Katrina 8 Haselman — Life's not easy, but its worth it 
Chnstopher D Hayes — Show me a good loser, and I'll show you a 

Kimberly K Haynie — Laugh and the world laughs with you 

Mark F Heckler 
Mona D Hedspeth — The greatest ability is dependability 

Audrey A Hernandez — Life is meaningless without friends — they 

make it worthwhile 

Suzanne M Hesbol — The best is yet to come 

Sarah E Hess — Good, good, good 

Noah M Hill — There's a method to my madness 

Government class current events competition 
tieats up as Kathy Slagh and Mr Sylvester 
Smith tally the score 

S6 O ^ENIOJiS oooooooooocoooooooooooooooooooooo 

Pam L Hinman — Are ya'll twins?' 

Cecilia J Hodges — Our tomorrows are todays dreams 

Marcus J Holman 

Tammy L Huddleston 

Melissa L Humphreys 

Maureen A Hunt — Trust me, I know what I'm doing. 
Mark Ives 

Christopher I Jacobs 
Kenneth C Jacobsen 
■A Katrina D, James — There is no future without God. 

John Jansen 

Hank M Johnson, IV — Tormentor 

Holly G Johnson — Best friends forever — Mo and Razy Oazy 

Jennifer J Johnson 

Rebecca A Johnson 

Barbara E. Jones — Bound to cover |ust a little more ground. 

Kerry E Jordan 

George C Kapos — Lite is live' 

Karen V Kay 

Kathrvn A Keefer — Excuse me while I kiss this guy. 

Let the Contest Begin! 

Qm\r@m't ©wspts, ©Mn®n^ (iW(SPts„ ©un®ut . = „ 

"Our contestants for today will be Jenkins 
vs. Smith and Godfrey vs. James. Everybody 
knows the rules ... let the contest begin!" 

The competition was cut throat; the ques- 
tions, deadly. It was a survival of the fittest. In 
order to win, one had to be married to his 

newspaper. The game; Jeopardy (current nobody wanted to lose . . . the consequences: 

events style) . The answers ranged in topic from a deadly current events quiz. Everybody wanted 

the most important international affairs to to win, so the classes battled right until the end 

television trivia. Anybody could try it, but any- of the bell in hopes of scoring those few extra 

body giving the wrong answer was jokingly points, 
heckled and booed. Nobody wanted to tie; 

)ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SENIOR O S7 

That Was Then 

Leah A Keiiey 

Michelle E Kent — Look high, look low, 
look everywhere to achieve success 

Tara U Kim — Things can only gel better 

Kelly L Kincaid — Look out world, we ve 
only |ust begun 

Larry T King — The bigger they are. the 
harder they hit' 

Michelle L Kitchens — You dont have to 
be tall to get ahead in lite 


Christopher S Kmet — Oont gam the 
world and lose your soul 

William F Knudsen — Revival and Survival 



Keep your eyes on the watch, 
back and forth, back and forth. 
Now relax. You are getting very 
tired; your eyes are getting heavy 
— very heavy. You are asleep. Let 
your mind drift back, back to your 
freshman year. 

The year when everything was, 
well, bigger. You were degraded 
about your size and age, and re- 
member how you used to dress? 
How about the countless times 

you stood shivering at the bus 
stop in the rain while the up- 
perclassmen drove by in their 
cars, snickering? Worse still were 
the times when dear old dad had 
to chauffeur you and your date to 
and from . . . those were the 
days, huh? 

Ah, nostalgia! It's for the birds 
especially the fledgling Falcons 

Mike G KoUrides — We cannot discover 
new oceans unless we leave the shore 

Marii Kravchek — The mind tires betore 
the body 


Over the years. Caddy 'Bo Derek" Wood has 
opted for more traditional hairstyles. 

S? O SENIORS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo) 

Lisa A Lacroix 

Mike L Lambe — Its almost over, so what's nexf 

Craig R Leap 

Quenlin J Legg — We finally made it. cut and dry'! 

Rebecca L Lemburg — Ich lieb' Deulschland! 

Charles F Lindauer — Tie two birds together, although they have 
lour wings, they cannot lly 

Christine E Lloyd 

Colleen M Long 

Hope M Lucas — I let go of my past while grasping my future 

Jennifer J Lucas 

Tammara A Lucas 

Toby E Lucy — Trying and losing is like not trying at all 

Lisa L MacDonald — Looking forward to my future and life with 
Greg Harris 

Nell-Garwood MacEachern — Sleep, food, friends in that order. 
Keep your priorities straight, 

Kelli A Malloy — Were there not someone who loved, the sun 
would be extinguished 

Geraldine L Maraia — Being me is great, but I wouldn't 

recommend it. 

Sally K March — Just like in the movies . . . 

Kay Marella — Don't forget me when I'm gone 
Jimmy Mariani 


Matt Maroon — The quest has ended — 'Victory. 
Rolf A, Marshall — OH, applesauce! 

A great fan of Alvin and the Chipmunks, Claudia Brassil does her impression of 

)|i ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo $£WfOR> O Sv 

Renee Manm 

Timothy Martins 

Warren M Mathews — Use it or lose it 

Linda Maxwell — Lookout for whaf 

William J McCallum 

Susan McClellan — Stand tiy me. Nora and Dristi But who are we 

looking tor' 

Rina McDaniels — Ho' Surf specimen ahead 

Chris McElfresh — Gam Real Life — Romans 6 23 

Heather McFillin — 143!!! 

Robert F McGregor 

Manone G McKeon — Success without happiness is nothing 

Craig McLaughlin — Success Is getting what you want Happiness is 

wanting what you get 

Tammy McLeod 
Denise D Mickelson — Let us run with patience the race that is 

Eric C. Milby — Don t let school get in the way of your education 

Shayne K Miller — I'm graduating, so let's be gone 

David A Millner — II was fun while it lasted 

Charles F Moore 

James M Moore. Jr 

Don A Morris — I never let schooling interfere with my education 

Chnstine L Morrissey — Sometimes you have to smile to survive 

David A Mosman 

Jennifer M Moyer — Why pay lull price when I can get it on sale 

John Mucha 
Daniel R Murphy 

Keilh P Murphys 

Michelle Myers — Once I was great, therefore. I can only get better' 

Shannon M Myers — Free at last, free at last, Ihank God Almighty 

we are tree al last 

Shawn Myers 

Melina Christie 

Talan regrets its error in 
placing this picture out of 

^C O ^ENIO^S ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

Sorry to Eat and Run . 

Sure, lunch was a time to fill grumbling 
stomachs, and, yes, it was a social period. 
However, many students put those fifty 
minutes to the pursuit of high education. 

Whether it was in the din of the cafeteria or in 
the quiet of the library, many seniors grabbed 
the nearest newspaper and attempted to 
swallow the contents whole. One could never 
be too ready for a current events quiz. In order 
to get ahead of the game, some chose to 

complete homework due the next day. Some 
chose to receive math help in room 160. 

The SCA room was, as usual, a hotbed of 
activity. Class and SCA officers strode in and 
out, performing various duties instead of eating 
lunch. Now, that was devotion. 

Though some studied and most ate, still 
another portion of students opted for recre- 
ation. The volleyball net was always busy on 
warm days, and students battled it out. Hackey 

sack was a popular way of passing the time. 
Seniors could be seen contorting their bodies in 
order to kick or hit the hackey. 

Whatever they did during their lunch bell, the 
seniors did it to the hilt. 

As anyone could see, Tammy Tasheiko and Kristen Wilcox 
took their current events very seriously. 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SBMORS O G7 


mmT SItomp? 

Ugh. Every year the seniors talked of that 
dreaded disease called "slump." Those who 
weren't seniors thought it was all in the mind. 
Then they became seniors and found it wasn't 
true. One cannot fully describe slump until it 
has been experienced. 

Parents just didn't understand. They thought 
it was simply a two-week stage. "Why should 
you have slump?" they asked. 

Why, indeed. 

Who wouldn't groan over having to rise at six 
o'clock each morning? That was so one could 
make it to school at the inhumane hour of 

seven-thirty. Dogs weren't even up that early. 

Why should you have felt down when you 
were faced with the prospect of a current events 
quiz every day? One day of not reading your 
paper and you were lost. 

Also, what was so bad about having eight 
hours of homework? So what if you had to stay 
after school until four-thirty? Anybody could 
handle that, right? Think again. 

There was no reason to gripe even though 
some were stuck with the deadly duo of Legan 
and Lambriola? Who cared if they were the two 
toughest teachers of your educational career? 

You recovered, didn't you? Well, almost. 

Lastly, what was so bad about filling out all 
of those forms for colleges and scholarships? 
So what if you had to write twelve different es- 
says? It's good practice. Oh, yeah? Tell that to 
the muscles in a senior's hand. 

Slump. Will it ever end? Seniors everywhere 
hoped for a cure. 

At the bi-monthly Executive Council meeting . Sarah Ashton 
and Audrey Hernandez managed to look slightly interested; 
Tammy Tasheiko gave up. 

Clifton L Nelson — Been dazed and contused lor so long it's not 

Jennifer J Nelson — When you don 1 know the answer, lime 
passes — you don I 

Kristin A Nelson — Good friends are like lirsi loves — they II never 

be lorgotten 

Alan Norman 

62 O SENIOR.S ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo( 

Alvin Novoa. Jr -- To reach the impossible and lo succeed these 

possible goals 

Alvirina Novoa 

Kevin C Cakes — Look lo Ihe lulure and drink lile lo Ihe lees 

Alan B Oales love is caring enough lo let her go 

Pondering unfinished homework, Jonathan Stauffer 
weighs the pros and cons of attempting to finish it. 

O^ <^ fr^ 

Jon M Oden — I'll give you a definite maybe 
Rebecca J Ogiesby — Sorta, Kinda, but not really! 
Paul J ONeil — Swing hard in case you hit it 
Gina M Pacheco — Life is a poem rhyme it. 
Frank Balermo — I'm over it. 

Pace B Palmer 

Jeffrey P Parr 

Pamela F Pascual — Big things come in small packages 

Samuel E Pavey — My first seventeen years were repetitive, my 
last one was genuine 

John N. Peckens — I was only absent on test days. 

Robert D Pellerin 

Jennifer C Pennington — Procrastinate tomorrow! 

Michael J. Penny 

Joel W Perry 

Mark L Peterson — When the tough get going, the weak get 

stepped on' 

Scott M Peterson — I don't care about a quote unless I get 

extra credif! 

Kriss M Phelps — The saints are the sinners who keep on trying. 

Lars-Erik Pierson — To fly, one must be able to dive at the ground 

and miss 

Kimberly A Pollard 

Raven L Prevette — It's been real, dudes. 

Elizabeth A Prodan — Up. up, and away. 

Erwin G Ramos 

Susan E Rayfield — There are no walls or locks anyone can put on 

your mind 

Mary J Redding — Kim — You have Uranius in your hair! 

Kara E Reed 


oooooooooooooooooooo SENIORS O 6Z 

Anna M. Rees — Sponz is a sign of experience 

Christine Reynolds — The memories will last a lifetime 

Gregory S Renno 

Ctinsta P Rhudy — If you re having a good day don't worry, you'll 

get over it' 

Lon L Ricci — Slow to start, hard to slop 

Raelynn Rictiardson — Hot Oiggrty Dog-my last year-watch out 


Amy H. Riddick — What was the question? 

Artene E Ridge — Bye. Bye Cox High' 

Rhea L Rieve — Mo and Razy Dazy — Best Friends forever 

Meredith A Roberts — I was born to graduate 

Stacey E Ross 

Karen S Roullet — Cox-one memorie loo good to forget 

Kalherine D Rudiger 

Vickie L RumpI — Don 1 give up' 

Jay C Russell — Is this the beginning of the end'' 

Alex E. Sadler — Am I dreaming, or . . 

Theodore T Sakis — I've finally passed go on life's monopoly 


Floyd R Sarvella 

Kimberty A Savino — Strive lo do your best with a load of 


Donellen S Schlosser — Anticipating life, and its great experience 

Stupid Pet Tricks 

As seniors prepared to leave for college, 
many faced parting with tfieir beloved pets. 
Alttiougfi students knew tfiey would be 
separated from a purring or panting crea- 
ture, ttiey would not forget the warm 
snuggles or a cold wet nose. What would 
be remembered most, however, were the 
stupid pet tricks peculiar to each animal. 
Some tricks were so ridiculous that only the 
owner could find humour in them. 

Did your dog bark at the bells on game 
shows because he thought it was the door- 
bell? Did your animal scamper off with your 
stuffed animal so he could sleep with it? 
Did your kittens do the high five while play- 

ing together? 

Each pet has a special trick that endears 
him to his owner. Memories of such odd- 
ities accompanied each owner to college. If 
one ever became lonely, he simply pulled 
out a picture of his favorite domesticated 
creature to lift his spirits. If that didn't 
work, he might have placed a long distance 
phone call to home simply to hear that 
much missed meow, bark, or twitter. The 
things they did for those animals. 

Considering she had four animals, Nell-Garwood 
MacEachern coped the best way she knew how. 

i^ ' SENIORS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo; 

Presenting her with her very own cake, Sarah Hess 
and her parents celebrate Sadie's birthday (Sadie's the 
tuzzy one). 

Lisa L Schmid 

Molhe W Schmidt — Hmph' 

Rachael U Schmidt — A question unasked is a mind unused 

Drew E Schnitt — Just because you look like a potato chip doesn't 
mean you're wise' 

Stephanie A Schoenbach 

Sonya A Scott — I can't believe I made it 

Marvin E Seay — Life is not a spectator sport 

Lorin L Sebastian 

Kemberly D Senter — Fantasy, it gets the best of me when Im 

Cathy R Sereno — II we don't stand tor something, we'll fall for 

Missy Serrano — Don't forget mimer. LI , soggy anchitos and T P 
Drownin' times 

David M Sharpe 

Christian Sharrock — I thought it was illegal to put mirrors in jail 

Kevin M Shea — School only seems to lasts forever, but what is 
learned does. 

Marcie E Shields — Dare to be different! 

Karen M Shreckengaust — Don't ask me, I don t know , yet. 
Melissa A Shon 
Lance P Shores 
David L. Shull 

Barbara A Siben — It's been a long haul — we made it through it 


Chrri L Sike — Overcome your fears, and push your dreams to 

Daniel H Simpson — May your blossoming and eternal souls be 
eternally depleted and immatenal 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SSNIORi O dS 

Destination Unknown . 

Everybody had a favorite place to go on a 
Friday night. Many people went . . . 

... to the Jewish Mother. A huge video 
screen, great food, and a cool atmosphere 
— what more could one ask? 

. . . to parties. They were a great way to 
get acquainted with others, among other 

. . . to the Mall. Shopping, then a movie 
made a full evening for anyone. 

. . . to a football game. This usually pre- 
ceded the parties. At the games, people 
socialized more than they watched football. 

... to TCBY for a nutritious munchie. 

Christopher Sisler 
Scott A Siovall — Do what YOU want. NOT what they expect' 

Melissa Slaven 

Kathenne E Slough — It s all in the slate of mind 

Michael J Smith 

Monica Smith 

Christopher J Smoke 

Imah Song — Senior year is great, so don t goof — get it straight' 

Wendaiyn R Spears — Make everyday a dream and tomorrow a 

vision ol hope 

Kathy E Spencer — Be successful, enioy lite, and remember the 

class ol 87 

Chrislopher W Sprouse — Four years in a thought Id do it again 

Kimberly V Stafford 

Heather M Stamer — You only live once 

Rebecca L Starbuck — Only by remembering the past and 
appreciating the present can we live lor the future 

Micheal C Staub 

Jonathan W Stautter — Beware, senior slump hits the first day' 

Danielle Stefomch 

Carl Stephenson — Surf's up. school's out 

Raelin U Storey - Believe in the beauty of your dreams 

Melissa A Streeler — I have found the meaning of lite. J R G 

(i^ O S£NIOfi.S ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

Christine M Strickland — Do little boys go to college, too' 
Michelle Stricler 

Kimberly D Stroud — As I move lorward. III look back and smile. 
Mike L Summerlin — Everyone loves someone somewhere 
Gregory M Super — Sarel Sebziminihastn 

Letecia M Tamayo — finding direction, person, and T R F 

guarantees me a bright future 

Tamara L. Tasheiko — Yav»n Oh, is school over now' 

Stephanie R Tatem 

Mandy E Tavares — Success begins witti a persons will, 

Natalie Taylor — Life s a bowl of cherries — watch out for the pits. 

Andrew J Ten, Jr 

Charles J Theurer 

Stephen Thomas 

Brian J Thompson 

Henry L. Thompson — Never look back! 

Kimberly Tolbert — Heecckk. yeah' 

Robert Torbert 

Carl L Trafton — Life is a beautiful thing, lets not waste it 

Charles E Trent 

Scott C Trowbridge — Isthmus be my lucky day' 

Cindy L, Tucker — To live is to love, 

Michelle D Turner 

Daniel J, Tyrell — Is it over yet'!' 

Christie M. Underbill — Thanks for all the memories Quack! 

Cathy Van Eycken 

Craig R Venable 

Anne V Vinh — Was it worth it' 

Garnet L Vincent — Learn from the past, live for today, look for 

Anna J. Vita — Let us stay forever now. 

Anne B Waite — Homework what homework' School 

what school? Party ... my house! 

Doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SENIORS O Cl 

Kerry A Walker — They wouldn t print what I wanted to say. 
Steven W Walker — Seniors do it better, after they graduate 
Judith M Walsh — On to the best years of our lives 
Rictiard C Walsh — Nothing is ever what it seems 

Micheal G Weber 

Catherine W. Welbom — Four miles up on Shore Drive 

Cindy L Welborn — What can I say' 

Ayelet Weller 

Eric C Weller — Its been real, but not real fun 

Bradley J Wentz — When in doubt, fake it 

Michael D Whaley 

Margaret N. Wheiahan — I made it through the wilderness 

Christine A White — Believe in yourself and anything is possible 

Stacey White 

Amy E Whiteman — Happiness isn't an end product, it s a means 

ot transportation 

Cynthia J. Wilbricht — Character is what you are m the dark 

Krislen A Wilcox — Where's my syrup'' 

Christopher S Wiley 

Dan E Will 

Kristina A Williams — The best of times deserves the best ot 


Larry E Williams 

Richard P Williams — From Cox to eternity' 

JohnG Willis — Out of control' 

Jackie D Winstead 

Catherine A Wood — And miles and miles and miles to go before I 


Deanna C Woolard — Wake me up when it s over' 

Amy Yeager — Ready, willing, and able' 

Draper Young — Hi Cindy' 

Jim Zinas — 2 Kings 9 20 

Jennifer K Zook — II at lirsi you doni succeed, sleep on it 

CS O SENIORS oooooooooooooooooo 00000000000000(0 

essed in Cleopatra mode, Denise Michelson wondered if 
le was in the right millenium. 

Dedicated to their class, Sarah Ashton and Colleen Crowley 
spent numerous afternoons working on the senior section of 
the yearbook. 



This is Now 

Wm FaBs. llfs Hisr®. Iff 



They put on their red Reeboks; they 
strapped on their Swatches. They pulled on 
an Outback Red shirt and tapered jeans. 
Where were they going? The seniors were 
probably headed for a concert — whether it 
be The Monkees or R.E.M. Perhaps they 
were on their way to see a box office hit 
such as "Top Gun" or "Stand by Me." Just 
for a change of pace, some chose to go to 
the Naro for their sixth viewing of "Stop 
Making Sense." 

To wrap up the evening, many went to 
TCBY. Others chose the livelier atmosphere 
of the Jewish Mother. Both places offered a 
wide choice of sweet nightcaps. 

No matter where they went, the seniors 
went in modern style. 

Happy just to be together, Greg Super, Barbara Elliot, 
Claudia Brassil, John Stauffer, Sarah Hess, Christi Ed- 
wards, and Meg Dobson smile in unison. 

boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SENIORS O 6^ 

Most Athletic: -i- . - :-d Kevin Shea 

Moft Likely to Appear in a Newspaper Headline Cindy WilbrichI and Malt Maroon MotI Likely to Host "Saturday Night Live"; Natalie Taylor and Mark Peterson 

Biggest Flirts: Susan McClellan and Mike Oooley 

70 O SENIORS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 



Sypor Seniors 

Next Mr. or Miss America: Becky Lemberg and Brian Ward 

Most Laid Baclr: Frank Palermo and Raven Prevetle 

Most Likely to Cure the Common Cold: Caddy Wood and Mike Davis 

Most Spirited: Kathy Slough and Wendell Cosenza 

Most Involved: Molly Whelahan and Alex Sadler 

Most Unpredictable: Kelli Malloy and Kevin Ellis 

< ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SENIORS O 77 

The Jewel of the Style 

Now Appearing on a Finger Near You 

I was, despite all obstacles, prepared for my 
journey to the jewel. I tiad in mind a picture of how 
it would be — sparkling, elegant, unique. I found 
myself in oppressive surroundings as I stood by 
the other exhausted people. The line moved slow- 
ly, and I was quickly running out of patience. But 
what could I do? I had to continue my quest. At 
last, I caught sight of a flash, a glimmer. Then the 
jewel was clearly visible. Then two, three, four! A 
multitude of jewels came into view! 

As I inched forward, I could see the merchant 
and his wares. Every jewel that Balfour had was 
just within my reach. Their colors danced before 
my eyes — rich greens, delicate aquas, deep 
reds, and fiery diamonds. My head began to swim 
with confusion. All of the choices just compli- 
cated my decision. How would I ever choose 
between all these precious stones? Did I want 
silver or gold? 1 0K or HK? Suddenly, the perfect 
stone in the perfect setting caught my eye. Yes, 
this was the ring of which I had dreamed and 
sought since the 9th grade — the jewel of the 

Filling out her custom choices, Jennifer Connors orders her 
class ring 

Jennifer Acosta 

John Aguiar 

Carmen Akban 

Andrea Akers 

Grant Akins 

Glen Allan 

Elizabeth Almy 

John Aluqra 

Melissa Ames 


Kristin Anderson 

Robynn Anderson 

Ross Anderton 

Nicole Andrews 

Pam Archambeau 

Simone Augsburger 

Titfney Ayers -'Wtv 
John Ayscue «^r^ ' 1*/> 
Bretl6ailey W^.i^r'A W 

Ken Bair 

Beth Barrick 

Karen Barton 

Amy Becker 

Man Beech 

Paulina Beibonen 

Simone Belcher 

Bobby Bell 

Missy Bell 

Mike Bentley 

Anna-Liisa Benti 

Haines Bergdon 

Eric Berling 

Liz Berry 

Mary Blain 

Jerald Blanchard 

Frank BorghotI 

Jennifer Bosweil 

Brandon Boyd 

Shannon Brannetan 

Oavid Brazier 

Derek Breckenridge 

Amy Brennan 

Slephan Brelhauer 

Anne Brian 

Bruce Brown 

Chris Brown 

72 O JUNIORS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc. 


, founded by the assorted selection of rings, Marc Gazing over the rings, Suzanne Kemp and Carol Vest 
lyette attempts to choose. seem satisfied with their choices. 

Jaye B'ownell 
Leigh Rrownell 
K^ren Broyles 






^ y^ 








Bobby Caldwell 
Oonio Caradine 
Mary Carlson 

Donald CarlsUom 
Jennifer Carroll 
Deborah Carter 
Rodel Catahan 
Dinah Callett 
Todd Cauvet 
Cindy Cefalu 
Bretl Charbonneau 
Jennifer Check 

Shaun Chilcott 
Charlie Cho 
Brian Clark 
Can Clark 
Carolyn Clark 
Gina Clark 
Scott Clark 
Shelly Clark 
George Cobb 

Karen Colehamer 
Carolyn Coleman 
Hunter Collier 
Carol Collins 
Rodney Collins 
Tony Collins 
Shannon Collinson 
Gilbert Compo 
Matt Concert 

Rob Conger 
Eric Conner 
Jennifer Connor 
Courtney Conover 
Katrina Cooke 
Christian Cool 
Jimmy Copeland 
Barry Couch 
Virginia Courson 

Jason Cowell 
Devon Cox 
Tracy Cox 
Amy Craig 
David Craine 
Nick Crisatulli 
Lori Coffee 
Jon Currey 
Kevin Curry 

A \ 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo JUNIOR O 73 

Homeroom representative Jennifer Perry collects for the 
United Way. 

At a local air stiow. Carrie Monger serves up cold drinks 

We, the Juniors 

In Order to Form a More Perfect Class 

As our American History teachers told us, our 
Founding Fathers undertook the job of establish- 
ing a nation, and the junior class worked toward 
the making of "The Perfect Class." The first job 
we undertook was the weeding of the flowerbeds 
in the front. In two days of hard work and back- 
breaking drudgery, volunteer juniors succeeded 
in transforming the weed-infested masses of 
earth into perfect examples of fine gardening. 

Needing money to fill our treasury for Ring 
Dance, the juniors decided to sell Ready Teadys, 
those cute little bears. It was a roaring success 
and contributed heavily to the money supply of 
the class. And to make the year the perfect dream 
envisioned by the juniors, there was Ring Dance, 
and with the perfect Ring Dance the juniors 
finished their "Perfect Year!" 

Selling spirit links. Caroline Coleman and Kevin Kratzer show 
their spirit to the entire school. 


7^ O JUNIOR.S ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc(|oo 



XI j; t^ 

Kkith Economidis 
Mike Ehrenzeller 

Ricky Engel 
Jennifer tpslein 
Graham Evans 
Jim Ewing 
Kevin Fay 
Charlene Fedon 
David Feineis 
Doug Ferguson 
Janet Fike 

Michael Finch 
Lauri Finger 
H Jack Fish 
Kathleen Fisher 
Stary Flint 
Foben Flores 
Melinda Foley 
Marc Ford 
Ruth Ford 

Kim Foster 
Heidi Fountain 
John Foy 
John Francavilla 
Michelle Frasher 
Chris French 
Joren Frey 
Matt Fry 
Scott Fuller 

Chris Garner 
Knox Garvin 
James Gates 
Craig Goldberg 
Cathy Gower 
Greg Green 
Stephanie Green 
Wendy Gutermuth 
Patty Haley 

John Hall 
Eddie Halton 
Mike Hammer 
Can Hanzl 
Jill Harding 
Jonathan Harrell 
Bruzer Harris 
Gary Harris 
Lisa Harvey 

1)000000000000000000000000000000000 JUNIORS O 7S 


Floating into wonderiand 

Victory on a Flatbed 

"I have never seen a class with so much en- 
thusiasm as the class of 88!" exclaimed Debbie 
Moser, the junior class sponsor, v^/hen asked 
what she thought about the junior class's in- 
volvement with Homecoming 1986. 

The Class of 1986 walked off the field with first 
place in the float competition this year at 
homecoming. John Fox, as the class's float chair- 
man, came up with the idea of "Alice Through the 

Junior representative Sherri Miles and father, JO Miles. 

Looking Past Mirror" as the homecoming theme 
"The Past is the Key to the Future." "I would like 
to thank everyone that helped me construct the 
float. I'll be looking forward to next year's float 
which is going to be even betterthan this year's," 
stated Fox. 

Not only did the Class of 1 988 win first place in 
the float competition, but it also raised the largest 
amount for the United Way, $260. In the spirit link 

Junior representative Nicole Andrevi/s and father. Peter 

competition, the juniors fell to third place behind 
the sophomores and seniors. What the juniors 
lacked in links they made up for in spirit during 
Friday's pep rally, where relay races were held 
between the classes. In yet another display of the 
Junior's own brand of spirit, Nicole Andrews and 
Sherri Miles, Junior Class representatives, pa- 
raded onto the field during the half-time show. 

It's Nerd Day and Cassie Dehm struts her stuff 

Man Jackson 

Tim Jackson 

Trma Jackson 

Ryan Jacquin 

Richard Jarrett 

Michael Jaslano 

Kris Jenkins , X/ 

.\l \ I 

Lisa Jennings 

Karen Johnson 

Kim Johnson 

LeRoy Johnson 

Sean Johnson 

Tracy Johnson 

Phillip Johnston 

J J Jones 

Kim Jordan 

Robert Jordan 

Tama Jordan 

Kelly Kasperbauer 

Catherine Kawecki 

Bill Kelly 

Nickie Kemp 

Bobby Kendall 

Tricia Kerr 

Jeremy Kessinger 

7^ O JUNIOR ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


Hammering on his class float is Ronnie Shank. 

Miming the cards in Alice in Wonderland is Colleen Herzke 
and Amy Hill on their class float 

Lisa Madeysaki 
Mark Marcus 
Johnny MarlanI 
Candle Marshall 
Rich Marshall 
Jan Mariott 
Zach Marslon 
Mike Mason 
Alex Mathas 

Jernon Matosich 
Sharon Mathews 
Gary Mathews 
Denise Mauylin 
Jetl May 
Marc Mayette 
Brian McCartney 
Julie McCready 
Terne McCutcheon 

:ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo JUNIOR O 77 



Sarah McElveIn 
George McLeod 
James McMannes 
Angela McNaught 
Sieve McNaughton 
"5rc Medlln 
"cnaldson Miele 
jiern Miles 
Heather Miller 

Stephen Miller 

Tracy Miller 

Rusty Mills 

Jay Mitchell 

Megan Mitchell 

Came Monger 

Al Moore 

Ajison Moore 

Betti Moore 

Jamie Moore 

Nancy Moore 

Rod Moore 

Sean Moore 

Tedd Moore 

Anna Morse 

Jeannie Murphy 

Tim Murphy 

Scott Musten 

Gily Nahum 

Betsy Neal 

Kevin Nelson 

Larry Nelson 

Paul Nelson 

Shauna Nelson 

LeAnn Neubert 

Vicki Neut)ert 

Misty Neuton 

Kathi Newbern 

Jason Nickols 

Leslie Nobles 

Chris OBoyle 

Kim Ocamb 

Heather Oden 

Holly Odum 

Jennifer Ogline 

Carol Oleiar 

Connie O'Neal 

Shaun O'Neal 

Nancy Fae Onquit 

Christine Owsiany 

Brian Pafumi 

Mary Paschall 

Andy Payne 

Karen Pellerin 

Mike Pelton 


Debbie Perez 

Melissa Perez 

Oave Perry 

Jennifer Perry 

Chris Person 

Michele Peterson 

Tom Piazza 

Lark Pierce 

Heide Plato 
Eric Plumlee 
Kirsten Poore 


^ Ca T'IF f^ 



Ryan Porter 
Jennifer Potts 
Joyce Powell 

Judith Powell 

Danielle Powers 

John Proden 

Donna Rainer 
Stephanie Reaves 
Olaf Reichenmiller 

Krislcri ffi-niji.i 
Becky ft.ji(] 
Sheri Reno 

7? O JUNIOKS ooooooooocooooooooooooooooooooooo 

"Ten Most Dreaded" 

What Juniors Dread the Most 

PSAT's — "You mean I wasn't supposed to 
guess?" Carmen Akbari 
U.S. History — "It's my hardest class!" 
Anna-Lisa Bentii 

Ctiemistry — "CeHi^Oe — Aren't they play- 
ing at the Jewish Mother?" Shelby Lehman 
Term Papers — "Bibliography cards, note 
cards — ARGH!" Jeannie Murphy 
Playing 2nd fiddle to the seniors — "It 
stinks!" Jen Taylor 

Being denied a parking sticker — "Four 
miles down Shore Drive and on the left! " 
Mr. Porter 

Being seen on the "Big Cheese Mobile" — 
"Maybe if I duck they won't see me!" 
Carolyn Clark 

Not having a date to Ring Dance — "Girls' 
Night Out" 

Not getting the right ring — "But my ring 
wasn't supposed to have a drum majorette 
on it!" Gary Scholl 

Not passing — "You mean 'E's' don't mean 
excellent?" Nick Crisafull 

Just a sample of the PSAT alarms Jeff May, 

LeaAnne Rickard 

Liz RIner 
Gary Robert 
James Rogers 
Scott Romare 

Chip Rudolf 
Bill Sabounn 
Talley Sale 
Ned Salyer 

The rigors of research send Jeannie Murphy to the shelves. 


Smiling pretty for the camera president Kevin Kratzer, Junior officers Kristin Regula, Denise Hobbs. Sherri 
stiows fiis winning personality. Miles, Kevin Kratzer and Gina Clark. 

Chris Saunders 

Bill Sawyer 

Marty Schlatter 

David Schleck 

Lisa Schmurr 

Grant Schneider 

Gary Scholl 

Alan Schrot) 

Stacy Schroeder 

Jason Schugart 

Jeft Schultz 

Elizabeth Shwiederl 

Adam Scotli 

Windy Seay 

Kevin Segerblom 

Scott Segerglom 

George Seltzer 

Ronnie Shank 

William Shedlock 

Mike Shepard 

Christina Short 

Holly Shupe 

Rob Shupe 

Robert Skiles 

Donald Skinner 

Susan Slaven 

Christine Smith 

Christopher Smith 

Amy Smilhwick 

Shauna Snyder 

Mike Speckhart 

Nicole Spoiswood 

Mike Stallings 

Jetl SUnfield 

Jennifer Stalling 

Jeff Steele 

Roger Stem 

Karen Sleinkamp 

Lee Stevens 

Becky Stewart 

Monica Stewart 

Robin Stewart 

Christine Stone 

Barbara Stoner 

Sharon Solecki 

Jenny Sulivan 

Hollie Sutton 

Matt Sutton 

Sonia Tamayo 

Tom Tagmons 

Jennifer Taylor 

Keenan Taylor 

Jetl Thiele 

Layne Thiele 

ft <D 




.H li 

iO O JUNIOZS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


Above and Beyond 

Juniors Answer the Call of Duty 

The junior class leaders gave it their all to 
further benefit the class from Homecoming to 
Ring Dance. With Kevin Kratzer as President, 
Denise Hobbs as Vice President, Sherri Miles as 
Secretary, and Kristin Regula as Treasurer, how 
could the junior class be anything but terrific and 
original? And that it definitely was. "The junior 
class proved enthusiastic and pulled together to 
help us meet our goals this year." said Kevin 

Originality was the key which opened new 
doors to the Junior Class, from meetings on the 
beach to Sherri and Denise's homemade cookies. 
Ready Teddy Spirit Bears, Homecoming Football 
Raffle, and Value Checks were some ingenious 
ideas that raised money for Ring Dance, which 
highlighted the Junior year. 

While doing dog tricks at Young Life, Sherri Miles shows her 



.— -.^ 

"FT f} 


Eric Thomas 
David Thomas 
Tamatha Thomas 
Laurie Thompson 
Tami Thompson 
Patricia Tiedeman 
Bill Tolberl 
Paul Tomlinson 
Enk Townsend 

Johnny Townsend 
Maren Trout 
Ryan Turner 
Paul Tye 
Wendi Upton 
Caralynn Vann 
Corey Vann 
George Viar 
Pat Vermillion 

Carol Vest 

Denise Vincent 

Christian Von Schmidt-Paull 

Amir Vots 

Tamara Vrooman 

Angela Wade 

Danny Wagner 

Wendy Waldron 

Bobbie Walker 




1 PP9HB ^■"■^^"^ '^^i^'^ •^'.^la 

Geoffrey Wallace 
Stefani Walton 
Trice Ward 
Melissa Wardzlnski 
Mark Wargo 
Roger Warren 
Dennis Weber 
Debby Werkmeister 
Stacy West 


oo JUNIOR O 91 

Spirit Bound 

Sophomores Jump Into The 


There was a new presence felt at the 
Homecoming pep rally, There was an under- 
current a little different from the other classes that 
ran through the spectators at wrestling matches 
and basketball games. When the cheerleaders 
gave the word, "... all for sophomores, stand 
up and holler! " the tenth-grade class did just that. 
No longer was there a freshmen murmur. Instead 
the sophomores emerged from their silent shells 

Sophomores Chris Murphy, Annette Terlizzi, Scott Eun, Brent 
DiGeronimo, and Matt Valeric rally for first place in the class 
spirit competition 

to compete shoulder-to-shoulder with their older 
peers and screamed at the top of their lungs. "It 
was great to see so much excitement from our 
class!," commented Brent DiGeronimo. 

Sophomore spirit was on the rise all year long 
and it grew by leaps and bounds. 

"We have so much more responsibility this 
year than last because we are sophomores, not 
freshmen," quipped Coquette Lisa Crutchfield. 

In the Leap Frog competition, Kathryn Murray hurdles Scott 
Eun to the cheers of ecstatic sophomores. 

?2 O SOPHOHOf^ES oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

ophomores Kathryn Robertson, Susan Criswell, Danielle 
layette, Britt Heisig, Jenny Abbit, Amanda Whitfield, Beth 
ryant, and Annette Terlizzi show their spirit with a cheer dur- 
ig a pep rally outdoors. 

Jenniler Abbale 
Cheryl Adams 
Crystal Adams 
Amber Ager 
Christina Allen 
Lloyd John Allen 
Natalie Andrews 
Jennifer Arnhold 
Aaron Auger 

Sean Auger 
Nellie Ayat 
Hayley Baer 
Tammi Bagnall 
Brian Baldwin 
Chris Baldwin 
Becky Banks 
Cindy Bano 
Lisa Barnes 

# ' 

m M If 

H fi B^f» 

Kelly Boone 
Sean Borsky 
Richard Bowman 
Shelley Bowman 
Jaime Bracewell 
Cherie Bradlley 
Melissa Bradley 
Kelly Bradford 
Shane Braunbeck 

Eric Breece 
Mary Brenn 
Adria Brittingham 
Alicia Brooks 
Kevin Brooks 
Paul Brooks 
• , Tonia Brothers 

I David Brown 

i • Scott Bruggeman 

Julie Brunges 
Heather Bryan 
Beth Bryant 
Allison Bundy 
Jason Buonvino 
Kristi Burnett 
Kristin Burr 
Tom Bush 
Yolanda Byrd 

'^ Terry Byer 
' ' Bryan Brne 

Jeannine Catfrey 
Jammel Came 
Mario Callanan 
Greg Cannon 
Trina Cannon 
. Sarah Caotain 
\ David Carden 

^^ Kimball Carr 

> ' Jay Castle 
Ben Catania 
Marnie Chalut 
Mark Chamberlain 
Danielle Chiaiese 
Autum Church 
Bill Clark 
Knstin Clarf< 

iooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SOPirjOHOKBS O 9Z 

: Damron 
MIclKie Dangleman 

Erica Doscher 

Ross Dillard 

Brenl DiGeronimo 

Eric Drexler 

Angie Drumheller 

Nancy DuBrachek 

Jeny Dutty 

Stephanie Dumphey 

Kelly Duty 

Amanda Freed 

Dawn Freeman 

Juslon French 

Amy Finch 

Marianne Galgon 

Tricia Geaner 

Anna Ghoreisnien 

Jennifer Gingras 

Wanda Ginn 

Chris Gladwell 

Jay Glover 

Mark Goldberg 

Palli Goldberg 

?^ O SOPHOHOflES ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooci 

he Lights Went Out . . . 

That's Entertainment? 

The lights dimmed, the shades were pulled and 

lyelids lowered as yet another filmstrip flashed on 

lie screen. "What'd ya' do in world geography 

3day?" "Nothin', just saw a movie." were 

amiliar quips of sophomores throughout the 


Besides being of educational value, the video 
lour gave them a chance to attend to important 
natter. "Usually I fell asleep, but sometimes I 
yrote notes and talked to people," said Natalie 


"Religions of the World Parts I & II," "UFO's 
in a Moving Car," and "The Life of a Protoplasm" 
were not exactly Academy award material. It was 
a pity that all of those nice TVs weren't put to a 
more interesting use, like showing "General 
Hospital" or "St. Elmo's Fire." Why didn't those 
teachers use the machines for something besides 
educational purposes? 

The thought of yet another filmstrip strikes terror in the hearts 
of Julie Dameron, Roxann Roberson and Kim Miller. 

Lee Anne Haworth 
Kirk Hazelgrove 
Jeremy Heinnch 
Britt Heisig 
Susan Henderson 
Tanya Hendrick 
Kim Henson 
Cindy Hewitt 
Aaron Hickman 

:»oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SOPHOHOZES O ?S 

Le« Johnson 

SeOi Johnson 

Ronnie Jones 

Bo Jorgenson 

Amy Jos«phson 

Ronald Joyner 

Tracy Kaczmorczyk 

Chns Kane 

Frank Kattwinkel 

Heather Lawrence 

Elizabeth Leary 

Jenniler Ledlow 

Joe Lee 

Matt Lee 

Tom Legros 

Maria Leivas 

Shelia Lewis 

Thomas Lewis 

Chris Little 

Scott Little 

Adrienne Londerce 

Joe Lloyd 

Kelly Logan 

Michelle Loggins 

Patty Loggins 

Lalane Lompero 

Amy Lougheed 

Win Lucas 

Ron Lynn 

Janell Lyon 

Susan MacOonald 

Tracy Madigan 

Joseph MacKtai 

Kyle Mallas 

Marc Malloy 

Kristie Maple 

Ryan Marlmgton 
Kessy Marsh 

Digging Deep 

Into pockets and oonnpetition 

Scraping into the depths of pockets and float competition. Not only did the sophomore? 

purses, begging fellow sophomores for money, display their spirit through the spirit link competi 

the class of 1989 managed to gather enough tion, but during the relay races at the pep rally or 

money for the SCA spirit link competition to re- Friday, they placed first in the balloon racei 

ceive second place at the end of Homecoming second in the orange race, and third in the spin 

week. yells. 

The week previewing the Homecoming football The sophomore class showed real initiative ir 

game, sophomores banded together to create the participating in Spirit Week this year!" said Leigf 
class of '89's float, which won second place in the Mazach. 


i^ O SOPHOHOKES ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 





?• f* o 


'!'! Mwach 

MciinOa Mf.tijiiloii 
Kendra McCullough 

Christine McElveen 
Celeste McFillin 
Patricia Mclntire 
Corey Mclntyre 
Kim McKa/ 
Jason McKen/ie 
John McKiriney 
Chris McLeod 
Rob McLeod 

Shawn McLeod 
Mike McLoughhn 
Jill McNerny 
Christine McOueeney 
Kayle Mewborn 
Jennifer Miele 
Allison Miller 
Heather Miller 
Kim Miller 

Robert Millner 
Suzanne Minger 
Catherine Mmkawski 
Ray Mitchell 
Shaudy Moayery 
Shandra Molin 
Chris Moon 
Fancy Moore 
Thea Moore 

Chairwoman Sara Captain shows her dedication by spending 
countless hours on the sophomore tloat. 

Sophomore representative Amy Collier, and her escort Mr Bill 

Sophomore representative Michelle Wetmore, and her escort 
Louis Ferrano. 

Sophomores Anne McCall, Bent DiGeronimo. Scott Howard, 
and Kathryn Murray were all smiles after the sophomore float 
won second place in the float competition. 



)oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SOPHOHOKES O ?7 

Jennrter Moran 

Michelle Mordica 

Mark Mormando 

Casey Morns 

Steve Morns 

Sara Morrison 

Mactteo Mortanno 

Kevin Moser 

Chnstine Murphy 

Kathryn Murray 




Brian O'Neal 
Lisa Overton 
Billy Owens 
Todd Owens 
Sang Pak 

Aones Parker 

John Parker 


Brigitte Pettersen 

Blake Phillips 

Allison Pickard 

John Pierce 

Kris Pierson 

Tracy Pitl 

Jen Pohi ^ fl 
Stephanie Post Ai oi: m 

Windy Poston HlA 'SlS 

Rick Pouliot 

Missy Powell 

Sean Pruden 

Pamela Rambolt 

Harvey Rattensperger 

Sean Rams 

Brian Raney 

Scott Raynes 

Doug Reichert 

Denise Reynolds 

Michelle Richardson 

Roxann Roberson 

Oebb Roberts 

Shawn Roberts 

Kathryn Robertson 

Kim Robins 

Dax Rowland 

Vanessa Ruiz 

Amber Rutlin 

Paul RumiM! 

Cindy Runnells 

Susan Russell 

Noel Sale 

Mary Sanderlin 

Florence Santoro 

Tim Schatti 

Jett Scolield 

Craig Scruggs 

Donald Selt 

Sarah Sharpe 

Renee Shaw 

Shelley Sheridan 

Greg Shields 

Ann Shirk 

Lesley Shod 





K'i ^ <■ *^l 

Chris Shugtue 

£ ^J/yLL. 


?? O SOPHOMORES ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 

Getting the Hang of it 

■ Sophomore Style 

There was a lot of employment out there, and 
sophomores seemed to have found it. Many 
sophomores spent their after school hours on the 
job. When asked what their new found income 
was spent on, answers varied. Girls seemed to 
have had more definite idea. Their money was 
used for clothes, jewelry, and makeup. The guys 
seemed to lose track of their money. "I don't 
know where my paycheck goes," replied Britt 

Driver's Education is one of the year's highlights for Amy 
Josephson and Kathryn Robertson. 

Some sophomores were saving their money 
for bigger and better things. "I'm saving my 
money for a car," commented Amy Josephson. 
And speaking of cars, many sophomores learned 
to drive. 

Sophomores took drivers education in their 
health classes. Moat of them didn't show much 
enthusiasm about the classroom instruction; 
however, when it came to driving behind the 
wheel, they seemed much more enthusiastic. 

Auto doctor Lee Hark solves yet another motorists dilemma 

^ "^ ^.> /^\ w^^ V^^-^'- 


•\ * \ ; 

F''"f^ r '7^ p 



k \ 


\ i .. «» 





Lenore Shumpert 
Cassie Simons 
Sean Sinclair 
Bobby Skinner 
Becky Smitb 
Jennifer Smith 
John Smith 
Mia Smith 
Stephanie Smith 

Charles Snilka 
Ray Sokolowski 
Danny Soroka 
Aaren Spence 
Oavid Spencer 
David Sprouse 
Arthur Squire 
Tom Stables 
Jerry Stace 

Greg Stagg 
Bill Stanton 
Lisa Steele 
Tony Stephens 
Tom Stephenson 
Mark Stets 
Becky Stevens 
Chris Stevens 
Bruce Stewart 

Robbie Strother 
Adam Stroud 
David Stubblelield 
Dorris Sturgeon 
Will Suggs 
Burt Summerlin 
Wayne Sweger 
Jimmey Sykes 
Todd Tabor 

Mike Tarpey 
Krissy Tartoni 
Mark Tavenner 
Ginger Taylor 
Robert Taylor 
Annette Teriizzi 
Erica Thomas 
Gordon Thomas 
Deanna Thompson 


ooooooooooooooooooo SOPHOHOR^ES O S^ 

Soaring to the Top 

Officers had fhe Formula for 


We had an awesome year!" exclaimed Danielle 
Mayette, vice-president of the sophomore class. 
And we did, thanks to the efforts of the leaders of 
the Sophomores. "We had more involvement and 
enthusiasm, which were the keys to our 
success," said Danielle. 

With a year under their belts, the sophomores 
would no longer be considered rookies. "I think 
our class was more enthusiastic and wanted to 
get more involved in what went on in the school," 
commented Matt Valerio, Sophomore Class 
President. With such officers as Matt Valerio, 

president; Danielle Mayette, vice-president; 
Diana Vann, secretary; Chris Howard, treasurer; 
and Kevin Brookes, second vice-president, their 
success was virtually guaranteed. These talented 
officers organized the Gummy candy sale and the 
talent-show, and two big, successful fundraisers. 
The officers of the sophomore class led the 
classes to a roaring success of a year! 

Showing her true colors, sophomore vice-president Danielle 
Mayette dresses up for Green and Gold Day. 

Frank Thompson 
Dawn Tledeman 
Tom Tolive 
Rick Townsend 
Danielle Tuazon 
Andrew Turner 
Chris Turner 

Noelle Vanderwerken 

Diana Vann 

Billy Vest 

Bonnie Viar 

Jodi Viar 

Vicki Violette 

Cheryl Vion 

Karen Visheek 

Lisa Waldron 

Wendy Weniger 

Michelle Wetmore 

Vanessa While 

Amanda Whitfield 

Anila Whitney 

Dan Wilbricht 

Michelle Wilkerson 

Stephen Winborn 

Wade Wiv jr 

Kuey Wo(i« 

Oscar Woodhousi; 

Ami Woodaid 

Victor Won 

Lisa Wriahl 

Cassy Yellis 

Kim Zenarolla 

Kathy Zinas 



^0 O SOPHOMORES oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cr 


Tired sophomore secretary, Diana Vann, takes a break for a bit 
of relaxation. 

Tfie sophomore oHicers, Danielle tVlayette, IVlattValeno, Diana 
Vann, and Chris Howard prepare for a class meeting 

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SOPHOMORES O ^1 

ri\ jntation. Lea Marr and Vanessa Perez 
begin their tedious search for their class- 

As Jennifer Sears and her mother tour the 
school, they take a look at what the next four 
years of her life will be like. 

In History class, Brian Chrusciel studies the 
famous rule sheets handed out by all his 

Kim Abe 

Vanessa Agar 

Barry Agee 

Roxanne Alexander 

Rebecca Alien 

Mark Alphin 

Erica Alvaro 

Naomi Anclil 

Man Arnold 

Lee Barba 

Holly Baredeld 

Stephanie Barrett 

Benita Battaglia 

J P Battaglia 

Nino Battaglia 

Chris Baum 

Scott Baum 

Brett Baylor 

Christine Bayot 

Emily Becxer 

Heather Beckwith 

Dave Bein 

Heather Berg 

Aimee Berlando 

Beth Berlando 

Heather Binggeli 

Tabatha Black 

Peter Biakeiy 

Michelle Blount 

Titlani Board 

Brent Bohike 

Vivian Bommer 

Angle BonOurant 

Kristy Borsky 

Chris Bosko 

Billy Bostii 


,ck '>! 

£,f ; p 

? r^^^'*'' 

^2 O f R£$f/M£A/ oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


Freshmen Learn the 

Orientation is a tradition for in- 
coming frestimen. Every year, the 
ninth graders gather in the audito- 
rium for their first look inside the 

At that first glimpse of the school, 
each individual felt differently. The 
size of the school was intimidating, 
as w/ere the upperclassmen. "A lot 
of people are afraid of the up- 
perclassmen, but I thought they 
were very helpful," commented 

Hard-working Tavis Sipe contemplates the 
year to come. 

w^^ W^ P^ , 

Shaula Bullen. 

The first day's anxiety erased 
everything that orientation told 
them. "I was really nervous since 
Cox is such a big school, but to my 
surprise I didn't get lost," said Steph- 
anie Brass. Lost, but not alone, the 
freshmen braved the first day of 
school accompanied by their 

Now, in retrospect, they look at 
that shaky start and are grateful for 
one another's support. Looks like 
they made it! 

Mike Bowen 
Jell Branche 
Scott Branum 
Stephanie Brass 
Shane Brennan 
Carl Bnncefield 
John Brooks 
Jason Brown 
Kimberly Brown 

Stephanie Brown 
Susan Brown 
Sonia Bruehl 
Derek Brumfjeld 
Shintel Brumfield 
Tavis Brumfield 
fred Brvson 
Pam Buchanan 
Shaula Bullen 

Audra Bullock 
John Burch 
Jeremy Burl 
Anna Caldwell 
Jason Call 
James Callon 
Cristi Campbell 
Garrett Campbell 
Kristin Campbell 

Melissa Carr 
Gennifer Carvey 
Sean Carvey 
Dennis Catahan 
Mark Catron 
Susan Chesney 
Heather Christiansen 
Brian Chrusciel 
Jill Clancy 

Daniel Clark 
Charles Clarke 
Ken Coll 
Aimee Collier 
James Collins 
Karri Collins 
Sean Collinson 
Warnie Conley 
Michael Connor 

Lareina Consalvo 
Kathi Core 
Jessica Cormier 
Katrina Cox 
Shannon Cowell 
Steve Crowley 
Barry Danner 
Justin Danner 
Catherine Darby 

Brock Davenport 
Ann Davis 
Ann Davis 
Jimmy Davis 
Justin Davis 
Larry Davis 
David Dawkins 
Tracy Dean 
Sonnie Deane 

)0000000000000000000000000000000 f S£$f/McW O iZ 


Freshmen Officers 

The freshman SCA officers did a 
great deal for their class. We were 
especially lucky to have a terrific 
team working for us this year. 
Through juggling all the project 
suggestions, listening to the 
complaints, and keeping the 
paper work straight, they 
somehow made it through the 
year. The officers that we were so 

Anthony DeCandia 

Jon Decker 

Steven Decker 

Emanuel Delidakis 

Joe Oesormeaux 

Brian Dietz 

Heather Disbrow 

John Oobson 

Leila Doran 

Jay Drye 

Tracy Drye 

Ctiris Ouell 

Andy Duffy 

Woody Ounagan 

Larry Earl 

Allison Edwards 

Tina Edwards 

Nikki Etirenzeller 

Meghan Elizondo 

bhelley Ellison 

Matt Evans 

Amy Ewell 

Chas Faison 

Aaron Fanton 

Ben Fanton 

Michelle Fedon 

David Feldman 

Brenda Fenn 

Tim Fenn ^^ 

Jenni Fentriss Hl^ 

Xavier Ferguson ,^ T' ^ 

fortunate to have were, President 

— Amber Medlin, Vice President 

— Alison Hanwit, Secretary — 
Leila Doran, and Treasurer — 
Ryan McGuinness. These were 
the students that succeeded after 
a hard week of campaigning and 
speeches and the nervousness 
before the incoming results. Our 
team of officers accomplished a 

great deal, and did it with style. 
Thank you officers for doing an 
excellent job of guiding the fresh- 
men class! 

Freshmen sponsor, Mrs. Jennie Lou 
Pangle, observes oflicers with awe. 

Katee Finger 

Tammy Finn 

Jamie Fiore 

Wayne fisher 

Jon Forget 

Corinne Forzano 

Andrew Foster 

Andrea Franssen 

Joe Frease 

Bill Freels 


f ¥ O FZESHt^EN ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


Another nev/ ifloa is born as the 
otticers Vicel'ii ■/ nut Alison Hanwit, 
Treasurer Ryan W > . "I's President 
Amber Medlin, ami ' ''.,':'::ry Leila 
Doran discuss the pla'f, • • -f 

Jon Gates 

Becky Gattshall 

Ian Geise 

Kathy Gibb 

Doug Giesen 
Michelle Gilson 
Tanya Gilson 
Michelle Glass 
Mane Glazebrook 
Travis Glover 
Stacey Goodman 
Eric Gotte 
Ken Grandelli 

Fred Gray 
Jermel Gray 
Ted Greenouqh 
Amiee Hadfield 
Jerry Haggerty 
Chnstel Hale 
David Hale 
Kristi Halfhill 
Jason Halka 

Melissa Halquist 
Scott Hamm 
Jason Hammer 
Dale Hanak 
Peter Hanak 
Alison Hanwit 
Mike Harnngton 
Roger Harrington 
Ginny Hartley 

Mike Harwood 
Carol Haskett 
Jon Haskins 
Allison Hayes 
Mike Hearst 
Dana Hegedus 
Rich Henry 
Joe Hernandez 
Tony Hess 

Lissa Hickman 
John Hilgers 
Ted Hill 
Mike Hillier 
Stacy Hinman 
Jeanna Hix 
Leah Hix 
Heather Hobbs 
Chns Hogan 

Eva Hoggard 
Jessica Holbrook 
Suzanne Holmes 
Sean Holl 
Sean Hood 
Jeff Hudgins 
Julie Huebner 
Delmar Huffman 
Heidi Hughes 


ooooooooooooooooo fK£SHf^£f^ O 7S 

Jennifer Hull 

Tony Hume 

Mike Hupferl 

Dana Jackson 

Randy Jackson 

Steve Jackson 

Trffany Jackson 

Jeanie Jensen 

Kelly Johnson 

Rhonda Johnson 

Ross Johnson 

Ryan Johnson 

Elizabeth Johnston 

Shannon Jones 

Yvonne Jones 

Knstee Jordan 

Melissa Josey 

Chris Kahler 

Susie Kawecki 

Tnsh Kazik 

Kathy Kent 

Donovan Kessler 

Rajan Kharbanda 

Alex Kim 

Stephanie Kinnard 

Knsty Klemsline 

Rodney Knight 








-t t 


Caroline Lewis 

Reuben Lewis 

Trivillus Lewis 

Heidi Lineberger 

Tonya Little 

Michele Livingston 

Bobby Lott 

Misty Lott 

Barry Lynn 

Hylton MacEachern 

Tara Macktal 

David Magiicco 

Micheal Maione 


Homecoming princess, Courtney Wilson, es- Homecoming princess. Amber Medlin, es- Not wearing the latest punk fashions, April Talbot shows ofl her green and gold on the tciin 
corted by father. Wayne Wilson corted by father, Larry Medlin court during gym 

vo O FR£$f/M£M oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 


Adding a New Twist 

Freshmen Key In On Homecoming 


Frank Marocoo 

Freshmen enthusiasm soared dur- 

} Spirit Week. There was a good 

•owing of costumes and we tool< 

i:cond place in the banner competi- 

■in. Freshmen green and gold pride 

ally showed through! 

The freshmen float reflected the 

ine and hard work that our con- 

ructors put into it. Using the theme 

he Past Is The Key To The Future" 

3 float depicted a scene from the 

50's and a much anticipated gradu- 
ation. Senior Tammy Tasneiko 
summed it up, "The freshmen float 
looked very competitive this year." 
Courtney Wilson and Amber Medlin 
were the two freshmen princesses el- 
ected to Homecoming Court. For 
Courtney, it was an emotional night, 
"When they called my name over the 
public address system, I looked at all 
the faces in the stands, and I was just 

really happy and excited." 

The first of four Homecomings for 
the class of 1990 was a first class 
show of pride and spirit. Here's to 
three more! 

Freshmen Kevin Kohl, Tara Staehle, Jennifer 
Morrisette, Judy Wong, and Kim VanValken- 
burgh "get down" to work. 

Lea Marr 

Michelle Martin 

Jennifer Maston 

Craig MaRhews 

Jay UcAdoo 

Charles McCallum 

Tammi McCollem 

Sean McCormick 
Tim McC ready 
Knsta McDonough 
Michelle McErlean 
Ryan McGinness 
Sean McKenzie 
Patrick McLaughlin 
Dee McLendon 
Chris Meads 

Amber Medlin 
Altice Melinda 
Ginger Middlebrooks 
JO. Miles 
Misha Miller 
Nikki Miller 
Robert Mills 
Joel Montez 
Kimberly Moon 

• o o o 

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo f^£Slrl^£N O 77 

Ed Moofe 

Stacey Moran 

Enca Morgan 

Joe Morgan 

Wesley Mommgstar 

Usa Moro 

Jennrfer Mornsette 

Donia Morrison 

Kandace Morrison 

Jenv Morle' 

Chns Mosbacli 

Amy Moyer 

Mark Mucha 

Mano Murphy 

Ian Murray 

Curtis Myers 

Diana Myers 

Matt Myers 

John Nagle 

Sharon Nahum 

Chnsta Savacool 

Randy Neil 

Dana Nelson 

Jonathan Nichols 

Emerson Nolan 

Oarrell Nommack 

Ann Norman 

Sean O'Donneil 

David Oliver 

Susan OPrandy 

Tara Prandy 

Lyssa Orchid 

Chris Osborne 

Chad Parson 

James Pasicov 

Lisa Patterson 

Paul Patterson 

Elias Paulson 

Joe Pavey 

Carol Pekarsky 

Vanessa Perez Jl. 

Titlany Perrault 

Dennis Perry 

Jim Perry 

Mark Person 

K ^ ,f>^ j^- , ^ -. 

Bobby Ratclitte 

Clitl Rayhall 

The Wild Pair shoe store offers Courtney Wilson and Kim 
Russell some interesting fashion concepts 

^9 O R£$f/M£A/ oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

At the Mall 

Freshmen Off Duty 

On any given afternoon or Saturday, 
you could find freshmen checking out 
the local malls. At the Limited, a popular 
store filled with the latest fashions, quite 
often there were clothes — hungry girls. 
Angle BonDurant commented, "The 
Limited is one of my favorite stores. I 
love all of their clothes!." 

At Aladdin's Castle, you'd find ninth- 
graders vying for spots at popular 

A pair of black boots makes an unusual fashion 
statement for Emily Becker. 

A new suivival kit is wfiat Amy Meyer needs for the 
bare essentials. 

games such as Gauntlet or Pole Posi- 
tion, or maybe watching videos. They 
were also in force in the restaurant 
areas, munching on a Big fVlac or maybe 
a slice of pizza. "It's amazing. I spend 
most of my money on clothes and 
food," said Kristin Rohdenburg. 

Why spend so much time at the mall? 
"Because it's fun, " said Kim 
VanValkenburgh, "It gives us a place to 
hang around. In the summer, it's the 
beach; in the winter, it's the mall." 

So whether shopping, snacking, or 
just hanging around, freshmen were 
never at a loss for something to do at the 

Thomas Reed 
Dayne Reid 
Kim Reid 
Nicole Rothofi 
David Reyburn 
Eric Rice 
Maureen Rich 
Mike Richardson 
JoAnne RicKard 

Mark Ridge 
Royce Rieve 
Laura Rieves 
Robie Robins 
Chris Robinson 
Monica Robles 
Mike Roetker 
Kristin Rohdenburg 
Marrie Rose 


Kim Saunders 
Margaret Saunders 
David Savino 
Scott Schellhammer 
Amie Schiet 
Amie Schwartz 
Kenny Schwartz 
Tabitha Scott 
Thomas Scott 


Kyllie Spencer 

Matt Sprague 

Mark Spruill 

Tara Staehle 

Melinda Slafford 

Shannon Stafford 

Tom Stafford 

Jason Stamer 

Jerry Stanchine 

John Starting 

Jaime Stedman 

Stacy Steder 

Karen Stevens 

Ginger Stivers 

Sonya Strahan 

Jennifer Stratman 

JoAnn Strazzullo 

John Strazzullo 

Stacey Sullivan 

Diana Svede 

John Swanson 

Seth Sweetser 

Scott Symons 

April Talbot 

Debby Tartoni 

Galit TaUy 

Skip Templelon 

Cyndi Thomas 

Erin Thomas 

Tim Thomas 

Shannon Thompson 

Jeff Tippen 

Kelly Tolbert 

Bree Tolerton 

Micheal Tomasetti 

Vikki Vanderwerken 

Eric Vanlderstine 

Bobby Vansten 

Kim VanValkenburgh 

Gearge Vassilakis 

Christian Velde 

Jennifer Venable 

Valerie VonCanon 

Laura Vore 


f ^' fl ^ f 


Wyndc Watson 
Jalene Watts 

At Greak necks soccer practice, Kim 
Stiorter strives tor a goal 

100 O FKESHI^SN ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

Paul Whittield 
Kim Wilkie 
Chris Williams 
Michelle Williams 
Chris Wilson 
Courtney Wilson 
Allen Windrow 
Jimmy Winstead 
Sebastian Wise 

Chris Withers 
Judy Wong 
Mark Woodard 
Dionne Wright 
Heather Wright 
Tanya Yates 
Mike Zarn 
Matt Zatoul 
Laura Zawacky 


reshmen on the Sports Scene 

A Great Neck uniform at Cox? Yes, 

's true. Though the majority of 

eshmen athletes play for Great 

eck, Lynnhaven, or Independence, 

ere are a few exceptions. The 

'"innis team profited greatly from the 

) 'fforts put out by Susie Kawecki and 

yssa Orchid. Three of the top seven 

' lembers of the cross-country team 

ere ninth-graders: John Allen, 

Craig Mathews, and Sean McCor- 
mick. These exceptional athletes 
were only but a few who played for 

The majority of talented athletes 
decided to play on their junior high 
teams where they would be counted 
among the top. Jennifer Venable, a 
halfback on Independence's field 
hokey team was quoted as saying, "I 

really enjoyed playing for Indepen- 
dence. It kept my Eagle spirit alive at 

We would like to thank those 
freshmen, who, without them, their 
junior high teams would be lost. 
Their contributions should not go un- 
noticed. Great job, guys! 


fmnHSM O 101 

Under the 
Influence • . 

of Our Administration 

Did Dr. Karlen in a cheerleader's 
uniform nnake us sit up and take 
notice? "It was absolutely hysteri- 
cal. I couldn't believe it was atually 
her! " said junior Jenn Taylor. Our 
administration had a positive influ- 
ence on our everyday lives, from 

seeing Mrs. Waters at a football 
game, to catching a glimpse of Dr. 
Karlen with her pompoms. Our 
principals supported us in every- 
thing we did, from standing on the 
sidelines in the rain at soccer 
games, to greeting students in the 

halls at the starl of each day. 

Celebrating her birthday at school. Mrs. 
Lottie B Waters proudly displays her birth- 
day corsage 

The most spirited administrator, Dr Burlet 
ine Karlen cheers, on the students during thi 
class relay races at the Homecoming pep] 



102 O FfiCULIY oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


At the city-wide convocation in September, 
outgoing school Superintendent Dr. E.E. 
Brickell pauses to greet PfA pitbident. Mrs. 
Ginny James 

Lending a hand, Mrs Ginny James introduced 
one of the mothers to Mrs. Lottie B. Waters at 

Or Burletine Karlen 
Assistant principal 

Mr. Phillip Williams 
Assistant Principal 

Mr Micfiael W. Porter 
Assistant Principal 

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ffiCULiy O 10Z 

During the Homecoming pep rally, 
Coaches Hank Armstrong, Nancy 
Fowlkes and Glenn La Ferriere and 
players John Dustin, Al Novoa. 
Chris Pierson, Keith Hinson and 
David Brazer await the introduction 
of the football team. 

Willis Alexander 

Kathleen Angle 

Judy Bandy 

Larry Becker 

Rona Berk 

Margaret Beckner 

William Boyll 

Mary Anne Bray 

Alan Brown 

Lynne Carson 

Tom Copley 

Bob Cotter 

Nancy Crocker 

Vesta Cruser 

Pam Cummings 

Daphne Curlis 

Mary Darden 

Linda Davis 

Martha Davis 

Geraldine Deihl 

Rebecca Depaolis 

Susan Downie 

Elizabeth Duvall 

Amelia Fermil 

Tom Fisher 

Nancy Folkes 

Sue Frost 

Ginny Gardner 

James Garrett 

Laura Godfrey 

William Gutermuth 

Bridget Hampson 

Judy Harris 

Theresa Hams 

Ann Hawonh 

Pam Hodqkiss 

Deborah Holland 

Stuart Holland 

Leon Hoots 

Mary Hopkins 








In and Out of Class, 

Teacher Spirit Shines Through 

Miss Terry Sawyer in a clown 
Jit? Coach Gary Hartranaft as a 
-easer from the fifties? Of course! 
lat's what teacher spirit was all 

Whether you knew it or not, 
:acher pride extended beyond the 
assroom walls. Why else would 
liss Beckey Depaolis and Mr. Syl- 
9ster Smith have spent their Friday 
ights collecting tickets at football 
ames? What else would prompt 
jrs. Margaret Beckner to spend a 
'eekend at a VHSL yearbook con- 

This same pride was evident as 

Mrs. Kim Hux kept her usual seat 
behind the girls' basketball team, 
and Dr. Kathleen Angle was always 
on the fringe of an activity snapping 

So don't wonder why Mr. Leon 
Hoots had on a pair of white plat- 
form shoes a la Pee Wee Herman, or 
question why Ms. Laura Godfrey 
was looking a lot like June Cleaver. 
It's just their Falcon Pride showing 

On Fifties Day, a slick Mr. Gary Hartranft 
takes time to welcome Mr. Bob Cotter to the 

Janet Lahm 
Gary Leagan 
Jerry Long 

Theresa MacNamara 
Barbara Malla 
Joan Manuel 

■:oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo FfiCULJy O 70S 

;areer Day shows Ms. Terri Sawyer has a new career in entertainment in mind. Laurie Thomp- *, 

on's career involves taking a dive! ^ \ 

Joseph Marafino 

Lon Marcy 

Vince Marshall 

Don Martin 

Jeanene Martino 

Susan May 

Bizabeth McBnde 

Stuan McCausland 

Mary MercKer 

Bonnie MoHoy 

Deborah Moncol 

Debbie Mosher 

Jim Mullarney-Yano 

Jams Murphy 

Dorian Newiii 

Maria Oakes 

George Ontko 

Roberta Owens 

Jennie Pangle 

Bruce Platz 

Vance Reading 

Robert Rhode 

Gail RiHle 

Kalhenne Samtord 

Tern Sawyer 

Kay Scarborough 

Barbara Senter 

Jeff Shoat 

Sylvester Smith 

Tom Smith 

Bruce Stewart 

Ronald Stultz 

May Sutton 

Joel Trammell 

I - 

'Ok ,.i v-,^ U\\ 

After Hours,^ 

Sponsors Go the Distance- 

It wasn't the money and it wasn't 
the glory that kept them there along- 
side the students long atter quitting 
time. It was something much more 
important that made Mrs. Marilyn 
Wiley give up her afternoons and 
weekends to sponsor debate. "I 
love debate because for me it is a 
combination of exhilaration, ex- 
citement and challenge which 

results in a giant ego trip," said 
Mrs. Wiley. 

What prompted Mrs. Debbie Hol- 
land to sponsor SCA, "Student 
activities are an important part of a 
school and a student's life. They 
benefit so much in the areas of 
responsibility and leadership train- 
ing ' 

According to Mr. Larry Becker, 

"Imagine a German Club member 
savoring his last bite of Wieners- 
chnitzel that he ordered himself in 
German, the seniors hammering the 
last nail in their Homecoming float, 
or the graduates switching their 
tassels in unison at Commence- 
ment. These tiny moments of learn- 
ing and success make sponsoring 
the German Club and the senior 

class all worthwhile. 

Football Coaches Al Habit and Hank 
Armstrong discuss a play during the 
Kempsville game. 

Sponsor of the senior class. Mr Larry Becker exhibit 
his Idea o( the best strategy for selling tickets 

70^ O FfiCULJV oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (|o( 

Faign language sponsors. Mr Larry Becker, Mrs. Vesta Cruser, and Mrs Margaret Beckner discuss the 
pgress of the club floats 

Amelie Von Ludwig 
Michelle Walker 

Neola Waller 
Peggy Washington 


Veteran custodian Phyllis Chicken sandwich with a smile Bottom — M.J. Ballard, K. Had- 
Crumble pauses for a moment from Kay Haddock; over 5 million dock, W. Malery, D. Bea, 2nd — 
before tackling a day's work. served. C. Young, S. Halsey, K. Turpine 

Back — R. Crisher. L. Hoffman, 
M.Shaggs.R.Suber, P.Acord.N. 
Prellano. I. Hamkins. 

<oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ffiCULJy O 707 


Enioying themselves at the Latin Club holiday party, Tammy Tasheiko and Jennifer Blowing a bubble, Sarah Ashton helps Student Life editor Molly Whelahan witti a 
Lucas exchange presents. layout. 

Seniors Jon Oden and Alex Sadler prepare for the United Nations conference at 

French Club president Pat Baldwin shows off as he changes fof 
the Homecoming float. 

CLUKS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 



A/£xr Week V 

Under the clubs' um- 
brella was an array of 
groups varied enough 
to satisfy anyone's in- 
terests, and a place 
where any student, 
regardless of age or 
ability, could find a 
niche. Whatever the 
field, politics, the fine 
arts, service, career 
builders, or outright 
funseeking, the wide 
selection of clubs was 
there to provide an out- 
let. Clubs boasted large 
rosters and numerous 
activities for members 
who enjoyed a year of 
service, fund-raising, 
and just plain enjoy- 
ment as they partici- 
pated in Organized In- 

Walking billboard, Wendell "Wolf" Cosenza displays the 
meeting's theme. 


o o o o o o oo^Fo^'^o^oId ^'oo" o ooooooooooo oo CtUKS O 10^ 

Romancing the Good 


French and Latin Clubs Lead the Way! 

Let the good times roll! Boasting 
its largest membership ever, the 
French Club swung into action early 
on with an every member pizza 
dinner. Under the leadership of 
president, Pat Baldwin, the club 
kept Its homecoming tradition alive 
with a third place in the float 
competition. Service projects in- 
cluded a food basket at Thanksgiving 

and tutoring in French. "Nearest 
and dearest in my heart is our 
project AGAPE which supports a vill- 
age school in Haiti," said co- 
sponsor Mrs. Margaret Beckner 
"because it involves gifts other than 
money. " The club also took part in a 
scavenger hunt and dined out at Le 
Charlieu for a taste of haute cuisine. 
The year was capped off with a spring 

visit to Busch Gardens. 

One of the most active language 
clubs is the Latin Club. From the 
state convention in the fall to 
Certamen in the spring, club 
members occupied themselves with 
a diversity of activities. To raise 
money, 1,000 decorative candles 
were sold and some of the proceeds 
went to Toys for Tots. The Latin Club 

also assembled a food basket at] 
Thanksgiving. On the lighter side 
there was a Christmas party to ring 
in the holidays and preparations fori 
State Latin Convention competitions 
in arts and crafts, literature andf 

F rench Club opened the year with a successful 
all-member piz/a parly 

Many Latin Club members enjoyed the Christ- 
mas party at Megan Mitchell's house 

110 O CLUKS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolc 


ring the Latin Convention, Kim King and 
landy Davis prepare for the Latin exam. 

French Club member Kristi Anderson waits 
for her next order to help on the float 


Front Row P Baldwin, S Schoenbach. J Epstein. C Brassil. M Roetker. R Rieve, B Tolerton. S Slaven. S 
Bullen L Hark, J Frey. K. Cooke, M Ingram. J Krall, K Broyles. K Stierlock. K Wilcox 2nd Row G Stiields, C 
Morrissey J Lewis L Grubbs, A Agee, A Freed, N Ayat. S Nelson. L Cuttee, M Cianfrani, J Ryson, C Cefalu, 
B Neal K Senter K Johnson 3rd Row A Miller. D Jeroy. W Waldron.D Powers. S Hesbol. T Kim. M 
Flowers C Monger C Baldwin. M Turner. D Mavette. M Dean, S MacDonald. K Bivins 4th Row J Horton,D 
Adams K Mewborn. S Brass. T Pierce. S. Kent. C McCallum. K. Cebrowski. L Mazach. M Valerio, D Fulkerson. 
S Gish K Colehamer 5th Row: M Mayette.J Field. K Nelson, MWhelehan. P Doyle. R Hudson. W Dasher. T 
White. J Brunges. C. Poe, C Person. J Cormier 6th Row: S Guliani. B Hale. C Hall. A Gostel. L. Johnson, K 
Hazelgrove, A Ghoreishian, J Hoftman. G Compo, D Sprouse, D Weber. 

Latin Students Charlie Cho and Scott Eun take time out of their busy schedules to eat. 

Front Row: J. LoschI, T. Tashelko. M Mitchell. J. Lucas, K. King. S Eun, L ZaAacky, K Jordan. C Oleiar. J. 
Damron, V White, C Bano, A, McCall. J Parker, K. Coll. L Warren, C. Blankenship, L Short. S Sheridan. H, 
Christian A Kim C. Byrne, K. Ellis, T Bohlke. P. Damuth. K Slough, K Haynie, D Schnitt. W, David. J Fike. D, 
Mickelson 3rd Row K Spencer. L Greber, K Allis,A Medlin, D Chiaise, M Frasher, M Wardzinski, N Kemp,H. 
Beckwith K Marsh. J Amhold. S, Runnells, D Kindred, J. Mariott, C Hanzl. J Boswell, T, McLeod. C Clark. 4th 
Row K Ellis M Valerio J. Miele. J Walsh. H Highes, J Dobson, S Pruden, C Kaweckl, S Morrison, M 
Brenner A Windrow S Raynes, S Lehman, S. Brown. K. Morrison. C, Minkowski 5th Row M Foley, T. Lewis. 
A Bentti P Mclntire P Marshall, C Marshall. J Rogers. G Taylor. N. Taylor. T Shank, S Russell, D. Bain, M 
Gwin J Holl D Reid 6th Row J Stantield. C Cho. 0. Wilbncht, S Gardner, T Wilson, S Davenport. D Miele. 
W Barrineau, K Shea, L. Farane, T Stephens. P Jacobi, D. Edwards. 7th Row: W. Lindsay. Z Marston. C. Gamer. 


))000000000000000000000000000000000 CLU3S O 111 

A Cultural Experience 

Spanish and German Club 

The Spanish and German clubs 
have enjoyed a successful and 
funfilled year. Throughout the past 
year, the Spanish Club has been 
sponsoring a child from Mexico, 
while also lending a hand to the 
needy people close to home by 
providing them with food baskets at 
Thanksgiving and Christmas. Along 
with president Becky Starbuck, vice 
president Jen Acosta, treasurer 
Mike Speckhart, secretary LeAnn 
Neuberl, and historian Henry Baker, 
the club went to many of the area's 
Spanish restaurants for dinner 

meetings. The high point of the year 
was Foreign Language Week, held in 
March, which gave everyone the 
chance for fun and a little friendly 
competition. In the spring, the 
Spanish Club went to Busch 
Gardens and ended the year on yet 
another high note. 

The German Club had a busy 
year. In September, members took 
a trip to Das Waldcafe restaurant in 
Newport News. October brought the 
building of the Homecoming float, 
which was based on their award- 
winning float from 1984. The 

second trip to Das Waldcafe came in 
November and was a great success. 
Members held a Christmas party for 
patients at the Medi-center in 
December, and sang Christmas 
carols in German. They served hot 
cider, and later sang along with the 
patients. A Christmas party was also 
held after school, which included 
games and cake. January and 
February brought a Foreign Lan- 
guage tee-shirt design contest. 
Designs were submitted from the 
whole school. Tee-shirts went on 
sale before March so they could be 

worn during Foreign Language 
Week. March brought participatior 
for members in the Foreign Lanj 
guage Festival at Green Run Highl 
April was busy with a trip to Buscfl 
Gardens and several lucky clutl 
members were able to take a trip tc| 
Germany, Austria, and Switzerlanc 
to experience foreign culture. 

Spanish Club vice-president Jen Acosta. and I 
other Spanish Club menfibers await the' 
jdge's decision. 

The German Club based their float on the 1 984 
award-winning float. 

112 O CLUES oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 

Spanish Club members help out on the Homecoming float. 


oanish Club float riders wait to be pulled German Club member Christian Von- 
lound the track. Schmidt-Pauli anxiously awaits. 


Front Row: K Marella, S Stetter, M. Shuman. R. McGinness, N, Ehrenzeller. R Holik, M. Ingram, B. Ratcllffe, M. 
Glass 2nd Row M Edmondson. K VanValkenburgh, K Rohdenburg, V Bommer. A Dozier. C Lucas, C Con- 
over, J Kuhlmann, R Barton 3rd row K Curry, J Starling, J Russell. D Gibbs. S Summerlin, J Zinas. S 
McCausland, S Ray1ield,A Moore, W Seay 4th Row; K McDonough,T Davis, J, Hilgers, J Cowell, A Donald- 
son, C, Undertiill, J Schultz,S Moore, J Mucha, CVonSchmidt-Pauli, P Grant. 5th i^ow; J Scotield, T Tabor, 
G Kapos, B Jorgensen, M. Savacool 


Front Row: B. Starbuck. L. Neubert, H, Baker, A, Shirk, K Shorter, P Rainbolt. M. Dockter, T Brothers, J.Zook, K. 
Wilkie, M, Hunt 2nd Row: A Novoa, K Burnett, A Brooks, J Marits, S Dunphay, J Nelson, J Kokoska, A 
Turner, E. Leary, A Terlizzi, H Miller, B. Bryant 3rd Row: K Johnson, M Highton. K Steinkamp,C Wombolt, N. 
Crally, 0, Catlett, K Edwards, L Crutchfield, J Carroll, E Wilson, L. Marr 4th Row: A Josephson, K Johnson, S. 
Clark, S Pavey, M. Summerlin, R Robins, T Rich, K, Brown, C Mornssey, V. Ruiz 5th Row: T Bohike, L, 
Bolgiano, A Walsh, K Schreckengaust, K Regula, C Smith, K. Fay, K. Economidis. 6th Row K. Robins. A 
Kellam, M Bowen, G, Keefer, J. Gates, M Wargo 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLUKS O 773 

It's Not Just A Club 

It s An Adventure! 

DECA and the Industrial Arts Club 
both had a productive year. As well 
as meetings and club activities, 
these clubs helped students to find 
jobs and learn skills for later in their 

This year DECA opened with a 
huge banana split. Numerous 
members came to help build it with 

all the trimmings. In December, 
DECA held tryouts for its fourth 
annual fashion show. This show had 
models who are students at Cox and 
features clothes from many Virginia 
Beach stores. The Fashion Show, 
held in the spring, was a great 
success once again. 
The Industrial Arts Club slowly 

grew and became more active. This 
year they were involved in the ' 'Toys 
for Tots" program. The ninth grade 
construction classes built wooden 
bears for the needy. The tenth, elev- 
enth, and twelfth graders did 
preventive maintenance for cars to 
earn more money for the club. 
Members also cleaned track equip- 

ment for a school project. Officei 
this year were presidents Mar 
Momando and Kevin Reed, vic( 
president John Coates, treasure 
Tom Legros, secretary Chris Smok 
and sergeant of arms David Perry 

DECA member Kevm Bremer helps adi 
whipped cream to the sundae. 

11^ O CLUKS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


An Industrial Art club member works hard on a project 

ECA member J.J. Moore works at TCBY. An Industrial Arts club memoer works on a 

moped engine. 



Front Row: C. Aymond. M Serrano. C Hewitt. L Barnes. R Schmidt. C Welbom. T Hendnck. H Johnson. D 
Chilcott.S. Chilcotl 2nd Row T Godwin. K Bremer. L Goodall, A Rees. K StaWord.R Rieve.M Edmondson.M 
Perez. C McKuen. G Yates. G Vincent H Bryan 3rd Row P Marshall. S Ntarmon. 8 Brown. T Taylor. S 
Myers K Gegner. M Streeter. K Williams. J Schlutz R Lyon. B Loomis 4tti Row J Herbert G Pacheo. S 
Rot)erts. G ^ay. N Ala, Washburn. C Brumfield. R Joiner M Galgon S Levinge 5th Row M Powell. H 
Decker. K Walker. J Walsh. M Turner. J Pohl. A Martin. K Keeter C Lloyd. C Long. S Tamayo 5th Row: V 
Courson, J Ellison, L Edwards. G Maraia, B Watson. K Momssey. D Ferguson. M Maroon. K France 7th Row 
J Fox. K Crowder. K Barco. M Lewis. T Johnson. B. Jorgensen. S Jalaly. P Tomlinson. T Collins 8th Row: T 
Hannan.M Rodriguez. K Phelps. H Fountain. K Kraft. R Jennings. P Ponskara. J Hoffman 9th Row D Young. 
J Smith, A Scott. C Allan. R Taylor, M Setford. Easter 

T Greenough. D Perry, T Legros. J. Scruggs. J Gates. D Clarit, Maghcco. L Hill. 
Sponsor. G Killough. 

Industrial Arts 


ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLU^S O 77S 

Hot Off the Press 

Falcon Press and Wingspan 

The past year has been a busy 
one for Cox's publications. Falcon 
Press, the newspaper, attended, 
along with Dr. Kathleen Angle, a 
workshop in Athens, Ohio at Ohio 
State University. From there the 
momentum picked up and never 
slowed as the staff participated in 
two more workshops in Virginia 
Beach. The reporters did not miss a 
beat as they covered sports, 
current events of local national in- 
terest and social issues such as 

Drunk Driving. This extensive 
coverage enabled them to win first 
place awards at the Virginia High 
School League and Columbia 
Scholastic Press Association Pub- 
lications Division Workshop. 

The Fine Arts Publication, 
Wingspan, also attended work- 
shops held at Virginia Wesleyan 
College. Co-Editors Torri Brown 
and Karen Roullet oversaw a staff 
whose activities ranged from 
fundraising to a layout and design 

of the magazine. To pay for the cost 
of printing, the staff held bake sales 
after school and sold Christmas 
ornaments and memo-boards. 
Christmas also saw the staff playing 
Santa's helpers for elementary 
school students as they answered 
letters from the children to Santa. 
The spring months were the busiest 
as Wingspan stutters read, edited, 
and revised poetry and prose for the 
magazine. The finished product 
was available for purchase in May. 

Playing Santa tor a day, Bitsy Frost answers 
a Christmas request 

1% O CLUES 000000000000000000000000000000000(|3( 

I imbers of the Falcon Press eaf before a busy 
immer Convention day. 

Spreading Christmas cheer, Tori Brown and 
Karen Roullet make Candy-Grams 


Front Row D Wnahl M Richardson, S Dunphey, D Schlosser, M Shon, L Doran, M McCuislon 2nd Row V Dommer. 
K Haselman D Gabor. A Shirk. T Sale, C Strickland. J Zook, T Brown 3rd Row R Johnson, J Miele, L Greber, L 
Overton. 8 Frost, J. Brunges. J Cormier. C Mayhall. Mrs 8 Oownie 4th Row: J Bergstrom, J, Pierce, K, McDonough. A 
White, S Petersen. S Branagan. K Logan. K Schreckengaust. 

'epanng Christmas letters for mailing, the Wingspan member Scott Peterson promises 
i I'ingspan staff rolls letters. gifts to a child from Santa. 

Front Row K Stroud V Violette. K Senter. E Fosina.S Dawson, C Strickland 2nd Row: T. Brown. S. Gish. L Bolgiano, C 
Davis C Kroboth A Becker. T Blanchard 3rd Row M Tarpey. C Heidt. E Ramos. J Darden. T. Gottal. T. Vrooman, J 
Check. Dr. Kathleen Angle. 4th Row S Fuller. A Deems. D Gibbs. B O'Neill. S Bruggemann. D Fulkerson. G Calkins. J 
Grooters. L, Williams 

Falcon Press 

(ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLWK O 777 

Guidance helper Suzanne Hesibol sorts 
through materials for Mrs Diehl 

In the library. Gina Pacheco spends her time 
studying and writing names. 

11i O Ctl/K ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo<(: 

f V)rking in the office can be an exciting and Office helper Tammy Weniger sorts through 
I !J-prising )ob for Laura Hawley. memos for students 

Administrative Helpers 

Always on the Run 

Helpers, take your message, get 
it, go! And so they did, running 

rands for this teacher or that 
icretary. Why the school would 
ost certainly stop without the 

Office helpers traveled to the four 
)rners of the school for the 
iicretaries, teachers, parents, and 
lost importantly Mrs. Waters, Dr. 
arlen, Mr. Porter, and Mr. 
I'illiams. Office helpers worked 
ght along side with the clinic 
;lpers, collecting attendance cards 
id helping injured students up and 
)wn the stairs. 

Library helpers made sure that 

everyone who entered the library 
signed in and all who left signed out. 
Another vital part of the Library 
helpers' association were the Audio- 
Visual helpers. Without these spe- 
cialized aides, who assisted the 
librarians, teachers would not have 
been able to get the necessary 
equipment, such as VCRs or slide 
projectors with which they taught 
their classes. 

Yes, once again, helpers were es- 
sential to the sanity of the school. 
Without them, the workload for 
faculty and other staff would have 
been much heavier. 

Guidance: Front Row C Krobolh, M Turner. K Keefer. K Malloy 2n(] How S Hesbol. Mrs Oiehl. K Senter 

Clinic: Front Row: L Pierce. W Spears. K Yeatts. J Kutilmann 2nd Row: J Walker, E Thomas 

Office: Front Row: K Smith. T Weniger. C Gaylor, T Garrett, L Hawley 2nd Row P. Collins, P. Fleming, S Clark, 
R. Windmlller 

Library: Front Row: A Hoeverman, Mosman, H Thompson, K, Moser, M. Richardson. M, Schon 2nd Row G 
Pacheco,D. Dangoeman.T. Pitts, D Estes, M Frasher, T Chambers, V Hartley. 3rdRow: J Dustin, W, LaBore. J 
Branche, C. Amos, N. Balovich, M Brown, D Millner 

ISS: T, Baily. 

:ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLUES O 777 

Spirit Soars Like a Falcon 

Coquettes and Pep Club 

The spirit was better than ever. 
The students joined with the Pep 
Club and the Coquettes to make the 
most spirited year yet! 

The Coquettes started a year of 
rebuilding a tattered image. The 
beginning was try-outs. With only 
six girls returning, there was little 
hope of a good squad; but after two 
summercamps, one at James Madi- 
son University and the other at 
Donna Wilkin's School of Dance, the 
Coquettes started a long uphill 


They obtained a choreographer. 
Donna Wilkins. Mrs. Wilkins helped 
in their performances and behind 
the scenes with helpful suggestions 
like new performing uniforms to 
help change their image. 

The first test for the girls was 
orientation. They had all worked 
very hard in preparation for the 
event, but they were nervous. This 
was a group of people who had 
never heard of or seen the 

Coquettes. Also, there were people 
who had been at Cox for two or three 
years, and they expected to see the 
usual routine. They all received a 
shock. One person said he couldn't 
believe it; the Coquettes were all 

The Pep Club, under sponsor Mr. 
LaBarbera, had an enthusiastic 
year. As a new club, they 
progressed well. There was a large 
membership. The officers were 
president Kathy Slough, vice- 

president Danielle Mayette, second 
vice Alison Miller, Historian Kim 
Senter, and treasurer Jenny Abbott. 
Though it had a late start, the club 
was busy. The members sold green 
and gold Cox pennants in January, 
which were a big success. 
Throughout the year, members 
could be seen and especially heard 
at various sporl events. 


Though Ihey were nervous, the Coquettes 
gave a stunning perlormance at the opening 
pep rally 

Pep Club vice-president Danielle Mayette in- 
troduces ideas for new fund-raisers 

120 O CLUKS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo<i( 

e Coquettes show their enthusiasm and Spirit shines through in the Coquettes' 
: rit at the Christmas pep rally. rhythm at the Homecoming pep rally. 


Front Row K Slough. D Mayette. A. Miller, K Senter. J Abbate. R Rieve. J Damron. R Roberson. D Poslusny. 
L Thompson C. Bano. M Docktor, T. Brothers 2nd Row K Miller. V White. N Ayat S Nelson. H Johnson. 
Cover A Freed K Zenarolla. A Brooks. A Whitfield. S Criswell. J Gams 3rd Row B Digeronimo.A Terliz7i,K 
Coll.D Vann.C Runnells, J Arnhold. K Marsh. M Valerio. M Dean.T LaBarbera 4th Row M Edmundson, P 
Baldwin, CCetalu.K Fosina.A Josephson.K Johnson, B Bryant, K Grover. B Frost 5th Row S MacDonald.R 
Fuma K Ellis. S. Gish. H Waterman, L Crutchlield. C Collier, C Morrissey. M Turner. M Frasher.W Seay 6th 
RowJ Rickard,J Hutchens. A Moore, C Smith, D Hobbs, M Bell. C Mazach. K Cebrowski.A Woodard 7th 
Row: K Anderson. M. Mayette. J Lucas, T Tiedeman, J Grooters, A Riddick, A Moore, S Miller. M Wargo. S, 

Front Row: S. MacDonald, 2nd Row: R Rieve. V White 3rd Row: S Watson. M Dean. M Edmondson. B. Frost 
4th Row: K. Ellis, S Gish, A Bloxsom, C Wargo 5th Row: S. Nelson. L Crutchfield. H Waterman. L Overton 


Coquettes Alison Bloxsom and Melissa Edmundson relax atter a performance. 

(ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLUES O 121 

Reaching for Physical 

Volleyball and Science Clubs are Where It's at! 

What could holiday helium 
balloons, mosquito control, hospi- 
tal volunteers, and X-Rays possibly 
have had in common? You could 
have asked any science club 
member and the answer was simple 
. . . Science Club! 

President Kelli Malloy oversaw a 
number of activities as diverse in 
nature as the many areas of science 
itself. The Club took several field 
trips to local areas pertaining to the 
study of science, such as a visit to 
the Virginia Science Museum in 
Richmond and the Marine Science 
Museum in Virginia Beach. They 
also took a tour of the Non-Invasive 
Diagnostic Areas at Virginia Beach 
General Hospital, where pieces of 
equipment like Cat-Scans, Sonars 
and X-Rays were explained to the 


On the lighter side, there was a 
canoe trip in the Virginia water- 
ways, a pool party, and a fundraiser 
which sold helium balloons at 
Christmas to students. 

"The club's objective is to ex- 
pose members to various areas of 
science through speakers and field 
trips. I also gain something from 
each activity. It opens doors to me 
in aspects of science," stated Mr. 
Stuart McCauseland, sponsor. 
"Besides I love doing all of those 
neat things!" 

Among the newest additions to 
Falcon Country is the Volleyball 
Club. The club served as a means to 
involve students in both fellowship 
and sports. Under the leadership of 
sponsor. Miss Terri Sawyer, the 

co-ed group held meetings twice 
weekly to practice and improve 
their playing skills. 

President Jerri Friedsam, a 
player for five years, began the club 
as a means to continue her play. 
According to Friedsam, the sport 
must first begin as a club before 
being made a competitive sport in 
Beach schools. "We really need to 
make volleyball a sport where we 
can compete with other schools," 
Friedsam said. 

The core of twelve to fifteen club 
members had shrunk since it's start 
from a beginning membership of 
around fifty people. But according 
to Friedsam, as the sport's popular- 
ity grew, so might the club's mem- 
bership. "Everybody should come 
out and play! " 

722 O CLU^S ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 

The vice-president of the Science Club, IVIike At volleyball practice, Ms. Saw/yer shows her 
Stallings, jokes around while giving his report. stuff. 

Science Club members sit attentively through one of their meeting. 
Volleyball club members practice tor interclub matches. 


Front Row T. Kim, A, Kim, N. Ayat, J. Pennington. M, Savacool, A Danz, M Stallings, K, Malloy. 2nd Row: S. 
Peterson, G. Compo, M, Sutton. R Harrington, D Reyburn, D Brown. W, Davis, R McGinness, 

Front Row A Ison, A Novoa. J Graham. N, Ayat. B. Ratclitt, L. Gray. R Anderson. J, Friedsam 2nd Row: K. 
Kratzer, M Covaney. J Sykes, M, Bowen. J Brunges, H Raffenspurger, E Hoden, J Collins. C. Wiley 


(ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLU^S O 723 

In Perfect 

Band and Flag Team 


The Cox High Virginia Stars have 
had a very successful marching sea- 
son under the superior leadership of 
their new director. Mr. Bob Cotter. 
They were awarded second place in 
the Neptune Festival Parade, third 
place at the Bayside High School 
Band Competition, and an excellent 
rating at the Virginia State Band Fes- 

tival. They also won recognition in 
the categories of Best Drum Major 
and Best Drum Line. At the Tidewa- 
ter Band Festival Competition the 
band placed well in the finals. They 
have improved greatly and are still a 
tradition of excellence at Cox High. 
The Flag Team under the leader- 
ship of captain, Tracy Davis, has 

been an integral part of the marching 
band. They remained in perfect step 
under the choreography of Becky 
Oglesby who also helped to instruct 
the Flag Team along with Barbara El- 
liott. Mrs. Cotter, the adult instruc- 
tor, was also on hand to help with 
instruction. The team's routines 
visually complemented the band's 

music. Since many members of the 
team did not take band during the 
day, they often attended extra prac-i 
tices in addition to rehearsals witfl 
the band. 

The award-winning drum line from the Co) 
High Virginia Stars show their rhythm. 


The 1986-1987 Cox High Virginia Stars are in perfect formation 

The flag team made the Homecoming procession more special for iVleg Dobson. 
he brass section ot our marching band keeps in perfect formation and rhythm on the field 

Flag team members devote many hours to practice the numerous routines. 

(ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLUBS O 72S 


Vice-president, Marc Mayette leads an ICC. Meeting. 

Plans and Judge 

Two integral parts of our political 
system at Cox are the I.C.C. and the 
Executive Council. The Executive 
Council deals with special school 
activities such as dances, elections 
and student teacher relations. The 
I.C.C. is made up of the Vice- 
Presidents of the various clubs at 
Cox. It is their job to approve or de- 

I.C.C. and Executive Council 

dine any activities or projects that are 
proposed by the clubs. 

The Executive Council swung into 
action early by overseeing the elec- 
tion of Freshman officers and did not 
stop until June. The Dance Commit- 
tee, headed by Ronnie Shank and 
Kim Brown planned the Homecoming 
and Winter Dances. We were enter- 

tained at the Winter Dance by th 
Ravens! The Student Teacher Rela 
tions Representative, Jennifer Koss 
planned the Secret Santa project an 
a reception for the teachers whic 
were both great successes. 

All in all both the I.C.C. and the Ex 
ecutive Council made life at Cox beti 
ter for everyone. 

City-wide SCA is a chance (or Molly Whelahan, Audrey Hernandez and Jenni- 
fer Lucas to share a few laughs. 

72^ O CLUES ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

At an Executive Council meeting, Caddy Wood, listens attentively to ttie speaker 

aking notes at an Executive Council meeting are Alec Marshall, Denise Hobbs, and Ton Brown. 


Front Row: G Super. M Valeno, A Medlin. S Cameron. S. Raynes. S, Ashlon. A Hill, K Slough. Hobbs, A 
Norman 2nd Row A Hernandez. B Elliot. J. Koss. D Mayette, D. Vann. M Tavares, K Wilcox. S Miles. L Doran 
3rd Row: J Lucas. A Bloxsom. M Dobson. K Brooke. N MacEachern. R Brown, T Kim L Kelley. A, Hanwit. B 
OiGeronimo 4th Row: J Jansen. K Kratzer. A. Parb, K Brown. K Crowder. A Marshall. T Tasheiko, G. Clark, C. 
Lindauer 5th Row: J Loschi. M Speckhart. K Curry. J Fox. R Shank. B Lemburg. J Slaufter. 

cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLUES O IZJ 

Lights! Camera! Action! 

Entertainment at Cox! 

The entertainment section this 
year has been organized and has 
pleased everyone. The spring play 
by our Thespians was "Dark of the 
Moon," Our fall play, "The Man 
Who Came to Dinner," was a great 

success and received an en- 
thusiastic response from the 
student body. 

The Madrigals, our select chorus, 
delivered a magnificent perform- 
ance at the band and choir program. 

As well as this concert, Madrigals 
have performed at Norfolk General 
Hospital, the Diamond Club at Met 
Park and at various P.T.A. meet- 
Altogether our choral and acting 

groups have shown their organiza- 
tion and their want to please the 
student body. 

During a Madrigal practice Amy Riddick, 
Shelby Lehman and Jerri Edwards sing their 
latest music. 

Thespian Amy Riddick gets plastered by Mi 

129 O CLUES ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


Ing "The Man Who Came to Dinner, " Larry 
Bles complains to James Dow. 

During their morning class, the Madrigals warm up their voices. 


Front Row: M Kent. R, Clark, S. Lehman, C Cetalu 2nd Row: D Freeman. J Ames. A Riddick 3rd Row M 
Oobson, A Novoa, R, Floras, J. Edwards 4th Row: L. Rickard, L Drye, M, Jackson, T Davis 


Front Row: S. Molin, W. Spears, C. Thomas, C. Sike, S. Green. L. Hammer. R Alexander, 2nd Row: J. Ames, T. 
McCollum, J. Grooters. T Chambers. L. Wheellus, A. Bloxsom, D, Vann. T, McCollum. 

Mixed Chorus 

Front Row M Tarpey, B Frost. M. Turner, L. Overton, K. Cooke, E. Halfon, J. Sullivan, A. Agee. 6. Matthews, A. 
Filer S Dawson, M, Dobson. 2nd Row: V Vann, C. Brassil, C Morrissey. J Grooters. K Moser. R. Stroey. R. 
Flores L Baynes. 3rd Row: J Hadfield. D. Sharpe. J. Coggin. A. Bloxsom. C. Kane. C Underbill. A Novoa, K. 
Johnson. 4th Row: J, Ames. G. Compo. K. Regula, L. Williams, S, March, A Riddick, C Abbate, M Jackson, G, 
Nahum, T McLeod. 


ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLUES O 12^ 

Service for the School 

Library Club, Video Club, and CMA 

The primary goal of the video club 
is not profit, but service. Club 
members were behind the cameras 
at sporting events, pep rallies, and 
also helped out with video equip- 
ment m the classroom. They were 
not organized as most clubs were 
with officers; rather they were es- 
tablished more along the lines of a 
publication, with an editor, assistant 
editor, etc. Among their produc- 
tions were a tape of Homecoming 
which was played during the Christ- 

mas season and ■Falcon Focus" 
which is a video news magazine 
featuring school life and other activi- 
ties. According to Mrs. Joan Manuel 
and Mrs. Mary Stuart Darden, who 
are the co-sponsors of the club, 
"We enjoy working with students 
who are interested in putting 
together a program on video tape. It 
is interesting as well as rewarding to 
watch their progression and en- 
thusiasm for the production take 

Along with promoting reading, 
the Library Club wanted to spread a 
little good cheer at Christmas. Tak- 
ing the money they earned from 
their doughnut sale, the club bought 
poinsettas to give to patients at the 
Shore Drive Rest Home. The objec- 
tives of the club were to encourage 
interest in the library as a profession 
and to honor the teachers during Na- 
tional Library Week. 

CMA developed awareness in the 
medical profession and related 

fields through field trips and othi 
activities pertaining to medicim 
Mrs. Elizabeth McBride, R.h 
oversaw the group as they visitf 
area hospitals and the University! 
Virginia, among other activitie: 
Said Mrs. McBride, "We're a fi 
group, but with a serious goal 

Video Club co-sponsors. Mrs. Mary Stu; 
Darden and Mrs. Joan Manuel prepare 
video camera 

CMA sponsor. Mrs McBride gets ready | 
another exciting day! 

Library Club members Stephanie Tatem 
Stephanie Cameron speak with sponsor M 

1Z0 O CLUES ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 

CA members attend the field trip to Video Clubbers Wayne LaBore and Corby 
Cirlottesville, VA. Amos show their expertise. 

CMA members Jerri Friedsam and Tammy McLeod ride in the Homecoming car. 

f » f 

Front row: S Kawacki. J Hadfield, K Troedson. S. Miles. A. White. T Tiedeman. C Kawecki 2nd Row: P Dumlao. 
J. Harrell. C Eaton, C Hall. J. Murphy, 


Front row J Walker, P Pascual, J, Friedsam, T. McLeod. 2nd Row E Thomas, L, Overton, B Johnson, D 
Schlosser, T. Watts, C, Olejar, B. Chrusceil, J, Pennington. 3rd Row: L. Greber. K Bruehl, A. Davis, K Spencer, A 
Kim. H. Beckwith, W. Spears, T. Kim. 4th Row: Mrs. McBride, M Savacool, C Abbate, J Harrell, A Ghoreishian, 
C. Cho. L. Johnson. C. Poe. 



Front Row: A. Hoeverman. M. Frasher, E. Wilson. T. Chambers. 2nd Row: S. Cameron. A. Ghoreishian. K. Smith, A. 


cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUMS O 1Z1 

Politicians of tlie Future 

The political ticket to be on is the 
Teen Age Republican's ticket, better 
known as TARS. Members ot TARS 
participate m projects which get 
students involved with the United 
States government. In the fall, TARS 
held a congressional election debate 
between Joe Canada, Owen Pickett, 
and Stephen Shao, to let students 
get a glimpse for themselves of who 
the best candidate for Congress 
was. TARS also sponsored speakers 
such as Delegate Bob Purkey and 
Congressman G. William White- 
hurst to come speak to the student 

Advancing in Leadership 

body. President Andrea Akers said 
"TARS was not just for Republican 
teen, but for anyone who wants the 
opportunity to know and learn more 
about the United States government 
and the people who run it." 

South Africa? Refugees? Star 
Wars? Ask any Model United Nation 
member about foreign relations and 
they will give you the details. 
Members of the Model UN formed 
committees like the committees of 
the real United Nations in New York, 
and discussed ways of resolving 
world issues. At their weekly meet- 

ings, the team prepared to attend 
conventions at Old Dominion and 
the University of Virginia. 

Knowing what to say and when to 
say it was the key to success if you 
were on the Debate team. Affirma- 
tive or negative, you must have 
organization, logic, and guts. The 
Debate team spent many an after- 
noon after school working on their 
cases for competition at the Tidewa- 
ter Debate League Convention. 

Literally speaking, the Forensics 
team competed in district, regional 
and state competitions, much in the 

same way as the Debate team dii 
With eye contact, and space "und 
control" attitude, and perfect timir 
as the essentials, a Forensics tea 
member concentrates on delivenr 
his state of the art speech, be 
prose, poetry, dramatic interpret 
tion, extemporaneous, original or 
tory, or spelling. Public speaking 
the name of the game and grat 
under pressure is the number or 

Debate speaker Jon Oden practices for t| 
next tournament. 

Model UN member Wendell Cosenza dresses 
in costume at a convention. 

Debater Scott Eun listens diligently at a meet- 

732 O CLUES ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo) 

[bate members Nicole Andrews and Lisa Model UN members sell Halloween 
(srton practice a speech for a tournament. pumpkins for a fall fundraiser. 

inior debaters Jon Oden and (\/like Davis dis- IVIodel UN and TARS sponsor Mrs. James 
liss a new topic. attends all the events. 

Model U.N. 

FronlRow J Staufler, C Cho.J Curry. M Dooley.S Eun.C Wilbricm.A Akers.L Haworlh 2nd Row E Becker 
A Dozier. C onover, J Acosta, K. Broyles, C Coleman. D Hobbs. S McElvein. C Oonato, J Ogline. L Kelley. 8 
Starbuck, 3rd Row L Harl. G Shields. T, Wilson. J. Burntt. C Sprouse. T Nuggel. B Welch. Y Jones 


'/ -^ -- , Lj^ 


Front Row: Mrs. James, A. Dozier. C, Conover. S Clark, K. Pellerin. S, Miles, D, Hobbs, M Hunt, A Akers 
President. 2nd Row: C. McCallum. G Shields, A, Norman. D, LaBore. T. Bohlke. A. Marshall Vice-Pres,. C 
Venable. J. Peckens. W. LaBore. 


Front Row: S. Burke. M. Davis, J. Oden 2nd Row. J Brunger. S Eun N Andrews. L Overton J. Cooper, R. 
McGinness. K Malloy. L. Hark 3rd Row: T Wilson. W. Cosenza, R Bergstrom, J. Harrell. B. Wentz 


Front Row: J, Harrell. J. Oden. G. Compo. B. Welch. 2nd Row: K, Malloy. S. Miles, M Dobson, J, Sullivan. A. 
Hernandez. B Elliott. A. Miller. A. McCall. 3rd Row: J. Caffrey. S. McCausland, J. Murphy, J. Cooper. R 
McGinness. D Jeroy. L Bolgiano. N G MacEachem. 

:ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLUKS O 1ZZ 

Working for the Future 


The students in FHA and FBLA are 
working for their futures. FHA 
members become prepared to enter 
the world of business. 

The FHA year began in the 
summer of 1986. Anne Pasley and 
sponsor Mrs. Kim Hux traveled to 
Orlando, Florida, for the 1986-87 
National Leadership Conference. 
Anne took second place in the na- 
tional competition, presenting an 
illustrated talk on teen suicide and 
its prevention. 

FHA members chaired the local 
STAR (Students Taking Action for 

Recognition) events for the city of 
Virginia Beach. Members of FHA 
sold cookbooks for their annual 
fund-raiser. They also made an 
annual contribution to the Joy Fund. 
During Vocational-Education Week, 
February 9-13, FHA held a reception 
for the Vocational Education 

The purpose of FBLA, sponsored 
by Ms. Gail Riffle, is to promote 
leadership and participation in busi- 
ness classes as well as interest in 
the school and community. 
Students are encouraged to partici- 

FBLA member Hope Lucas calls out the 
numbers for a Lynn Shores Manor bingo 

FHA member Beth Moore helps out on Child 

Care Day 

pate in both regional and state con- 
tests and to attend conferences on 
regional, state, and national levels. 

Cox FBLA started off this year by 
serving as guides for the PTA Open 
House. They held a fund-raiser, sell- 
ing calendars and locker mirrors, a 
project that earned over $1000. 

Once a month FBLA visited Lynn 
Shores Manor, a convalescent 
home, to play bingo with the 
residents. It was fun seeing them 
enjoy the games and watching their 
pleasure at winning quarters. 

As a token of appreciation. 



teachers were sent a candy cam 
with happy wishes for the holidays 
In 1987 FBLA members sol( 
World's Finest Chocolate to raisi 
money for Project ASK, a group t( 
help prevent and cure childhooc 
cancer. FBLA also had a pizza part) 
and participated in regional events' 
Officers for 1986-87 were presideni 
Christina Lucas, vice president Kin 
Stroud, secretary Shelli Hunter, ant 
treasurer Karen Roullet. 


11^ O (?tl/K oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

FHA: Front: C White. J. Pike, K. Haynle, M Flowers, C Welborn. M Edmondson, J Bullard, A Parker — president 
2nd Row: M.Turner, K. Slough, J. Gluckowskl.K. Phelps, L. Finger. K. Nelson. C.Underhiil.T.McLeod.M Myers, 
K. Fosina. K. Spencer 

FBl-A Front A Londeree, C, Strickland. R. Roberson. J Damron, J Marits. S. Dunphey. M McCuiston, 2nd Row: 
H Lucas. T Kaczmarczyk. E. Leary, C, Collier, C, Bayot, K Miller, D. Copeland, N Ayat 3rd Row: K. Marsh, K. 
Robertson B DIGeronimo, C. Bagby, 0. Vann, K Senter, S. Hunter. K, Stroud. C, Lucas. 4th Row T Young. K, 
Jenkins C Cool R. Williams. K. King. R.Anderson. W Seay. N Andrews. A Josephson. T Baghall. J. Arnholds. 
C Runnels, 5th Row: K. Tolbert, K, Robins, G. Keefer, S ONelll, T, Madlgan, J Goll, T Moore, T Heinrich, C. 
Herzke A Hill 6th Row: K. Brown. C. Wiley, H. Ratlensberger, C, Hall, A. Scotti, J Bnnges 7th Row L. Williams, 
N Barnes P, Carter, S. Gaston, K. Jenson, L, Bolgiano. S. GIsh. G. Vincent. M Bengson. H Baer. K. Fosina. 

jinta's helper, FBLA member Karen Roullet, FBLA President Christina Lucas aids a bingo 
ilps Lynn Shore residents with their bingo, player at Lynn Shore Manor. 

:doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo clues O 73S 

SCA officers Rich Walsh and Caddy Wood stand by while Marc Mayette and Wendell Cosenza perform their rap. 

To The Top 

SCA Meets the Challenge 

Our SCA here at Cox is an integral 
part of the school system. The 
officers for the 1 986-87 school year 
had a hard and challenging job, but 
they persevered and accomplished 

President Wendell Cosenza, vice 
president Marc Mayette, second 
vice Caddy Wood, secretary Molly 
Whelahan, and treasurer Rich 
Walsh handled the school well this 
past year. 

Our SCA homeroom representa- 
tives played a large part as well. 

They carried their homeroom's 
opinions and ideas to the SCA 
meetings, and reported the results 
of the meetings. SCA homeroom 
representatives attended a Delegate 
Workshop on December 13 here at 
Cox. They heard lectures on time 
plannings, parliamentary proce- 
dure, and evaluations. 

Yearly events which took place 
again this past year included Fresh- 
men elections. Homecoming, and 
the United Way Fund Drive. Special 
events for this year were a Student- 

Teacher Breakfast, Get-It-Straight 
Week, the Christmas Door Decora- 
tion Contest, and the Christmas 
Dance. The SCA also sponsored the 
Student-Teacher Volleyball Game 
with the committee headed by 
juniors Jen Koss and Mike Speck- 

The SCA this year was one of the 
most successful due to the excep- 
tional leadership of its officers and 
the dedicated work of its home- 
room representatives. 

SCA Representative Coordinator Bee 
Lemburg keeps attendance at meetings. 

13C O CLUKS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocrr 

jr new marquee proudly displays our theme for the 1986-87 year, "To The Top, Challenging 

,)ur SCA officers, along with sponsor Ms. Hoi- SCA President Wendell Cosenza speaks end- 
land, speak at a pep rally. lessly of ways to improve our SCA. 

SCA: Front: S. Hess, A, Talbott, M. Bell, A. Moore, J Perry. 2nd Row: T. Jessee, L Brownell. M. Bengson, I. Geise, 
R. Johnson, R. McGuiness, L. Reives, K. Foster 3rd Row: S, Captain, R. Chapman. H Thompson. T Gregory, D. 
Fulkerson, T. Bohike, T, Tamayo, M. Barker 4th Row: B, Welch. L, Haworth, K. Bivins. B Bryant. L Mazach, B, 
Neal, K, Dickson, M. Whetmore, K. Matyas, N. Taylor. K, King, R, Bagby 5th Row K, Jenkins. L. Neubert. A 
Bentti, L, Barnes. L, Overton, A. Waite, M Brenner. C Brannen. N. Ayat, A Josephson, R Kelly, C. Hayes. 6th 
Row: S Eun, J. Pennington. S MacDonald. S, Stetler, A. Terlizzi, R Holik, L Cutfee. S Nelson, C Sereno. L 
Goodall, G. Maraia, K. Horton, K. Fosina. 7th Row: M. Petersen. K, Haynie. S Brethauer, C Davis, M Stallings, M. 
Myers, C, Herzke, M Heckler, M. Lane, A. Edwards, G. Koonin. G Kravchak. J Oden 8th Row J Moore. P, 
Patterson. C. Faison. R, Silva, R, Alexander, B, Tolerton, K VanValkenburgh. S Petersen. C Cho, T Curren, C. 
Monger, B, Raney, S. Clark. 9th Row: treasurer R. Walsh, second vice C, Wood, secretary M. Whelahan, vice 
president M. Mayette, president W. Cosenza. 

)oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooo CLUES 131 

Service to the School 

Cox's chapter of NHS or National 
Honor Society is one of the service 
organizations here at Cox, The 
members chosen are picked based 
on grades as well as their in- 
volvement in and out of school. 

The officers for NHS for the 1 986- 
87 year were president Audrey 
Hernandez, vice president Jennifer 
Lucas, and secretary Barbara Elliott. 
and treasurer Karen Roullet. 

Members of NHS again this year 
offered tutoring sessions in varied 
subjects for students. These 
sessions took place after school and 
aided many students with classes. 

NHS realized that the student 
body was receptive to the idea of 
sending messages to their special 
friends. Members sold Candy 
Grams, and carnations for 
Homecoming, Christmas, and 

Sponsor Pam Cummings and president Nell- 
Garwood MacEachern discuss business for 
Key Club 

NHS secretary Barbara Elliott displays the 
"Student of the Month," chosen by NHS. 

NHS. Key Club, and SADD 

Valentine's Day. 

A tradition for NHS is to sponsor 
the Honor Roll receptions. Our 
principal, Mrs. Lottie B. Waters, 
honored those who made straight 
A's, and praised all those who were 
fortunate enough to make honor 
roll. Students who attended the 
Honor Roll reception for the first 
semester were privileged to hear our 
superintendent of schools, Dr. E.E. 

Key Club for the 1986-87 year 
here at Cox was busy. It is asso- 
ciated with Kiwanis International; 
the two groups do service projects 
for our schools and our community. 

A yearly event for Key Club which 
was again a success in 1986-87 was 
the Miss Cox Pageant. Held on 
March 5, the contestants all gave 
stunning performances. 

There was a fall officers' workshop 
with Kiwanis members. Those who 
attended saw speakers such as Mr. 
Joseph Hoffenberger, a 4-H 
representative, and the Lieutenant 
Governor for our Key Club district. 

The Key Club also did volunteer 
work for Cultural Alliance. The 
members stuffed envelopes and put 
stickers on pamphlets; this was 
done at a pizza party at Key Club 
member Annette Terlizzi's house. 

New at Cox this year was a chap- 
ter of Students Against Driving 
Drunk (SADD). Officers included 
Lynn Bolgiano, president; Allison 
Bloxsom, vice president; Raelin 
Storey, secretary; and Patrick 
Baldwin, treasurer. 

SADD began its activities for the 
year with a Valentine pledgegram 
sale, where students promised to 

drive sober for the person they cared 
about. Other activities for the year 
included a newsletter distributed 
through English classes with edito- 
rials and statistics on alcohol and 
driving, an assembly in March witha 
panel of guests to answer questions 
from the student body, and an 
awareness week before prom in- 
cluding the showing of the movie 
"The Last Prom." In addition, 
SADD did volunteer work for Vir- 
ginians Opposing Drunk Driving, 
sponsored service announcements 
on local radio stations for the 
holidays, and held biweekly meet- 
ings, some with guest speakers, 
and an occasional fun-filled pizza 
party for members. 

1Z9 O CLUES ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon 

^DD officers discuss new business with 
onsor Mrs. Vesta Cruser. 

Key Club float passenger Greg Super was 
Benjamin Franklin for Homecoming. 

Key Club member Lynn Bolgiano enjoyed helping at the Neptune Festival. 

NHS: Front T Kim. K Broocke, K Wilcox, B Oglesby. K Haynie, 8 Elliotl. J Lucas, A Hernandez 2n() Row J 
Oden.C Gaylor, M Whelahan. S Ashlon.J Dittrick. M Dobson. K Malloy. N MacEachern, S Schoenbach 3fd 
Row J Duslin. G Compo, S March. S McClellan. S Hess. D Brown, C Wood, K Nelson 

SADD Front: L, Bolgiano, A. Bloxsom. R Storey, P, Baldwin, R. Rieve, V, White, A. Terlizzi, C. Wargo, S. Miles, K 
Broyles, K. Wilcox, R. Holik. 2nd Row: C. Conover, A Donaldson, H Johnson, A. Whiteman, T, Kinn, C Brassil, M, 
Bengson, J, Mants, S. Dunphey, J. Hutchens, J. Rickard, 3rd Row: P, Dobson, S, Summerlin, A. Londeree, N. 
Ayat, V. Bommer, J. Cormier, T Vrooman, C. Monger, S. Slaven, A. Wade, 4th Row: J Taylor, J. Murphy, J. 
Dittrick, M. Dobson, C, Morrissey, M. Turner, S, Ashton, M Whelahan, M, Bell,L McKenzie, J Usrev SthRow: A. 
Bentti, S McCausland, J. Heinrich, M. Valeric, J. Grooters, A, Davis, S, March, K. Brown, C Abbate, K 
Economidis 6th Row: L, Crutchfield, S. Carroll, S. Pierce. G. Compo. K, Barton 

Key Club: Front: N, MacEachern. A, Bentti, C, Edwards, G, Super, A. Dozier, K. Troedson, N. Sale, T Garrett, L. 
Thompson, B. Neal, B. Elliott, J. Zook. 2nd Row: K. Wilcox, C, Conover, A. Tertizzi, K, Zenarolla, S Slaven, D. 
Schlosser, K, Haselman, J, Powell. K. Haynie, C. Brassil, M. Bell, A. Waite, 3rd Row: K. Colehamer, S Walton, J. 
Usrey,A. Wade, L Warren, H. Mach,J McCready,J, Murphy, K, Pellerin, K.Johnson, C. Mornssey J Epstein, H. 
Oden 4th Row: S Ashton, L. Bolgiano, M. Whelanan, S. Snyder, S. Hunter, K. Spencer, C. Kawecki, S Kawecki, H. 
MacEachern J Russell, A, Smithwick, C. Clark, 5th Row: M Trout, S. Clark, § MacOonald, K Ellis, L. Drye, L, 
Crutchfield, M Newton, C. Gaylor, S Gish, K, Nelson, S, Hess. 6th Row: L, Neubert, W Dasher, L McKenzie. K. 
Rohdenburg, T Vrooman, L, Hough, K Mewborn, Y, Jones, T. Cormier, K, McDonough 7th Row: R. Fumia. C. 
McCallum. S, Pavey, C. Abbate, D. Hobart, K, Economidis, G. Compo, G, Keefer 

))000000000000000000000000000000 00 CLUBS O 1Z^ 



Right up there in 
importance among spring events is 
the arrival of the yearbook. Its distribution is 
as eagerly anticipated as the Prom or the 
Ring Dance, and to some, second only to 
Graduation. In late May, books are swapped 
for the traditional signings, and each reader 
savors the two-hundred-odd pages of mem- 

It seems, however, that the majority of 
readers are in the dark as to just how it is that 
the books make their debut. What exactly 
went on every Tuesday and Thursday after- 
noon behind the somber black door of Room 
160? Just who was Mrs. Beckner, and why 
wasn't she accepting any excuses? What 
was in those ungainly beige trays that Susan 
McClellan lugged around with her? And what 
did Saray Hess do with "croppers" and "pi- 

cas?" You have 
the answer before you. 

Co-editors Hess and McClellan, with able 
help from assistants Sarah Ashton, Carolyn 
Clark and Nancy Moore, worked with the 
staff from mid-July through May on the cre- 
ation, design and editing of the book. Indi- 
vidual section editors drew layouts, wrote 
copy and found photographs to complete 
each of the spreads, sometimes working as 
late as nine or ten o'clock, or coming in on 
teacher workdays to complete their work. 

Yearbook staff was more than a publica- 
tion; it was a chance to work together, to 
share ideas, agonies and laughs. It was an 
annual affair! 

FRONT: M Roetker; 2ncl Row; C. Yellis, K. Van Valkenburgh, 
S Bullen, J Doe: 3rd Row: J Hull, S Lehman, K, Shorter, J. 
McCready, J Doe, L Mazach; 4th Row: P. Bledsoe, C. 
Crowley. A. Filer, J. Cooper, L. Neubert, K. Mewborn, K. 

FRONT P Baldwin. K Robertson, K Broyles, J May, 2nd Photography editor Matt Jackson dons his apron while 
Row C Akbari, K Colhamer, B DiGeronimo, K Rohden- separating pictures 
buigD Myers. S Ashton, T Tasheiko, N Moore. B Heisig, 

Sponsor Mrs, Margaret Beckner reviews the copy for one of I 

the sections 

1^0 O CLUES oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oi- 


Shuffling pictures, Senior editors, Nell-Garwoorj MacEachern 
and Cfirisli Edwards decide wtiat goes wtiere lor their layout. 

Copy editor Jeff tVlay works diligently as he writes and correct'-, 
some copy 

Editor Susan McClellan writes captions for pictures. 

Chief editors Susan McClellan and Sarah Hess review ad sales Assistant editors Carolyn Clark and Nancy Moore get comfort- 
and the chosen yearbook theme. able during a late-night deadline. 


Senior wrestler David Schull enforces a painful position on his opponent as tfie referee In perlect form, Natalie Taylor hurdles forward against a Princess Anne rival, 
keeps w/atch. 

The football team practices at the scrimmage line for a tough season. 

Preparing to lob the tennis ball, Senior Peter Brinkman co 
centrales on his form. 

O SPOmS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

Striviirgi WHiille 

From early August to 
the end of May, the 
courts and playing 
fields resounded with 
the clash of helmet 
against helmet, the thud 
of balls as they bounced, 
whistles shrieking the 
beginning and end of a 
practice or a foul. The 
locker rooms had that 
unmistakable aroma of 
sweat, soap, and 
Atomic Balm; and they 
rang with laughter, pre- 
game cheers, game ex- 
ultation, echoed the 
metallic ring of the last 
locker closed or the 
quiet acceptance of a 
loss. The sounds, the 
smells and of course, 
the images created by 
athletes as they ran, 
tackled, pinned or vaulted 
their way to the top left a 
lasting impression on 
us as we watched them 
Striving While In- 

Towering over the players, Dwight Dunbar shoots for two as 
sophomore Jason Field is ready to assist. 

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo $PORT$ O 7^^ 


A RuitOn Victories 

The girls tookiie Bay side I nvita- 
Dnal Tournament in Apnl at 
irqinia Wesleyan College, handily 
iteating local teams tronnBayside 

id Indian River, as well as shut- 
out a team from Montville, New 


'The team's greatest disappoint- 

the LiTAsM^t Once More 

ments werelwo losses to cross- 
town powerhouse Green Run which 

atlected the girls' play m a key Dis- 
trict match against Bayside The 
wm by Bayside ended the Lady 
Falcons' quest for Regional and 
State Competition , but according to 
Coach ArtKoeppen, -All 1 wanted 

the girls to do was to ha\ 
to play their hardest, 
certainly met that go?' 

Caddy Wood duck^ 
destined tor GeralOine Marc 
Renee Meyers and Sheila IHi^ 

1liif O SPOZf^ oooooooooooooooo 




/i^.# i.'9K 


. :^^ ...... 4^ 



; * :• .*'# An easy out as Geraldine Maraia snags a pop- 

' ■ . . fly- 

FRONT: Heather Davis. Kristy Ritter, Shelia 
Higgins, Cassia Dehm, Kathy Fosina, Renee 
Meyers. 2ND: Elizabeth Fosina, Susan Wood, 
Heather McFillin, Kathy Slough, Leah Kelly. 
BACK: Coach Art Koeppen, Candle Marshall, 
Kristen Horton, Woody Ballew, Caddy Wood, 
Anne Waite, Geraldine Maraia. 

Awaiting their turn at bat are Renee Meyers, 
Cathy Slough, Candle Marshall, Kelly Wil- 
son, Geraldine Maraia, Susan Wood, and 
Cassie Dehm. 




o o^ o o^d 

o o o o o o 60 0000000000000 spoils O 1^S 

.\io Breaks on tlie Diamond 

Fast Pitches . . . Slow Season 


Time stood still as the batter for 
the Falcons stepped up to the plate. 
Tension mounted while the anxious 
crowd watched the bat come into 
contact with the ball. All heads were 
upturned as the ball soared over the 
fence, another homerun for the Cox 
Falcons. Ihefans went wild with the 
happy realization that a vIcTory'he* 
been captured. This set the pace for 
the remaining matches. 

Coach Tom Fisher stated, 
"although a 10-8 season is a good 
season, the team still didn't win it all. 
However," he continued, "the Cox 
baseball team did improve through- 
out the season and dominated over 
other area teams in the Indian River 
Tournament. The team really banded 
together to win." 

Several scholarships were awarded 
to last season's team members, 
including Tim Fenn, who received a 
scholarship to VPI for his pitching. 
Tommy Boothe was granted a 
scholarship to VCU as a first base- 
man; and Matt Swingle and Reggie 
Moore, who are presently scholar- 
ship players at their respective 

When asked who the team's main 
rival was, Coach Fisher promptly re- 
plied, "All of the district teams are 
rivals because when you play, you 
play to win." 



Front Row: Scott Chambers. Tim Fenn, Pete Fistier. Kevin Shea. Lars Pierson, Fre 

Howard, Paul O'Neil, John Jansen, Mark McKinney, Robbie Cave, Tom BoothJ 

With teammates looking on, Mark Barker Barker, Keith Hinson, Jerry Barker, Matt Reggie Moor, Jetf Moser, Greg Castle, Fran 

eagerly awaits the pitch. Swingle, Rob Bagby, Back Row: Coach Palermo, Ryan Turner. 


I \ 

''f^ O SPOmS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

f n 

mmK^ ^J^mmmmimm 



During a lull in the action, Mr. Bruce Stewart 
and Coach Fisher discuss the game. 

Diving for first base, Pete Howard escapes a 

|»oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo spoils O 7^7 


Goal Rush! 

Boys Soccer Team 
Kicks Up Its Heels 

It was like California in '49, the 
boys soccer team was out digging 
for the goals they needed to win. 
Paul Doyle was the leading scorer 
with five. With such outstanding 
players as Co-Captain Geoff Cam- 
bell, Ron Copeland, and, junior, Will 
Dasher the team placed fourth in the 
district, and had a third place finish 
at the end of the season tournament. 

Mr. Jim Snodgrass said about the 
eleven seniors on the team, "We're 

Fighting for control, Graham Evans 
challenges a Green Run opponent. 

going to miss many of the players 
who graduated last year." Especial- 
ly notable were Geoff Cambell, who 
played in the first all-conference 
team and Will Dasher who played in 
the second all-conference team. 
Said Will Dasher, to sum up the sea- 
son, "We had an awful lot of talent, 
but we had some bad luck and some 
injuries to key players that really 
held us back." 

In hot pursuit of the ball, Will Dasher and 
Davey Johnson attempt to gam possession. 

1^9 O spoils 00000000000000000000000000000000<i 

1 ^:^ 

Racing for the ball are Will Dasher and Don 
r^ ■ Spencer. 

iiiting the pass is Sean Moore as Green Run Fighting for position, Ron Copeland moves 

I'ers close in 

to steal the ball from a Green Run player 

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SPORJS O 1^^ 

Matching Point for Point 

Boys Tennis Serves up LOVEly Victories 

The ace came on April 1 5 when the 
Falcon netters defeated their arch 
rival the First Colonial Patriots 5 - 4 to 
claim an undisputed first place in the 
Beach District race. The team led by 
Beach District singles champion 
Peter Brinkman, had a perfect 6 - 
record and appeared to be on their 
way to a third straight District crown 
Then came the bad bounce. Traveling 
to Kellam, the Falcons lost a close 5 - 
4 match on May 6, which placed 
them in a four-way tie for first place 
and an eventual playoff to determine 
the District champion. Cox met 
Kellam in the first round of the playoff 

Displaying a winning backhand is Jimmv 

and again was defeated 5-4 thus 
temporarily ending the Falcons 
reign at the top of the Beach Dis- 

Jimmy Youngberg, a four-year 
starter and Brant Pryor, a transfer 
from Northern Virginia, were the 
only seniors to graduate from the 
1986 tennis team, leaving rising 
seniors Peter Brinkman, Michael 
Davis and Wayne Barrineau to con- 
tinue the Falcon tennis legacy. 

[he' shT '^^°"9h. Wayne Barrineau makes 

FRONr Jamie Kress, Jimmy Youngburg 
Kevin Brookes. BACK: Coach Leon Hoots 
Heter Brinkman, Brant Pryor Dannv Fitz- 
patrick, Michael Davis. ^ 




Accepting their first place prize for winning 
the Va. Beach Invitational Tennis Tourna- 
ment are Jimmy Youngburg and Brant Pryor 
along with coach Leon Hoots. 

While Brant Pryer makes the shot, Wayne 
Barrineau waits readily for the return. 

)oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SPOmS O 7S7 

Making Strides 

Outdoor Track Stretches to Win 

It was a cold, early, spring after- 
noon, and the first practice of tfie 
outdoor season. Long unused mus- 
cles groaned from tfie fiard practice 
they had to endure. These runners, 
sprinters, and jumpers had a long 
way to go to get in shape for the first 

Distinguishing the girls team un- 
der Coaches Glenn Barr and Melody 
Haynes, were freshman Jacqui 
Kelly, junior Michelle Myers, junior 
Natalie Taylor, and seniors Jackie 
Stanfield and Liz Jones. Said Coach 
Haynes, "We had outstanding per- 
formances from the few above, but 
we lacked depth." 

Under coaches Vince Marshall 

Charging to the finish line is Mark Bowen 

and Al Habit, the boys track team 
was led by returning senior Wayne 
McNeal, a sprinter and a long- 
jumper. Also, outstanding on the 
team were two underclassman, 
freshman John Mckinney, sprinter 
and long-jumper, and sophomore 
Kit Ehrgood, a distance runner. 
Mike Hopper had to say about the 
team "I enjoy the team aspect of 
track. It's fun working with good 
friends for a common goal." 

Whether it was during the hard 
practice or the grueling competi- 
tion, the Outdoor Track Team did 
their best in their stride for excel- 

Practicing the pole vault is Aaron Auger. 

Practicing the baton pass are John Mckinney 
and Mike Hopper 


7-^ U 

SPOKIS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


Jogging laps to build up endurance are Jeff 
Scotfield and Erik Townsend. 

Track members Jacqui Kelly and Margaret 
Hurt take one more lap before ending prac- 



Dribbling downfield, Erin Walsh is headed to 
wards a scoring position. 

Star-Crossed Soccer 

Lady Falcons Fall Short of Their Goals 

Starting off the season with a 
smashing victory over Bayside, it 
seemed as if the Girls Soccer team 
would have one of those stunning 
seasons so typical of girls sports at 
Cox. But a winning season was not 
in the forecast for the Girls Soccer 

team as they saw winning hopes 
dashed by the close of the season. 
Returning for the Falcons were 
co-captains Kristen Epperly and 
Erin Walsh, both of whom were 
selected for the Beach District First 
Team, along with teammate Liz 

Jones. Junior Becky Haselman was 
selected as a member of the Beach 
District Second team despite good, 
solid play by Walsh, Epperly and 
Jones' competitive drive, the 
Falcons fell short their earlier 
promise of placing higher in Beach 

District competition. 

The team was plagued b^ 
numerous injuries and inne 
turmoil. Stated Coach Terr 
Sawyer, "We started the seasor 
strong, but had difliculty due to in 
)uries and lack of unity." 


!*- Ju- - J 


lockey for field position. 

:ond Row: Jan Marnott Liz nlr f 7 FoMntT q°"'"'°c?,' ^^^"^"^ Snyder, Heid 
>es, Knsten Epperly Sny Connor Shern '°""*""' ^^''" ^"^^"^h' ^nen Vinh 

00000000000000000000000000000000 Spoils 01SS 

A Geen Run Player is felled by the Falcon 

Front: John Dustin, Mark Petersen. Second: 
Kery Jordan, Art Squire, Cedric Gray, Tom 
Stables. Jeff Stanfield, Mike Davidson, Chris 
Fountain, Pat Doe, Corey Vann, Third: Trevor 
White, Winston McLeod, Dan Will, Donald 
Self, Ronnie Shank, Richard Jarrett, Kris Pier- 
son, John McKinney Fourth: Mike Shepherd, 
Dennis Dillard, Scott Edelman. Jason Cowell, 
Shawn Meyers, Fred O'Connell, Kurt 
Domanski, Kris Edelman, Tim Wilson. Fifth 
Jeanne Leverett, Harry McBrien , Bill Sabounn 
Jeremy Kessinger, Eric Dupaul, Greg Yellis 
Kieth Hinson, David Brazier, Jason McKenzie 
Back: Ryan Wood, Jamie Moore, Matt 
Ehrenzeller, Chris Garner, Larry King, Toby 
Lucy, Alvin Novoa, Donald Carddine, Rob 





Hard Hits on the Gridh jn 

August saw the team sweating its 
way ttirough giueling practices 
wtiich carried into swealtering 
September afternoons. The team 
under veteran coach Al Habit saw 
Its hard work and hopes fade as the 
Falcons fell prey to stronger more 
experienced teams. 

Quarterback Keith Hinson kept 
optimistic fans hopeful as he threw 
for 1,011 yards and five touch- 
downs. Wide receiver Chris 
Fountain was another bright spot as 
he caught twenty-two passes for 

Giving a signal to his players, Coach Habit 
concentrates on the game 

Pushing themselves to the limit two 
teammates battle it out during a gruelina 
practice. = » a 

i^'alGorls Sweat out a 
Tough Season 

three touchdowns and 273 yards 
Sophomore John McKinney had 
nineteen catches for 297 yards and 
averaged five yards per carry from 
the backfield for a total of five hun- 
dred and twenty yards. Perhaps the 
highlight of an otherwise dis- 
appointing season was the Falcons 
defeat of Eastern Districts Maury 
High School. The victory boosted 
the Falcons' sagging morale and 
kept their hopes alive for that next 
elusive victory. 


Overtime Strokes 

Field Hockey is Commited to Goals 

Inexperienced, but proud! With 
only two returning starters the Field 
Hockey team's prospects were 
dim. picked to finish only fourth or 
fifth in the District. The seniors, 
though, were used to winning and 
overcame their teammates' inex- 
perience to capture second place in 
the Beach District. 

Kathy Fosina. Geraldine Maraia 
and Cathy Sereno were elected as 
the Tri-Captains. They each offered 
sound leadership both in philo- 
sophy and by example. They were 
supported by seniors Laura Ed- 
wards and Kathy Slough in their 
commitment to excellence. 

Kathy Fosina had a banner year. 
Having been selected for the Junior 
Olympic South Team, she proceeded 
to win the Gold medal. Other hon- 
ors included Most Valuable Player 
for the second consecutive year, 
and she was also recognized as the 
High School Female Athlete of the 
Year by the Virginia Beach Sports 

Club. To top off her good year, 
Kathy was the most highly recruited 
field hockey player in Virginia Beach 

Kathy Sereno, most outstanding 
backfield player, and Geraldine 
Maraia, outstanding forward, along 
with Fosina, were selected to play 
on a Select High School Team 
representing the Beach District at 
the National Hockey Festival and 
finished second in the nation. 
Supporting the seniors were the un- 
derclassman starters Sherri Miles, 
Amy Craig, and transfer Simone 

But without Coach Nancy 
Fowlkes the inexperienced team 
would never have gotten as far as 
they did. Said Kathy Fosina, "I 
believe our success was due to the 
outstanding coaching by Miss 
Fowlkes." The Lady Falcons record 
on the field was proof positive of 

Front; Laura Edwards. Cathey Sereno, 
Captain Kathy Fosina, Captain Geraldine 
Maraia, Captain Kathy Slough Middle Row: 
Monica Stewart. Kristen Horton. Jenny 

Connor, Sherri Miles. Simone Augsburger, 
Amy Craig. Back Row: Laura Dates, Cindy 
Bano. Monique Dockter, Tonya Brothers. 

. M 

Another save tor Goalie Kathy Fosina. 

1^9 O SPOmS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 

Junior Monica Stewart makes a pass as she Goalie Kathy Fosina looks on as Geraldine 
moves towards the goal. Moria takes an overtime shot 

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SP0Z7S O 7S^ 

Running to 

Early Bird Gets the Win 

Thump! Thump! The ground 
shook as fifteen cross-country run- 
ners practiced in the early morning 
darkness. In a radical new twist to 
Cross-Country training, Coach Greg 
Killough had the team on the track 
by SIX o'clock A.M. for an early 
morning practice. The potent com- 
bination of early morning and after- 
noon practices took the team on to 
the regionals for a fifth place show- 
ing — one place from State compe- 

Led by Captain Jeff Scofield, Eric 
Townsend, and Alan Norman, the 
boys team competed in both the Dis- 
trict and Regional levels. "With 

such a young team, — only one se- 
nior, two juniors, and the rest 
sophomores and freshmen in the 
top seven — the competition felt we 
didn't have a chance but we made a 
good showing," said Jeff May. To 
top off a good season Jeff Scolfield 
went on to the State competition at 

Despite injuries to both its co- 
captains, the girls Cross-Country 
team finished third in the District 
and eighth in the Region. Leading 
the team, Jacqui Kelly who returned 
from a severe ankle injury forcing 
her to miss two-thirds of the sea- 
son, represented the team at the 

FRONT: Susan Slaven, Anne Norman, Helen 
Snyder, Shauna Snyder, Heather Miller. 
Jacqui Kelly. Christy Jordan, Megan 
Mitchell, Heidi Fountain, Angie Huges 
MIDDLE Shawn McCausland, Craig 
Matthews, Eric Townsend, Jefl Scolfield, 
Mike Speckheart, Rajar Kharbanda, Brian 
Hamm LAST Coach Pat Sanary, Coach 
Greg Killough, John Allen, Bret Baylor, 
James Rogers, Jefl May. Sean McCormick, 
Alan Norman, Scott Seltzer NOT PIC- 
TURED Kevin Nelson, Anna Gherershicer, 
Eric Gotte, Terry Eby, DougReichirt. 

Coach Greg Killough leads the team in a 

State competition — for the second 
time. The other Co-Captain Heather 
Miller was also plagued by an ankle 
injury during the later part of the 
season. As summed up by Jacqui 
Kelly, "We worked hard to achieve 
our goals." Facing injuries and the 
dim prospects of a very young team, 
both the girls and boys Cross- 
Country teams showed true Falcon 
spirit in their run for victory! 

Running ahead of the Bayside team. Kevin 
Kratzer moves toward victory. 

1^0 O spoils oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


Running together during a meet are Jeff Leading tfiree of tfie Bayside team members 
May and Jonn Allen. Captain Jeff Scoff ield increases fiis speed. 


ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo spoils O 1^1 


Acelng the Competition 

In his first year as tennis coach, 
Mr. Glen LaFerriere found himself 
with a courtfull of talent and a wealth 
of drive to win. The Lady Falcon 
netters had a stunning season as 
they stroked their way past local 
competition, losing only to Beach 
District Champions, First Colonial, 
who boasted the top two players in 
the state. 

In many respects this past season 
was one for rebuilding as four out- 
of-sync starters graduated. Co- 
Captains Caddy Wood and Mandy 

Heading for her match, Caddy Wood con- 
templates her strategy for victory. 

Davis led the team to impressive 
matches, including a defeat of 
Eastern District Champions, Maury 
High School. "The girls worked very 
hard to be ready for the season and 
continued to work until the end," 
stated Coach LaFerriere. "The team 
improved as a whole throughout the 

Although the two losses to First 
colonial were disappointments, the 
Lady Falcons drew on drive and de- 
termination to carry them to a very 
solid season record. 

Freshman Lyssa Orchid changes service 

1(2 O spoils oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

'•' ?';•;. V .'•;.,'■ 

Front: Captains Caddy Wood and Mandy 
Davis. Back: Jennifer Koss, Suzi Kawecki 
Colleen Byrne, Jennifer Darden Holly 
Shupe, Lyssa Orchid, Rachael Schmidt 
Laura Warren, Angela Wade, Coach Glen 
LaFerrierer (not pictured) — Kelly Kincaid. 

lowing mixed reactions to pairings, Kelly Showing good shot anticipation, Jennifer 

ncaia, Kachael Schmidt and Jernon Darden moves into place for a backhand 

atositch psych themselves for their return 


oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SPOZIS O 1G 

Par Excellence 

Falcons on the Links 

Led by the strong play of Warnie 
Conley, the Falcon golf team had a 
respectable season and placed third 
in the District. This play enabled 
them to qualify for regional play 
where two of the golfers, Warnie 
Conley and his teammate Brandon 
Boyd represented the team. 

The Fall season saw Coach Tom 
Smith and his team practicing at 
Broad Bay Point Greens Country 
Club regularly. This new course 
offered ample opportunity to the 
Falrnn<; for imnrnvement of their 

game. Most matches were played at 
Red Wing Golf Course or Sleepy 
Hole Golf Course. 

Coach Tom Smith reflected on his 
team stating "The whole team was 
not really strong enough for State 
Competition. We had some good 
seniors whom we'll miss next 

FRONT: Tommy Gregory, Jeft Shultz, Mike 
Penny, Sean Snyder. BACK: Brandon Boyd, 
Wes David, Matt Beech, Danny Murphy NOT 
PICTURED: Warnie Conley, Seth Sweetser 

A good round is relaxina for co-captains 
Tommy Gregory and Wes uavid 

Checking the break of the green for his next 
put IS Warnie Conley 

1C^ O SPORIS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

Concentration is the key to sinking Warnie 
Conley's long putt. 

'^'^'wmmanvjvsiif,' -vn^" 



Falcons Wrestlers Reach The Peak 

The sweet smell of success was in 
the air as hundreds of spectators 
crammed into the stuffy gym. With 
the first notes of "Bad to the Bone" 
began to play the crowd roared with 
excitement as the unbeaten wres- 
tlers, hot on a winning streak, took 
the floor. 

Silence fell over the crowd and the 
match was ready to begin. Coach 
Gary Hartranaft gave a few last 
minute pieces of advice while 
administermg a few last minute 
chiropractic adjustments. Hartra- 
naft sat casually back in his seat 
eagerly awaiting the match. 

The whistle blew. One after the 
other, the unstoppable wrestlers 
took their opponents down. One, 
two, three and they triumphed, pin- 
ning and showing no mercy. 

The packed gym was now 
clammy with the stench of perspira- 
tion throughout it. The once loud 
and rowdy fans were now hoarse 
and more subdued, but they con- 
tinued to show their support. 

Holding up their reputation the 
mighty wrestlers continued their 
winning streak by once again upset- 
ting their opponent. 

Looking on with frustration Coach Gary Hartra- 
nauft and Coach Billy Guttermuth give their 
attention to a match 

Front Kevin Ellis. Bill Haley. Shane Kent. Craig Goldberg. 
Joren Frey. Luke Hillier Todd Bohike, Jason Buonvino, 
Ron Joyner, Ricky While, Mike Shephard Second Row 
Tommy Gregory, Jim Zinas, David Shull, Phillip Johnston, 
Chris Kmet. Jetl Slanlield, Mark Goldberg. Greg Yellis 
Third Row Mark Mormando. Aldo Dibelardino. Kevin 

%(i O SPORIS oooooooooooooooooooo 

Kratjer, Dan Simpson. Danny Wilbright, Mike Summerlin, 
Sean Auger Adam Stroud Fourth Row James McMathas, 
Sieve Summerlin, Andy Turner, B Fanlon, Tom Lewis, 
Maik Ki.ivch.ik, Ryan Turner Filth Row Tony Cummings. 
John Ellsworth. Kris Peirson. Mike Davidson. Mark Peter- 
son. Tom Stables. David Bern. Pogo Parr 


•^v^^O I- 





Going for the pin , Mark Kravchak attempts to 
achieve another victory. 

Fans waW for the start of the match against 
Great Bridge, as the mighty v\^restlers vi/arm 

ooooooooooooo $P0I5T$ O 10 


On The Reboiind 

Boys Basketball Weathers A Tough Season 

The winter weather was cold and 
harsh, mirroring the bleak season 
endured by a dedicated boy's team. 
The win-loss record was by no 
means a reflection of the efforts of 
the team and veteran coach Vince 
r^arshall Despite a season of dis- 
appointments, the team managed to 
keep its morale high through con- 
siderable contributions by Kevin 
Shea, Craig McLaughlin and crowd 

pleaser Bowen Beacham. 

A crucial factor in the season's 
outcome was an injury to standout 
point guard Taekwon Hodges which 
forced him to spend several games 
on the bench. Nevertheless Coach 
Marshall was complimentary in his 
assessment of the team's play and 
perseverance in the face of defeat. 
Effort it appears, was not to carry 
them through their season. 

Reaching tor the rebound, Cram McLaughlin 
muscles in tor possession of the ball. 

Battling tor the ball, Shawn McLeod and 
Kevin Shea work head and shoulders above 
the rest. 

FRONT Robert , Jerry Jones, Bowen Beache I 
Jason Field, Taekwon Hodges LAST: ShaJT 
McLeod, Frank Palermo, Kevin Shea, Jo 
Loschi, Dwight Dunbar, William Levinsd 
Bruce Stewart NOT PICTURED: Brian F^ 
tress and Craig McLaughlin. 



o ^moi(/i 

No Competition!!! 

Lady Falcons Take 'Em To The Hoops, 

For veteran Coach Stuart Holland 
and his Lady Falcon basketball 
team, these wins seemed almost ef- 
fortless, as the girls breezed past the 
local competition en route to their 
annual trips to District, Regional and 
State competition. Tri-Captains 
Kathy Fossina, Kelly Kincaid and 
Michelle Kitchens lent their ex- 
pertise to underclass first-stringers, 
creating an invincible combination 
of experience, skill, and the hunger 
to take It all. 

With Kincaid as center, the 
competition had more than a dif- 
ficult time reaching the basket, and 
with the ball in her hands, Kincaid 
was more than a mere threat. 
Among the underclass players, 
Juniors Allison Moore, Kristen 
Horton, and Tammy Hedspeth, and 

Sophomore Sarah Captain provided 
some of the finest in local defense 
and offense. Holland also had a 
strong bench on which to rely. 

The Lady Falcon basketball team 
also had its share of dedicated fans 
who followed the sweep of the 
Beach, savoring the 20 win season. 
The only regular season loss was to 
Kellam, who, by the season's end, 
fell to the Falcons three times. 

The March trips to Regional and 
State tournament play is fast 
becoming a tradition for the girls. 
The dynasty lives on! 

A jump shot guarantees another two for Alli- 
son Moore. 

The team pauses for pre-game reflection and 



FRONT: Sherri Miles, Hayley Baer, Tammy Falcon defenders Allison Moore and Kathy 

Hedspeth, Becky Reid, Kathy Fosina, Fosina vie for possession of the ball 

Michelle Kitchens, Heather Davis. BACK: 

Assistant Coach Greg Dunn, Linda Blount, 

Allison Moore, Kelly Kincaid, Sarah Captain, 

Kristen Morton, Melinda Hodges, Coach 

Stuart Holland. 

>oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo $PORT$ O 777 

St Tlid 

s And Bound, 

Under new management, that o 
Coach Greg Killough, the Falcon In 
door Track team went to grea 
lengths to improve their perfor 
mance. Coach Killough overcame th 
inexperience of both himself and th 
team to lead them to a strong season 
From the boys' team came the sup 
port of Sophomore sprinter Joh 
Mckinney, distant runner Jef 
Scoffield and Robert MacGregor' 
From the girls' team came strengt 
and experience in Senior Natali 
Taylor. Also important were Kristi 
Fada who participated in Region; 
Competition at Christopher Newpoi 

With such talent it came as n 
surprise that despite a new coach 
the Indoor Track Team did so well 

Through leaps and bounds, Scott Bausem 
goes for the gold! 

Putting her best effort, Kathryn Murray thro\ 

the shot 

FRONT Coach Killough. Brian Hamm. Michelle Kent 
Will. Meagan Milchel. Mark Bowe. Jacgui Kelly 2n6 
Shupe. Lori Cutlee. Lisa Barnes. Katharine Muiray. Kr 
Jordan. Healher Lawerence. Helen Snyder. Sherii Miles. H 
Fountain. Ann Norman. Tina Felts 3rd David McCorm 
Liad Segall. End Townsend. Heather Davis, Elizabeth fos 
Eden Zimmerman. Margaret Hurl. Rob McGregor. S 
Bruggman, Aaron Augc BACK John McKinney. David fi 
man. Mike Hopprr, Mike Bowen. Gary Matthews, C\ 
Matthews. Bill Clark. David Perry. Sean McCormick, Shi 
McCausland. JeM Scolield NOT PICTURED Al COCI 
Dennis Perry, Jenniler Grooters. J J Jones. Natalie Tl 




FRONT Ginger Taylor, Anita Whitney, Kim Byerly, Kristy 
Bivins, Judy Walsh, SECOND; Heidi Lineberger, Lisa 
Barnes Laura Dates; BACK; Natalie Taylor, Sonya Scott, 
Kim Haynie. NOT PICTURED; Michele Farrow. 

f?^O$P0CT> oooooooooooo 

Senior Kim Haynie demonstrated her best 
form on the balance beam. 

A graceful Michele Farrow executes a perfect 

Perfect 10 

Gymnasts Vault To Victory 

he girls' gymnastics team had an 
xcellent season as they placed 
jecond in the Beach District 
competition and qualified for both 
■egional and state competitions 
imong individual performers. Lead- 
ng the team were Seniors Kim 
Haynie and Natalie Taylor. Haynie 
/vas ranked third on beam, third in 
:he floor exercises, and was also 
■anked as the fourth place best all 
iround gymnast in the District. 
Faylor's top performances were her 
jneven bar routines and most nota- 
3ly, her success on the vault events, 
n which she achieved a career high 

mark of 9.55. "I've spent a lot of 
time with Natalie and Kim, and I'm 
really going to miss them," 
commented Coach Melody Haynes- 

Despite a strong team, and 
standouts like Taylor and Haynie, 
the turnout for gymnastics was un- 
fortunately light as a rule. There was 
a lot to be admired on the floor; skill, 
grace and strength. When asked 
about the reason behind her team's 
strong season, Haynes replied, "it 
was because of lots of practice, 
dedication and hard work." 

):)oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SPORTS O 77S 

Raising Yells 

Cheerleaders Boost Spirit 

Cheering tryouts were held in the 
spring ot 1986. and more sopho- 
mores nr^ade the squad than ever 
before. Co-captains Kan Broocke 
and Mandy Tavares compensated 
for the addition of more sopho- 
mores and a less experienced squad 
by having two and three practices a 
week during the months of July and 
August. They also had at least one 

practice a week once school began. 
They used their lunches and study 
halls to make all the banners to 
cheer on the teams, and they prac- 
ticed their fifteen-man pyramids and 
their fifty-some-odd cheers after 
school. Cheering was a time- 
consuming activity, especially 
because the squad had to attend all 
the football games, basketball 

Cheerleaders L McKenzie. K Broocke, C 
Bivens. M Tavares. K Byerly. N Taylor, D 
Vann. K Haynie and H Edwards form a 
pyramid at a halftime demonstration. 

Getting ready to practice their cheers lor the 
football game are Jeny Duffy, Kim Byerly, 
Lisa McKenzie, Kan Broocke, l^andy 
Tavares, Karin IVIatyas, Lisa Harman 
Melissa Perez, Natalie Taylor and Jennifer 

games, wrestling matches, and 
most of the other sports activities. 

"We put in a lot of hard work and 
effort," said Holly Edwards, "and it 
was all worth it to see the spirit in 
our school come out." 

The cheering squad was different 
from previous ones because of the 
administrative decision to have a 
single squad for a whole year. 

Usually there had been a fall squa 
for football, field hockey, an 
tennis, and a winter squad fc 
basketball, wrestling, and gym 

"The cheerleaders are an im 
portant part of inspiring student irf 
volvement from the sidelines, 
commented senior Pat Baldwin. 

77^ O spoils oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocco 

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SPOZIS O 777 

In a government class, Becky Johnson and Karen Roullet get inCOXitated witti learn- Chemistry teacher Mr Tom Fisher demonstrates to Susan McClellan how inCOXita 
ing current events. ing the mixture ot vinegar and baking soda can be. 

A college guide causes Bowen Beacham to bubble over with inCOXitatlon. 


The prospects of the selections burst Bowen Beachan 

"* '■ ' O ftCftJ)£HICS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 


Witlli ILeaiiriniiirgi 

When you were 
stumped by a log- 
arithm or bewildered 
as you tried to find 
cells through a mi- 
croscope and then 
suddenly the solution 
hit you or that blur 
came into focus, you 
felt it. That quick mo- 
ment of realization, 
the flash of recogni- 
tion, and the effort it 
took to achieve those 
problems are part of 
the thrill that you ex- 
perienced when you 
took part in the 
process of education. 
There's no way to ex- 
plain it other than to 
describe it — you 
were inCOXitated 
with learning. 

The matter at hand inCt 
and Stephanie Cameron 

liors Meg Dobson 

)Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo f\CfitOSHC$ O lYi 

Divine Devices 

A Hands-On Experience 

Gadgets, gizmos, and gimmicks: they were in 
departments as different from eacfi other as home 
economics and art class. Science labs provided 
welcome relief from the monotony of daily lec- 
tures, not only for the students but for the 
teachers as well. Sometimes it wasn't just the 
monotony that was broken, but the equipment 
that suffered also. Even teachers were not exempt 
from an occasional mishap. For instance, during 
Mrs. Moser's first year teaching, she had one of 
those embarrassing moments. "During a demon- 
stration I was giving, I broke everything to pieces. 
The lab contained three flasks and four beakers. I 

was using my arm as a pointer, and when I turned 
around, I knocked everything to the floor," said 
Mrs. Moser. "I guess the only consolation I had 
was that I didn't have to pay for everything." 

These labs, when successful, serve as hands- 
on experience that most students find fun as well 
as educational. As Andy Turner said during a Biol- 
ogy lab, "Hey, these thingamabobs are neat!" 
Gadgets — just can't live without them. 

Without the triple beam balance, senior Kevin Cakes would not 
be able to explore the mysteries of chemistry. 

« '*iar' 

Language students tune in on the latest in educational equip- 
ment, taking a break from the usual teacher instruction. 

A microscope expands students' perspective. 

During Home Ec . seniors Amy Hoevermann, Anne Collit 
and Molly Highton apply their culinary skills to concoct 
gourmet delight 

120 O ACfiDEHICS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocO" 

Jenior Chris Hayes uses his divine devices to create his 
nasterpiece in art class. 

)uring art class, sophomore Jon Best is found molding a 
:reation at the potter's wheel. 


1)0000000000000000000000000000000 ACfiDBHlCS O 191 

During the mock election debate in government, Scott Trow- 
bridge held up a giant cue card for his candidate. 

The library was often the scene of students catching up on 
homework and projects 

122 O ACfiDEHICS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo"" 

Building Character 

English, Math, and Social Studies 

"I know you don't like it, but it builds charac- 
ter." This expression has been passed down by 
mothers everywhere, yet its meaning still remains 

How can anyone build character by sitting 
home on a Friday night because of last weekend's 
escapades? But, it is especially hard to believe 
that one builds character in English, Math, or His- 
tory class. These classes follow a very strict curri- 

Senior Barbara Elliot ponders poetry in AP English class. 

culum throughout high school. 

All of us have spent countless hours doing 
monotonous grammar exercises, math 
problems, and history essays. Although we didn't 
know it at the time, those four years of hard work 
and mind-boggling problems have given us 
something that went beyond the textbooks. 

Taking all of those somewhat boring courses 
has enabled us to develop a sense of persistence, 
patience, and responsibility. These traits serve as 
guides for the rest of our lives. Maybe, just 
maybe, that is what building character is all 

During AP Calculus, seniors Jennifer Lucas and Cynthia Intense concentration could be found on the faces of Amber 
Wilbricht give Mrs. Neola Waller their undivided attention. Medlin and Andrew White in Geometry class. 

)ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo /^CfiDEHICS O 7?3 

A Different Tune 

Everyone Hears Their Own Beat 

All of the students at Cox had their own rhythm. 
By choosing courses and making decisions, they 
created their own song. 

No one person took the same subjects as his or 
her classmates. The most popular electives 
varied from typing and independent living to psy- 
chology and public speaking. There are also those 
courses that are rarely heard of; oceanography, 
photography, and shorthand. With such a large 

span of electives, ranging from Russian I, a new 
course at Cox, to the marketing classes offered by 
DECA, it was hard to find two people with similar 

The subjects taught allowed equal room for the 
career-oriented, college-bound, or consumer in- 
terested student to expand and become involved 
in the symphony called Cox. 

During Russian I. a new elective at Cox. senior Tice Tarnayo Latin 5 provided a time for Jon Stautfer and Alec Marshall to 
review/s her test vi/ith Mr. Platz. discuss the mysteries of ancient ages. 

1i^ O fiCfiVEHICS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 

iruggling to make the grade, Alex Mattias crams before a test 
I Frencti 2. 

hile in the library, seniors Kim Brown and Keith Murphy 
search for psychology, a popular elective. 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ACfiDEHICS 1SS 


While attending a Model UN field trip, senior Alex Sadler looks 
excited to spend a day outside of school 

IVIrs Marilyn Wiley's fifth bell 1 2S English class takes a break 
to celebrate their teachers much awaited return. 

M O fiCfiDEHICS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


Gimme A Break . . . 

We Sure Deserve It! 

Field trips and assemblies provided a neces- 
^ry break from classroom rituals. Many of these 
breaks" were educational, but the difference in 
)utine made them fun. 

One Friday morning, for example, the entire 
3nior class was bussed to the Pavilion to watch 
le Shakesperean play "Much Ado About Noth- 
ig." Never had studying British literature been 
D entertaining! 

One unusual break was when the lead flyer 
cm the Blue Angels came and spoke to the 
udents during their visit to the Neptune Festival, 
e talked about the duties of a Blue Angel and how 

a pilot becomes a member of this elite flying 

Not all assemblies were educational, though. 
The much anticipated pep rallies gave the 
students a chance to yell, scream, socialize, and 
show their school spirit. The first pep rally of the 
year was quite an impressive sight for it was the 
only time that the entire student body was 
together In one place. 

When you least expected it and most needed it, 
that long overdue "break" was there to keep you 

Given a rare moment of free time in English class, Kelly 
Kincaid chooses to spend her time napping. 

During lunch, students gather to enjoy the fresh air and catch 
up on the latest gossip. 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fiCfiDEHlCS 1S1 

Playing the xylophone dunnq half-time at a football game, 
Senior John Best shows off nis musical ability 

Paying careful attention to detail , Senior Scott Peterson works 
to complete his abstract painting 


Hi O ACfiDEHICS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocc 

Everything Your Art 


Media of Satisfaction 

What do drawing pictures, marching in a band, 
and changing a tire have in common? All of them 
make up the many media of art offered at Cox. 

Students showed their feelings through paint- 
ing in Art l-V, many of them participating in city 
wide art contests. Also in the arts curriculum was 
art appreciation, in which students examined 
works by professional artists. 

In the industrial arts department, students 
prepared for the real world by exploring career 

Senior Kathy Crowder, an Art 5 student and a participant in the 
Governor's Magnet School for the Arts, works on yet another 

possibilities. Such courses as woodworking, 
electronics and metal technology were offered , as 
well as options for courses at the nearby Vo-Tech . 

There were some students that just couldn't 
express themselves quietly; these people were al- 
ways humming, tapping on their desks, or just 
talking. Well, there was a place in the arts for 
them, too — namely band, chorus, and drama. 
Our marching band, drama group, and madrigals 
received much recognition. 

No matter what your artistic interests were, 
you were able to satisfy everything your art de- 

Senior Kim Pollard works diligently on a painting for her art 

Seniors Sally IVIarch. Eddie Halfon , and Larry Bayles put in fine 
performances in the production of "The Man Who Came to 

iDoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo f\Cf\OSHCS O 7?^ 

Seniors Pam Pascual and Jon Perry work diligently to finish 
their homework problems for Physics 

Juniors Jefl Byrne, Mike Hammer, and Alan Schrob put forth a 
group effort to complete a Biology assignment. 

^ 'M*tnD I 

1^0 O fiCfiDEHiCS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cl 

Blinded with Science 

The Light of the Future 

The scientists of the future got their starts in 
the classrooms of today. Would-be geologists 
scrambled around Rice's Fossil Pit and examined 
erosion of streambeds in Earth Science, while 
aspiring chemists tackled the elements and 
Boyll's law. Biology gave a glimpse of life under a 
microscope or a slice of life in a dissecting pan. 
"Fossils and Rice's Fossil Pit make the year for 

During a Biology lab, organisms under the microscope come 
into focus. 

Me!" exulted Mike Roetker, a ninth grader. 

The science department was well represented 
this year at the Virginia Junior Academy of Sci- 
ence by senior Kristen Wilcox who was elected 
President. The science curriculum also met the 
needs of advanced students with AP Biology and 
the addition of AP Chemistry to the curriculum. 
Sciences were seen as the light of the future by 
those students who planned to pursue careers in 
scientific fields. 

After a skit in Marine Science, Junior Jon Currey shows off his 
clam costume. 

Junior Kevin Kratzer captivates his Earth Science class's atten- 
tion during an oral presentation. 

ooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooo 

fiCmHfC^ O I'fl 


Classes for the Mind 

Problems, problems, problems. Who would 
want to sit and talk about social problems for 50 
minutes? Well, many students seemed to be 
gluttons for punishment because Psychology and 
Sociology were popular classes. Child abuse, so- 
cial diseases, and quirks of the mind were the 
usual bill-of-fare for these students. Though 
these topics could have been quite gruesome, the 
teachers made them quite interesting. Mr. Tom 
LaBarbera and Ms. Michelle Walker, who was a 
new faculty member, taught Psychology. Sociol- 
ogy classes were taught by Mr. Sylvester Smith 
and Mrs. Ginny James. 

M^n\j Deonie had difficulty distinguishing 

between what is taught in Psychology and Sociol- 
ogy. Sociology is the study of interaction between 
people and social problems, whereas Psychology 
is the study of the mind and its workings. To 
provide a new approach to Sociology, the class 
took a field trip to the municipal buildings to view 
the legal system in action and the social effect the 
law has on its subjects. Both of the Psychology 
classes took in films like future Shock," and 
daytime talk shows. These provided a good basis 
for the discussion of topics under consideration. 
A day in court or the morning with Donahue? No 

Called to the front of Psychology class to be used as an ed 
ample. Alvin Novoa waits anxiously to see what will be aske| 
of him. 

While playing the Dear Abby game, psychology teacher Ms. 
Michelle Walker pulls out questions to analyze the mind 




7^2 O fiCfiDEHiCS ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 


Seniors David Mosman, Mike Davidson, and Tommy Gregory 
sit back and enioy the class discussion in Ms. Miciielle 
Walker's Psychology class. 

Obviously enjoying her job, Sociology teacher Mrs. Ginny 
James explains the meaning of the word "fascists." 



oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fiCfiDEHICS O 1^Z 

Senior Alan Norman threatens to cut Diana Vann's tiair as stie backs away. Enjoying ttie break trom class, Mark Petersen and Geraldine Maraia exit the buildin 

for a fire alarm. 

Ttie famed Jewish Mother delicatessen is often a Falcon hangoq 

1% O A1)S oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 


From Shore Drive to 
Lynnhaven Mall, the 
shopping possibilities 
are endless. No matter 
what your preferences 
include, designer fash- 
ions, that new car or 
something to snack on 
after a long day at 
school, the variety of 
businesses in Virginia 
Beach offer an In- 
COXitating assortment 
of choices. 

Riding up the lift, Amy Riti- 
trip to Snowshoe. 

jdiah Hess enjoy the ski 


ooooooooooooo fiM O 7^S 





^ Beach 


2717 Virginia Beach Blvd., Virginia Beach, Va. 23452 — 486-2717 

1% o m 


; ^ V 


1625 Hilltop West Shopping Center 
Behind McDonalds at Laskin Road 

Owned cV: Operated by GEORGE POULOS 

Since 1973 
Not Affiliated witli any other Jimmy's Pizza 

Starting 11:00 A.M. Daily 



Seafood Restaurant 




m o m 




613 Virginia Beach Blvd. 

Virginia Beach, VA. 23451 





Bayside Shopping Center 

Bill & Marjorie Parker 

Owners 4837 Shore Dr. 

(804) 464-4534 Virginia Beach, VA 23455 

VA. BEACH 425-1221 

('avmine-* tnlhonyA^ (o. 


Chiiiese Cuisine . _ 


"The unpretentious exterior and verj simple not 
offer a clue to the quality of the dinlng^cxperience." 
Rebecca Haynes. "Plavor" critic of The Viifinian-Pilot and 

The Ledger-Star. 


8ZBCHUAN Opwi: 11:30 am 


Va. BMCh 460-1965 

Nerds Christi Edwards and Kristen Wilcox cant 
seem to flt>urc oul wliat i.s .so riiiim . 


CLASS OF 1987 

G.D. Robertson 


Cor»iino loaeihcr is a bc«inr»"r»ci, Kocpni*^ 

JHarc — ^anicffc lV(ai)ctt(2 



Guess Who! 

Congratulations 8c Best Wishes 

to the Class of 1987, 

Especially to this future 

Executive . . . you've made us proud! 

Mom and F A 

3)000000000000000000000000000000000000 -/'?'? 

Field Hockey members 

Monica Stewait and 

Kathy Fosina play 

towards a coininon 

SAM WELCH, Photographer 

l^€UMjUm P^ati^. ^HC 

Fast B & W l.D.s 


Family Clrnuof 

Instant Passports 

Custom Cibachrome Prints 

from slides 


V_ 3736 Shore Dnve 

Virginia Beach, VA. 23455 



B & W for 


Custom Black & White 

Developing & Printing 

Telephone 460-1515 

bayside shell 

Slate Inspection Station. No 2631 
Automotive Repairs Towing Service 



4769 Shore Drive 
Virginia Beach VA 23455 
Telephone (804) 460 0608 


BeWs School of Dance 

Estabhshi'd since 1980 



Only 10-12 students per class! 

Ages 3 to Adult 

For information 
Call 481-2582 

2262 Seashore Shoppes 

(Corner of Great Neck & 

Shore Dr.) 

Diri-ctor Rflh Tciuri>.-iui CniitTfll 

3619 Pacific Avenue 

Virginia Beach. Virginia 23451 

804 422-2940 

400 West OIney Road 

Nortolk. Virginia 23507 

804 625-4531 





Bay Chevrolet/Imports. 6970 N. Military Highway 

)oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 207 

/^J J&B Doughnuts 

\^ DBA Mister Doughnut 
1641 Inclependance Blvd 
\ a. Beach, VA 23455 


think GREEN!! 

>-|jl||^j^| 7/imMiiiuuiiiiii»l!i»iiiMiijafli>«uaiiiitiyiiiii(« yiii>iwM 


Ken Zimmerman 
Owner — Operator 


Le Matin Bakery 

Unusual Cakes 




2242 (ileal Neck Road 

Sea Shore Shopps 

Viririiiia Beach, VA, 23451 

'iMi. (804) 481-7.S:-;7 



Janaf Shopping Cntr. 1060 W. Mercury Blvd. 

Norfolk, \'a. Hampton. \'a. 

461-5936 838-0441 

2352 Virginia Beach, Bhd. 

Virginia Beach, \'a. 


When you've said 


You've said it all! 

St iiior 1 i()\ lio\(l skaU's on his h.K ky.ird i.mip. 



"Savings so big you need a shopping cart" 


V'.'e are high volurrn.', low pr;cod hic;i!:h and beauty aids slore with a 
complete pharmacy (or your convenience 


We eliminate the middleman and warehousing needs 9b% of Drug Emporium merchandise 

is bought and sold directly from the manufacturers and 

all special purchases are passed on to you 


Yes, we do not run special sales or loss leaders in ads' Our everyday prices are less than our 

competitors' "special" prices. We offer consistently low prices- You may find identical items 

marked at different prices because we never mark-up existing merchandise when new 

shipments arrive! We encourage you to buy the lowest priced item! 

Over 23,000 items sale prices everyday! 
— Everyday Savings — 

American Greeting Cards 40 °o off 
Designer Sunglasses 50 '^i off 
Designer Fragrances 10 lo 40 9u off 
Cosmetics 35 'Tb off 
Prescriptions 25 'o off 
Hair Care Products 45 to 50 "o off 
Health & Beauty Aids 33 '^o off 


2165 Cunninqh.Tm Drive 
SK.rc (80-1) 827-7538 
rii.iini.iry (804) 827-5743 

Store Hours 

Moil thru Sal ') ',<0 a m lo 9 30 p n\i 
Sunday 10(10 ,. m to C' 00 p ni 

Virginia Bearli 

3352 Virgin-,i Bench Blwl 

Store (804)463-09)11 (804) A(,3-m72 


Junior Liz Riner eyes the Super Big Gulp as she 
rests during a soccer game. 

A Touch of Country, 

Furnishings • Gifts • C^ards • Shore Things 

Antique Reproductions • Furniture 

(804) 460-0434 

* Ms. Noah Creations 

* Gordon Frazer 

* Quoizel Lamps 
4425 Shore Drive • Suite 102 

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23455 

Jackie & John Moss 

:))oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 203 



IMCmOlNlG (VIAMN Uf\ilQl3E ^ 0(\iU5LJAl VAR.lEfie5 



t- kfn auisnohs... 


_;- Plus-Tools, r£feiiLiztRs& oTh€R eMefv/i\CAL'D,TLAMr^(e5, 

^^^- S0ILS^Bf\6K£r5,KAf\[6tflb,C(eAFr SuPPuts, 
^^*^ AMD mnru.Mi^ru fvirNT^f^ Afrw^^^ 




AMD muCHjMocM fvior^ Aff^e 

C0NA£Vl5lfUS 500^f!! 


SOWOAY \l-io 


*<6MB BDIOMey to. VA.&EACH CALL ^90" 1010 

5H0S \i^b\\Ki RiMEft. eo. VA.aeAcw Mzz^-tGio 

l276G,ft£Ar lOeCk. flD. VA.aeAcw ^Bl-l5l6 

lZ9lFeRR£LLPKW.AT6(lU.0O0THBLVD. VA.B£A3< 417-0101 

2^r oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cc 









W* Really Do Have Sofrtethmg DtHerent 

3800 Holland Road, Suite 104 
Viiginla Beach, Va. 23452 















Fully clothed, Kelli Malloy exits the pool as Matt 
Savacool continues to swim 

fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 20S 


\ Chesapeake Bay ¥ ^gk ^ 

Bridge Tunnel fiTl ^^ ^^^^ 


17... i;. ., .; 

• Reservations Accepted - 4604K)55 -^^S 
3800 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, Virginifi 

(3/4 mile west of Lynnhaven Bridge) ' ;. 


Wine & Cocktails 

20^ ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 






The future is so bright for Mike Dooley that he 
has to wear shades. 


OFFICE (804) 460-3341 
EVENINGS 481-1828 


Goodman Segar Hogan 




No Firing Required 

Don's Plastercrafts 

Finished Pieces For Sale 
Monthly Classes 

1 764 Independence Blvd. 
Va. Beach, VA 23455 

Don & Estelle Price 
(804) 460 9030 








Proudly Serving Employees, Students, 

And Their Families Of The 
Virginia Beach Public School Svslem 






1260 (ireat Neck VillaKe Shoppes 
Virginia Beach. VA 23454 
4565 Virginia Beach Boulevard Shoppes at Lake James 
Suite 208 5347 Lila Lane 

Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Virginia Beach, VA 23464 



iervlcing All Your Skateboard and Surfboard Needs' 

2144 Great Neck Square 

Shopping Center 

(804) 496-9343 

Learn how to 
make up your 

Today, AU'ile Norman unites you to loai'u tho cii-- 
si^u and colors of your own hoautil'ul lace. Our 
trained Beauty Advisors will teach you how to: 
Open your eyes with color. Shape your lips softly. 
Contour your face. Let our HeaiUy Advisors teach 
vou today. . . free. 

Woman to Woman ^^, 









Our Neighborhoods 
Have ANatural Advanta^. 

For more information call 466-5564 in South Hampton Roads. On the Peninsula call 873-1300. 


Virginia Natural Gas 


Senior Kathy Slough catches her breath as she 
stops to watch field hockey practice. 

Les Trois Graces 

"When you think of 

Unique Gifts, 

Think of us" 

A Fine Selection of Fine Art, 

Antiques and Unusual Gifts 




1560 LASKIN RD. 422-4292 

9:00 TO 6:00 

9 00 TO 5:00 




PHONE 464 3727 

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 20^ 


2508 Atlantic Avenue 

1820 Atlantic Avenue 

Virginia Beach's 

Discount (Center! 








1916 Atlantic Avenue 

Virginia Beach, X'irginia 

23r(l and Atlantic Avenue 





Home of the 
#1 Rated 



VIR(,INIA HEAC H («()•») 4K1-91 14 

Two ol the ihic'c loolhall capi.iins, M.iik I'clcTson 
and John Diislin wail lo |)e|) up die dowd at the 

|)(T) lalh. 



• Good Tasting 


/r"i: • No Chemlcala 

• Soder W»let 


Sail ^ ' • Fully Aulomallc 

• No SKined f 


• No Suller-Odor or Taale 

• No Bacteria 

jr Viruses • No Moving Parta 







425-5005 424-1 404 627-941 1 


Atlantic PET CEiMER 

DAVE JOHNSON, JR. 2817 Shore Drive 

(804) 496-2660 or 496-2661 Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

Physics teacher, Mr. Leon Hoots, exhibits his 
white Oxfords on Nerd Day. 



Sun & Swim Wear 
Guys & Gals 






^ , Complete Full Service 

We teach recreational ^ 

scuba diving. Easy. Fun. 
For a lifetime of pleasure 

diving. Call now. Dive Center 

Instruction*Charter Trips 

Snorkelcise Classes 

1413 Great Neck Rd. Indoor Pool Memberships 

Virginia Beach, VA Equipment Repair/Rental 
481-7949 Scuba Lessons and Camp 





Mr. and Mrs. Jack Nargiso 

Kurt and Fran Rohdenburg 

Kim Hux 

Terri Saywer 

Debbie Holland 

Nancy Fowlkes 

Debora Mosher 

W.L. and Jacquline W. Deans 

Mrs. Jerry Long 

Mrs. Ginny Gardner 

Mrs. Jackie Butler 

'i.: ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 


Great Neck Family Practice, Ltd. 


Daniel R. McCready, M.D., F.A.A.F.P. 

Richard B. Ayers, M.D., F.A.A.F.P. 

Brant W. Thomas, M.D., F.A.A.F.P. 

Russell E. Bigney, Ed.D., C.C.M.H.C. 


(604) 481 0456 

Congratulations to 

the Next Pillar, 

Mike Davis 

Love, Mom 8c Dad 

Division of 






560 Baker Road • Virginia Beach, Va. 23462 
Since 1948 
Virginia Beach: 490-3131 

It's a different beat for Mr. K: .ppen 
and Bowen Beachham. 



Class of 1987, 


Natalie "GNAT" 



Mom and Dad 

Natalie, December 19, 1986 


I V U 

the most! 



Many thanks to 

Mrs- Gail Riffle 

Mrs. Don Martin 

Mrs. Peggy Washington 

and the advanced 


Love, Talon. 



MON-FRI. 8:30-8 



SAT. 8-6 

Virginit Rrich 

I34(l(;rciil Neck Ro«.l 

(CireHt Neck Shoppinji ( rnirr) 


C hesupeHke Virginia Beach 

1 1074 S. Military Hwy, 2244 Shore Pnvr 

(Ncil l<> t«v ( aillrl lal (.rrnl Nr< k K I I 

42(>-K»29 48 1 -9873 

7IH Hampton Blvd. 

I-Jrni I illlc ( rcrk) 

489 9716 






PO. BOX 66037 


(804) 427^5800 







(804) 464-4563 CHARLES C. HALE, SR. 
(804) 460-1050 OWNER 



Kj mily StN'le Dinners To Co 
Cjlenng For Any Occasion 

Housekeeping Services 
Personal Business Services 

2324B Virginia Beach Blvd. 
Virginia Beach, VA 23454 



980 S. Military Highway 
Virginia Beach, VA 23464 







(804) 463-0685 

3925 PORTSMC. .. t.. D 


(80- ae-iSgj 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo '. J o o o o 21S 

PHONE 499-6605 












Clothing — Shoes — Accessories 
— Swimvvear 


712 Hilltop North Shopping Center 
Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

PHONE (804) 425-3966 

"Success begins with a 

person's will." 

Congratulations Mandy 

Homecoming Queen 


Mom, D.kI, K- MidiMcl 

Sick Room 
Needs d i 



CALL 464-1463 



P(«05urf House Rood 6 Shorf Dnot 


772 Hiltoj) North Shopping Center 
rhonc: 422-2201 ' 
M-F l()ani-9pni SAT 10ani-6pni 






2'/(j ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 

Best wishes to the 
Class of 1987 

2240 Wolfsnare 
Road, Virginia 

Beach, VA 


200 S. 





Dan Fermil, 

1421 N. 




Automotive Sound • Security Systems 
Cellular Phones • Custom Installation 

2605 Virginia Eieach Blvd 

Virginia Bcath, Vj 2.V4,S2 


10X17 Warwick Blvd 

Ncwp<^i News, Va. 23601 


Good Luck Seniors! 

724 First Colonial Rd. 

Lynnhaven North Shopping Center 

425-5583 • 340-7111 

Milton's Pizza 

Because you're 

someone special! 

2272 Great Neck Road 







(ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc-^ooooo 217 

In Memoriam 

James Kevin Donahue 
Class of '87 

Eric Wallace Rice 
Class of '90 

ll2 oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc- 



Shore Drive at Great Neck Road 

At the end of practice, Track 


Lori Cuffee, Gary Matthews, J J. 

Jones, and Heather Lawrence 





At The Waterside 

333 Waterfront Drive. *22 

Norfolk. VA 2351C 

(804) 625-6740 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocooooo 21^ 


Co7{High School 

the Class of 1987 

The Employees 


A Celanese Company 

801 VVatiM-Stn'ct 

720 O f\DS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 








1423 N. Great Neck Road 
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23454 






American Cafe 

1427 N. Great Neck Rd., Va. Beach, VA 23454, (804) 496-0656 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo /IW O 227 

211 24th Street 

Virginia Beach, VA 23451 

(804) 428-3311 




Sliorc Drive at Cireat Nt-tk \U>m\ 

Helium balloons brighten 
Homecoming for Christie 
Morrissey and Aldo DiBelardino. 

Good Luck Class of '87 


Cathy Crowder 

Mom and Dad 

,/i^ /fLEXAPiDERS 



VIR(;iNIA 2:^455/(801) 4()4-4<H)9 




1615 PACIFIC AVE. VA. BEACH. VA. 23451 f?r.'4 425-6551 

oooooooooooooooo f\T)S O 225 

Senior Stats 

'^ -- rl«tln« Abbata: Key CloD. 

•12. CMA. 1 1 . 1 a, Senior- 
Senator. 12; Spanish Oijti. 1 0; 

- ^M^^ Video Club, 12; Young Life. 
^^ »10. 11.12. CampBigner-s. 12; 

i-'^^^Obt Puff. 11.12. Fall Play. 11.12. Assc 
Director-. Soring f^usicai. 1 1 . St:ace Man. . 
Drama Wortcshoo. 9 

l.janti WrltTiM' l\/1archir>g Band. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2; 
Ftag Tearr^. 1 2 

KMotiaal Adams: Soanisn Club. 1 0; 5CA. 1 0: 
Young ufe. 1 O. 1 1 , 1 2 

WrestJmg. 1 O 
ni IVlarcning Band. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Con- 
cert Band. 1 O. 1 1.12; Spring Musical. 1 1 
Ka l li H aii Amss Coauettes. 1 0. 1 1 ; Latin Club. 
10. 1 1.12 

JaWai I AfTtasj Adv Band I. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2; Jazz 
Band. 9. ID. 11. 12; MarcHmg Band. 
9. 1 Q. 1 1 . 1 2; Drum Maior. 11.12. Sr Regional 
Band. 11.12; r^ladrigals. 11.12. Sr Regional 
Chorus. 11.12. State Chorus. 11.12; Honors 
Choir. 1 2. Spring Musical. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. I C C. . 
1 1 ; German Oub. 1 1 . Talent Show. 9. 1 1 . 1 2; 
CBovernor'e Magnet School for the Arte. 11.12. 
McDonald's Ail American High School Band. 1 2 
Cui bi alL Amoai Golf Team. 9; German Club. 
1 1 1 Senior Senator. 1 2 
Jaaon AfKiai a m i; Wneetiing. 1 
Alaola Andrawa; Field Hockey. 9. SCA. 
1 D. 1 2. Miss Cox Pageant. 9. 1 1 ; Young ufe. 

Cross Country. 10; Homecoming 

1 1 . 

Committee. 1 2. Cox Fashion Show. 9. 1 O. Proni 

Hoecaes. l l 

B ai all AaHfton: Executive Council. 10. 11.12; 

Freahnoan Class Treasurer. Key Club. 9. Trees. 

1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. Latin Club. 1 0, 1 1 . National Honor 

Sooecy. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. Powder Puff Chairman. 1 2; 

Yeartxx*. 9. Class Sect. Ed 1 S 1 1 . Asst Ed 

12. Young Life. 10.11.12. Campaigners. 

10. 12 

Oill Mtta Aymondi DECA. 12; Spanish Club. 

in 1 1 VO'j"g Li'e IP 

BOIalan Badawh French Club. 9. 
Spanish Club. 1 Q. VJAS. 1 1 ; Fine 
Arts Club. 1 2 
Crystal Bagby: Spanish Club. 
9. 10. 11. COe. 12; SCA. 3 
FBLA. 3. 12 

Soonish CluD. 11.12 
Blovlott: Football. 1 0; Wrestling. 1 O; 
Video Club. 11.12; FBLA. 1 2. Junior 

Achievement. 1 2 

CHrla«ap*>ar ■anka; Cross Country. 9. 10; In- 

■.'x^' •■H-. 9, 10. LsDn Club. 9. 10, DECA. 12 
Mark Barkan Football. 9; Baseball. 9. 1 O, 1 1 . 
Co-Capt. 12. State and Regional Gymnastic 
Chainoion. Fourth in Nation 

Wanda aarnar d i Forensics. 1 0. Gymnaetica. 9. 
CIVIA. 11.12. Trade. 1 Q; French Club. 1 0. 1 1 . 
SCA. 9. FHA. 9 
Mynica Barnaa: FHA. a. ID: FBLA. 

9. 1 O. 1 1 , 1 2. SCA. 1 Q, Powder Puff. 1 2 
Wayna Barrlnaaui Tennis. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Latin 
Club. 12 

KIralan Baumi Latin Club. 9; SCA. 9. Jr 

Acr ,fy,!r.,,:.,t. 11.12; Young Ufe. 12 

I awiii c ia Baylaat Theepian Society. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. 

Fol f'-n, ID. 11.12 Spring Musical 11.12. 

Go«»irr,or a School. 12 SCA. 10. Forensics. 12 

Bowan Bssebafni Basketball. 11.12. SCA. 

9 1 O. Spanish Club. 9 

•iuls Baaohboai d i Drama. 9. 10; Talon. 10; 

Falcon Press. ID. National Honor Society. 

irj 1 1 (-ir)(J 10. 1 1 

■r>»n ■aalrd i Video Club. 9. Computer Club. 9 
Mallaaa ■annaoni FBLA. 9. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2. French 
Club. 9. 1 O. Junior Honor Society. 9. Young Life. 

1 2. Who's Who Among American High School 


Botoart Baraatromi Debata. 11.12. Spanish 

(:.'..t, i;' //.rigapan. 12 

Jo»«n ■amhardtl DECA. 1 2. German Club. 9 

J^t\n Baaci Jazz Bsnd. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. Symphonic 

Band. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. Concert Band. 9. Marching 

Band 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. German Club. 9. 1 1 . 

Comoutar Club. S. Video Club. B 

Biorgs Blaahi Footbsll. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. Basabsll. 

a. io 11,12 

Tlfnofchv BlanoHardi WraaUing. S, Journalism, 

Pacrlola Bladaoai r;riaenaadino. 9. 1 O. Student 
Council. IO. Yaartxxik. IO, 12, Show Chorus, 


Alllsan aioxaanu Coousixss, 11.12 CoCspt^ . 
Thaspisna. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 3 Vioa-Phss . SCA, 1 0. 1 1 , 
Exacutiva Council. 1c* French Club, 
e. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. Fall Play. 1 O. 1 1 Student Dir . 1 S. 
Bonng Muaical. 1 0, 1 1 . 1 2, Ring Dance Choir 
man, Powdar Puff, 1 1 . 1 S, Faahion Show, 1 l 
Btory Book Theater. 1 0. 1 1 . One Act Ploy. 

10. 1 1 

Todd Bo»lHia< WraaUing, S, 1 0, 1 1 . 1 2. Socoar, 
B. Young Life. 11,12, Spaniah Ckjb, 9, IS. Latin 
Club 1 ? r ARS. 1 2. BCA. 1 2 
Lyitn B n ljlanoi Whoa Who Among High School 
Btudanta. Senior Senator. 12. Yearbook. 
11.12. Falcon Praaa. 1 1 Copy Editor 1 2. Kay 
Club. Claaa Pap . 1 S. Spaniah Club. 1 2. SAOO 
founder. 12. FHA. 11. FBLA. IS. Soph Claaa 
Staarmg Cofrvn . 1 0. Osnca Comm . 1 0, 1 S, 
ICC. 1 2. Pcrwdar Puff. 1 S 

JsiMiWi BeMsrdi French Club. 8. 1 0, Kay Club, 
e. 1 0. Young Life. S. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Campaignara. 
1 0. 1 1 . 1 a. CMA, 1 0, 1 1 , DECA, 1 1 . TARB. 1 2. 
Modal UN. IB. Who Whoa Annong Amancan 
High School Scudanta 
Oanlaa Boakot SCA. B. IO. Thaapiana. 

9. 1 O. 'i 1 T oung i_jfe. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. Soccer. 1 O. 
Powder FViff . 11.12. Spanish Club. 1 1 ; DECA. 
12; Ring Dance Comm . 1 1 

Mark Bowan: Indoor Track. 1 O. 1 1.12; 
Outdoor Tr-ack 9. 1 Q. 1 1 . 1 2. Soanish Oub. 9 
Evatta Bo«vaar: Chorus. 9; Trafari Roses 
CSorority). 1 0. at I C Norcom 
Coxatta Brannan: SCA Homeroom Rep.. 
9.1 O.I 2. Homecoming Commitxee. 1 0; Span- 
ish Club. 1 o. FBL-A. 1 a 

C laudia Braaall; Talon. IO. Fall Ray. 11.12. 

French Club. 9. 1 O. Treas. 1 1. Trees 12. Key 

Club. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Thespians. 11.12; Powder 

Puff. 11.12; Spring Musical. 11. Prom 

Convnittee Chairman. 1 2 

Joy Bratshan FBLA. 11.12. FHA. 1 2 

Patar Brinkman: Tennis. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 S; Latin 

CioD '1 Young Life. 11.12. Soanieh Club, 9: 

FBLjA. 12 

KaH Broooka: Cheerleading. 1 0. 1 1 . Captain. 

1 2. Homecoming Court. 9. 1 1 ; Homecon'iing 

Committee. 9. 1 O.I 1.12; SCA. 9, 1 O, 1 2; Ex 

ecutive Counal, 1 S: ICC, 1 2; Field Hockey-LJH. 


K. Oana Bro«wn: Science Club. 1 2. Homecoming 

Committee. 12. National Honor Society, 

1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Tidewater Science Congress. 1 1 . 

VA Jr, Academy of Science. 1 1 . Spanish Club. 

9. ID. J V Quiz Bowl Team. l o. Moot Court. 
1 O. Editing Team. 1 O. fvlath Team, 9 
Klmbarly Brown: Executive Council. 11,12, 
Junior Class Secretary. Spanish Club. 11,12; 
Fine Arta, 1 2, FBLA. 1 2, Young Life. 11.12; 
fvlodel UN. 1 2. Senior Class Fundraising Chair- 
man. SCA Rep,. 1 0, Thespians, 1 0, Senior 
Float Committee. VSCA Conference 
Con-imittee. Prom Committee. 1 2. Homecom- 
ing Committee. 1 2 

WocHia Brown: Spanish Club. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Key 
Club. 1 1 . Jefferson Club. 1 1 . SCA Rep . 1 0. 1 1 . 
Executive Council. 1 2. Tidewater Science Fair. 
1 1 . Young Life. 1 1 , DECA. 1 2. Special Olympic 
Volunteer, 1 a 

VIotoHa Brown: Drama Club, 9; Indoor Track. 
1 O. 1 1 , Outdoor Track. ID; Wingspan Co- 
editor. 1 2, Falcon Press Activities Editor. 1 2. 
Who's Who Among H S Students 
William Brownlow: Latin Club. 9. 1 Q. VP 1 1 . 
TARS. 11.12. Debate. 11.12. Wrestling. 1 0. 
ICC. 11.12. Executive Council. 1 2. Chess Club. 

1 0. Sec 1 1 , Senior Class Vice President 
•Jannlfar Bryaon: Concert Band. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2, 
Marching Band. 9.1 O.I 1.12. French Club. 
11,12, Pit Orchestra for Musical 1 1 
Stavan Burfcai SCA Rep . 1 O. Senior Senator. 
1 2, Debate, 11.12 

klamaa Burritt: Latin Club. 9. Tennis. 
9. 1 O. 1 1 , 1 2. Ski Club. 1 0. 1 1 . Model UN. 1 a. 
SCA. 1 2. Homecoming Committee. 12; Prom 
Committee, 1 2 
PatHok Burton: Golf, 1 2 

CNala Carlatrom: NA/restling. 9, 
Volleyball. IO; German Club. 9. 1 O. 
Latin Club, 1 1 
Haathar Carn^lohaal: Spanish 
Club, a. IO. FBLA. 11, FHA. 11, 
Library Club. Sec 9. Pres 1 Q. Wingspan Staff. 
1 1 . German Club, 1 1 
Pamela Carter: FBLA. 11.12 

KHatlnCabrowakli Cheerleading. 9. Homecom- 
inn Court. 9, Powder Puff. 12 
Soott CKambara: Baseball. 11.12 
niok Chapman: Concert Band. 9. Symphonic 
Band. 1 O, 1 1 . 1 2. Marching Band. 1 D. 1 1 . 1 2; 
Jazz Band. 1 1 . German Club. 1 1 . SCA Rep. 1 2 
Dyan Chllootti FBLA. 11.12. DECA. 11.12; 
FHA. 1 1 , Library Club. 9; SCA. 1 
MIoKolla Clanfranli Track. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . French 
Club If 

Kobln Clark: Concert Choir. 9. 1 0. Fine Arts 
Club. IO. 12. ModrigalB. 11.12. Regional 
Chorus. 9. 1 1 . Spring Musical. 1 1 ; Young Life, 
9, IO. 1 1. 12 

•iaalnca Cogglni FMA. 9. Spanish Club. 9. 1 0. 
and VP 1 1 . Spanish Dancing. 9. 1 0. House 
Monoger. 1 1 . Stage Manager, 1 2 
Booct Cotiani Marching Band, 9. 1 0. 1 1 , 1 2, In- 
door Track. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Outdoor Track, 1 1 . 
French Club, 9, Wreatling, 9 

Anssllqua Colllnai Track, 9, CMA, IO. FHA 
B 12 

Llaa Cook: Band, 9.10. French Club. 
1 O, 1 1 , 1 y Yearbook. 1 1 . 1 a. Key Club, 9 
Wandall Coaanaai SCA Pres 12. Executive 
Council. 1 1 . Soph Class TroBS . Football. 1 O. 
Dabota. 11.12. Model UN. 11.12. Jefferson 
Club. 1 1 . Boys State. 1 2. Tidewater Region 
SCA Pap . 1 2. Fall Play 1 2. German Club. 9. 1 O. 
Young Life. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 
Paul Criawalli Spaniah Club. S, 1 Q, 1 1, 

Hon^romintJ CommiCtas. 1 0, 1 S; VJAS. 1 1 
Haathar Crookai Latin Club. 1 0. FBUA, 12 
Kathy Crowdart 'idoniah Club. 9. 1 1.12. SCA. 
•J. ' ij I , ,- Ai tu Club. 9.1 O.I a. Gov Mag 
Bclxxjl of Arts. 1 1.12. Powdar Puff. 11.12; Ex- 
acuuva Council. 1 1 . 1 a. Yearbook Staff. 11.12. 
Young Lifo. 1 1 . 1 a. Jeffaraon Club. 1 1 . Who's 
Who Among Amer High School Studsnta. 
OECA. 12. Faahion Show Production. IS 
Collaon Crowlayi Kay Club, B. 1 1 , Yearbook 


Wlllla Oaahar, Jr.l Varsity Soc- 
11111. Capt. ia. Franoh 
L.iub. 11.12. Young Lifa. 11.18. 
Kay Club, 1S, F>rom Committaa, 
12. Homaooming Committaa. 19 

Daniel David: Latin CiuD,; Golf 

IO 1 1 IS CMA. 11.12 

Michael Davldaon: Wrestling. 9. 1 O.I 1.12. 

FootoaK, 3, 1 O. 1 1 , 1 2 

Alison Oavia: Yeertxaok Staff. 9. 1 0. Spanish 

Club, 9. 1 0; FBL^. 9. 1 O; JETS Team. 1 1 ; SCA. 

1 1 , DECA. 1 a. Executive Council. 1 S: CMA. 

1 3. Science Club Sec . 1 2. Senior Class Sec 

VJAS. 11. TSC. 11. Powder Puff. ia 

Homecoming Committee. 1 2 

ChrlatI Davia: French Club. 9. 1 O. 1 1 ; SCA. 

9.1 O.I 2. ICC. IO. Fine Arcs Club. VP. 1 0. 

Falcon Press. Asst Ed 11. Editor. 12. 

Wingspan. FBLA. 11.12. Senior Senator 

Tracy DavIa: Color Guard. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . Capt. 1 2, 

f\/ladrigals. 9. 1 0. 1 1.12. German Club. 11.12. 

French Club. 9. Talon. 11.12. Junior 

Achievement. 1 1 . Powder Puff. 11.12 

MIohalla Dean: French Club. 9.1 O.I 1.1 a. 

Church Activities. 9. 10.11. Key Club. 

1 O. 1 1 . 1 a. Coauettes. 11.12. SCA. 1 1 . Ring 

Dance Committee. 1 1 . Senior Senator; Prom 

Committee. 1 2 

Hovrard Dackari Nexus Club. 9, DECA. 11.12 

Dannia Dlllard: Football. 1 2 

Jill DIttrlok: Yesrtxjok. 9. 1 2. Cheerleading. 

1 O. 1 1 . SCA Parlianrientarian. 1 1 ; National 

Honor Society. 11.12 

Mary Dobaon: National Honor Society, 

1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Forensics. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Yearbook. 

9.1 O.I 1.12. SCA. 9.1 O.I 1.1 a. Executive 

Council. 11.12; French Club. 9. 1 0. Key Club. 

1 0. 1 1 ; Spring Musical. S. 1 O. 1 1 . Honors Choir. 

1 a. Homecoming Court. 1 a. Thespians. 1 3 

Charia Donato: Cheerleading. 3. IO. Track 

9. 1 O, Cross Country, 3. 1 O. French Club. 3. 1 O. 

Talon. 9. 1 O. Forensics. 9, 1 O. Powder Puff. 1 l . 

TARS. 1 1 . 1 a. Latin Club. 1 1 . Science Club. 1 1 . 

Model UN. 1 2 

Paul Ooyla: Latin Club. 1 1 . Soccer. 1 O. 1 1 . 

Capt 1 2. Jr Float. Homecoming Comm , 1 a. 

Young Life. 11.18 

JoHn Duatin: Football. 1 O. 1 1.12. Basketball. 

1Q. SCA. 9. IO, Executive Council. 1 1 . Sr Class 

Treas . FBLA. 1 1 , Powder Puff. 11.12. 

Marquee Comm . 11. VJAS. 1 1 . Young Life. 

9. 1 Q. 1 1.12. Cannpaigners. 1 0. 1 1 ; Leadership 

Workshop. 1 2 

Dawn Dunagan: SCA. 1 2. DECA. 11.12 

E Mallaaa Edmondaon: Art Club. 
3. IO. Spirit Club. 9. IO. French 
Club, 1 O, Varsity Soccer. 9. 1 O. JV 
Basketball. 9. Coouettes. 12. 
Homecoming Float. 1 2. DECA. 1 2. 
FHA. ia. German Club. 12. Dancing. 

9. 1 O. 1 1 , 1 2 

Chrlatlna Edwarda: Spring Musical. 9: French 

Club, 1 O. CMA, 1 O. Powder Puff. 1 1 . Spanish 

Club. 1 a. Senior Senate. 1 S. Key Club. 1 0. 1 1 . 

Sec 12. Yearbook. 1 1 section editor. 12. Miss 

Cox Pageant Chairman. 1 2. Student of the 

Month. 1 a, TSC. 1 1 -second place 

Holly Edwarda: Cheerleader. 11.12. French 

Club. 1 O, 1 1 , SCA Bep 9. 1 1 . Powder Puff. 1 1 . 

Key Club, 1 a 

Kathy Edwarda: French Club. 9. Drama Club. 9, 

Spanish Club, 1 a. Dance Committee. 1 a. 

Marching Band Guard. 12. SCA Rep . 12. 

Homecoming Float. 1 2 

Laura Edwarda: Field Hockey. 10,11.12. 

Basketball, 10,11.12, Softball, 1 0; Spanish 

Club, IO 

Todd Ehranzallan Football, 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2 

Barbara Elliott: Band. 9,10.11.12. Flags. 

11.12. Forensics. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. NHS. 1 1 . Sec , 

12; SCA Rep .11. Executive Council. 12. CMA, 

1 0. 1 1 . 1 a. Powder Puff. 11.12 

Kavin Elllai Wrestling. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Baseball. 1 O. 
Football. 10,11, Student Gov't. 1 O. Latin Club. 
1 2. TARS. 1 2. Young Life. 11.12 
BtapKanIa Emaraoni Field Hockey, capt 9. 
Softball. 9. French Club. S.10; FBLA. 
1 O. 1 1 , 1 a. FHA. 1 a. Key Club. 1 1 
Rhonda Evaraollt Cheerleading. 1 O. 1 1 . Who's 
Who Among American High School Students. 
1 2. Video Club 

FKavIn Faltyi Football. 9. 1 0. Base- 
batl. 9. ID. Journalism. 11. 
Wingspan. 1 1 . Library Club. 1 2 
Brian Fantraaai Basketball, 
in, 1 1. 1 a 

David Farousoni Model UN, 1 1 , German Club, 
3, 1 O. 1 1 . Marching Band. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Con- 
cert Band. 9. 10.11.12. Jazz Band. 
9. 1 0, 1 1 . 1 2. Spring Musical 9. 1 1 . 1 3. Young 
Life. IO. 1 1. Regional Band, IO. 12; McDonald's 
All American f-liofi School Band. 11.12 
Douglaa Fargusoni Can^era Club. 9; Yearbook, 
U ) I )l CJA. 12 

Anna Fllart French Club. 1 0. 1 1 ; FBLA. 1 1 . Kay 
Ulub. 11,12. Yearbook Staff. 11.12; Fall PIsy, 
1 H. Spring Musical. 1 1 . SCA, 1 1 
PIsroa Flaming: Track. 9. French Club. 9; 
DECA. 12. SCA Rap . 12 

Martlsaaa Fowarai French Club. 9. IO. 1 1 , 12, 
Powdar Puff. 11.12; FHA. 9, 1 2, Young Lifs. 
1 O. 1 2; Prom Comrnittos. 1 2; Homecoming 
Committee. 1 2 

Jans Forrsatari Chorua. B, 1 O, SCA. 1 O. Ger 
man Club, 1 1 . 1 a. FBLA. 1 1 

Kathy Faalr«ai Field Hockey. S. 1 O. 1 1 . capt 1 2. 
Baakatball. IO. 11.12; Softball. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; 
FHA. IP, FBLA. IS. SCA Rap . IO, 12 
Jarrsry Foatsri Football, B. 1 O. 1 1 . SCA, 

Chria Fountalni Football, ID 11 12: BnnebnII 

1 a, German Club. S. 1 0. 1 1 
FBLA. 11.12 

n: CMA. 9. Hist 1 O. Sec 1 1 . VP 
1 a. German Club. 9. 1 O. Latin Oub. 1 1 . Volley- 
ball, 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 a. Girts B-ball mgr 1 O; Basket- 
ball, 9, Softball. 3. 1 O; JA. 1 a. Young Life 
BItay Froatj Falcon Press Staff. 1 1 . Wingspan. 
12, Coauettes. ia; Miss Cox Pageant. 11. 
Powdei- Puff. 11. Spanish Club. 9. 1 O; 
Cheerteading. 3. 1 

Oavid Fulkaraon: Wrestling. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 S; 
Frer,ci^ Club. 9.10.12. Football. 11; 
Newspaper. 1 2. SCA Rep. . 1 2 

G Laura Oardlnan French Club. 1 2: 
Homecoming Comm.. 12; Sci- 
ence Club Vice-Pres . 1 2 
Viator Oardlnar: Track. 9. 1 O. 
Football. 1 O. Basketball. 9. 1 O 
Taraaa Oarratt: Spanish Club. 9. 1 0. Gym- 
nastics. 9. CMA. 1 O. 1 1 . DECA. 1 1 . Powder 
Puff. 1 1.12. Homecorning Comm. . 1 2. FBLA. 
12, Fashion Show. 1 1 

■Jannlfar O arria: Young Life. 9. 1 O, 1 1,12. Ecol- 
ogy Club. 9, Latin Club. 11.12. Powder Puff, 
11.12. CMA. 1 2. FBLA. 1 2. JA Vice-Pres, , 1 2 
aonna Oaaton; Track. 9.10. 11; FBLA. 
3 1 O. 1 1 , 1 2. Powder Puff. 9. 1 
Carol Qaylor: Class Historian. 9; Fine Arts Club, 
1 O. Ring Dance Comm . 11. Powder Puff. 1 1 ; 
NHS. 1 1 . 1 a. Homecoming Comm . 1 2. French 
Club. 9. Secretary 1 0. President. 11.12. Key 
Club. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. VJAS. 1 1 

Katia Oagnar: DECA. 11,12, Young Life. 
9. IO. 1 1, 12 

Dwlght Qlbba: German Club. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 a 
Pobln Oilman; Basketball. 1 0. Spanish Club, 
3. 1 O, 1 1 , Library Club Treas .11. Powder Puff. 
1112. SCA. 9. 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, FBLA. 1 2; DECA. 

Sharon QIah; French Club. 9, 1 O, 1 1,13; 
Coauettes, 1 O, 1 1 , Cspt 12; Key Club. Young Life. 9. FBLA. 1 0. 1 S. 
Who's Who Among American High School 
Students. 1 1 . Falcon Press. 1 1 ; Exchange Ed. 
1 a. Dance Comm . 1 1 

Joann Oluokowakl: Cross Country. 1 0, 1 1 , In- 
door Track, IO, 11, Outdoor Track. 10. 11 
Traoaa Oodwin: DECA. 11.12. FBLA. IO. 11; 
Powder Puff. 11.12. DECA President. 1 2 
Uaa Ooodall: Field Hockey. 9. Basketball. 9, 
SCA. 3. 1 1. 12. French Club. 9. Soph Del,. IO; 
FBLA. 1 a. DECA. 1 1 . 1 a. Who's Who Among 
American High School Students. 1 a 
Rlohard Qordoni Science Club. 1 1 . Debate. 9 
Cadrto Oray: Football. 11.13. Wrestling. 9. 1 3. 
Track. 1 2. Powder Puff Coach. 1 2 
Lorl Oraban CMA. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 3. French Club. 
1 O, 1 1 , FBLA. 1 O. SCA. 1 O. Powder Puff. 
Ilia. Latin Club. 11.12. TARS. 1 2. 
Wingspen. 1 2 

Tom Qragory: Golf, 9, 1 0, 1 1,12, Wreatling, 
1 O. 1 1 . 1 a. Young Life. 11,12, Video Club, 1 3; 
TARS, 1 2. SCA. 1 a 

Jmnnttmr Qrootara: French Club. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. 
Spring Musical. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. Fall Play. 1 0. 1 1 , 
Thespians. 1 O. 1 1.12. Coquettes. 1 O. 1 1 . Pow- 
der Puff. 11.12. Falcon Press. 11.12. Key 
Club. 1 1 . Storybook Theatre. 1 0. 1 1 . One-Act 
Play. 1 O. 1 1 

Lorl Orubba: Soccer. Capt. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 3; 
Cheerleading. 1 0. French Club. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 3; 
SCA. 1 1 

HJannIa Hadflaldt Soccer. 9; 
Cheerleading. 9. Fine Area Club. 
IO, Video Club. 13. FHA. 12 
Elizabeth Halai Marching Band. 
9, 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Concert Band. 1 2. 
French Club. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. SCA. 1 O. Who's v^ho 
Among American High School Students, 1 2 
Bill Halsyi Wrestling, 1 O, 1 1 , 1 3, Audio VisusI, 
10. 1 1 

Ehud Halfon: Spring Play. 1 0; Fall Play. 1 3; 
Thetipitint, 1 2 

Brian Hammi Soccer. 9, 1 2, Croas Country, 
1 2, Indoor Track, 1 2 

Marilyn Hanrwwi Dance and Drill Team, 9; Gym- 
nastics, IO, FBLA Histonan. 13 
Buaan Harden Key Club, 10, 11.1S; French 
Club, 9, 1 O, 1 1 

Lisa Harmon: Sp>aniah Club, 9. Chasriaadar, 
9. 1 1 . 1 2. Young Life. 1 0. 1 1 . Latin Club, 1 1 , 
FHA. ia. Powder Puff. 12 

B andra Harrlaani Franch Club. 9. 1 Q. 1 1 . Ecul 
ogy, 1 0. FBI A 1 0. DECA. 1 2, Gymnastica 
Miji . IO 

Katrlna Haaalmani Soccer, 9,10,11,12, 
French Club. 9. 10, Latin Club. 1 1. Key Club, 
11.13. TARS. 1 2. Wingapan. 1 2. Talon. 1 0. In- 
door Trock. 9. Talent Show. 9, Giftad Progrann. 
9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 3. Powder Puff. 11.12 
Chrlatophar Haysai Soccer. 9. French Club. 

9. IO. Wrestling. 9. IO. 11. SCA. 11.12; Kay 
Club. 1 2. Club Babalu. 1 1 . Lacroaaa. 1 O. 1 1 
Klmbarly Haynlai NHS. 10.11.13. Key Club, 
a. 1 O. 1 1.13. French Club. 9. 1 O. Latin Club. 
11.13. Young Lifs. 9. 1 0. 1 1.12, Chserlaading, 

1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; Gymnaatica, 9, 1 O, 1 1 , Capt 1 2; 
Homecoming Ct, , 11,13, VA Girl'a Auxiliary 
State, 11, SCA, 13, FHA, 13, Who's Who 
Among American High School Studanca, 1 3 
Mona Hadapathi Basketball, 9, Band. 9. 1 O 
Audrey Harnandaai Advanced Band, 

9. 1 D. 1 1 . 1 ;?, Forensics. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2. Debats, 

10. 1 1. Graduation Comm . Executive Council, 
S. 1 0.I 1.12. Girl'a State. 13. Tidawatsr 
Chsllsnoa. 1 3. Fraah Class Vics-Pres. . French 

Club. SJ. IC) NHH. in 1 1 PiTiH IP Knv Club. 

'<.?^ O SSNIOK SlfilS oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


1 1 , ICC. 3; Who's Who Among American High 
' ic hool Students, 1 1 

Buzanna Hesbolt Cheenleading, 5, 1 O, 1 1 : Pep 
I kib. S. Mixed Chorus. 3: Varsity Club. ID; 
Hund. 10, Newsletter Staff. 11. BETA Club. 

1 1 , Distinguished American High School 
^Ludent. 1 1 , Who's Who Among American High 
S,:hool Students. 1 1. French Club. 13 
Sarah Haas: Key Club. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 S; NHS. 11,12: 
I '.jwder Puff. 11. SCA. 11.12. Spanish Club. 

1 1 , Talon, a, 1 O. Asst. Ed. 1 1 . Ed. 1 2. Miss Cox 
I '.lyeant Co-Chairman. 12 
Noal Hlfh FBUA. 12 
r'mm HInnnan: Young Life. 9. 1 0; French Club. 

1 O, 1 1 . Key Club, 1 D, 1 1 ; Latin Club. 1 2. 
Homecoming. 11,12 

Caollla Hodgaa: Adv Band. S. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 S 
IVIarcua Holman: Wrestling 3. 1 D. 1 1 . SCA. 1 D. 
: icnior Senator, 1 2 
acavan Holt:: Latin Club, 9, 1 D 
Tammy Huddlaaton: DECA. 11.12; FHA, 

Mauraan Anna Hunt: Spanish Club. 1 S; TAPS. 

i;^. Yearbook Staff. 12. Basketball. B. 1 0. 
Vtilleyball. 1 1 

JKanna«h C. Jacobaan: Track. B. 1 D. 
Latin Club, 1 2. German Club. S. 1 O 
Kacrlna D. Jamaa: FBLA. 11,12. 
COE, 12 
Hanry M. Johnaon, IV: Band. 3, 1 G, 
AIASA, 1 1 

Holly a. Johnaon: Marching Band, 3. Color 
i,.iard, 11.12; French Club. 3, 1 O; DECA, 12, 
' I lung Life. 1 2, Ring Dance Comm. . 11; Prom 
1 omm . 12. Powder Puff. 12 

Rabacca Johnaon: CMA. 1 2. Latin Club. 3; 
( 'owder Puff, 1 2 

KQaorga Kapoa: Spanish Club. 
3, 1 O, German Club. 11.12. FBLA. 
Kathpyn Keafar: DECA. 11.12 
MIchalla Kane: Spanish Club. 
9, 1 O. Cross Country. 3, 1 D. Outdoor Track. 
3. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Indoor Track. 1 2. Wind Ensemble. 
3. 1 O. 1 1.12. Marching Band. 3. 1 Q. 1 1 . 1 2; 
Jazz Band. 3. 1G. 11.12. Pep Band. 
3. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Drama Club, 3, Ski Club, S; Glee 
Club. 1 1 ; Choir. S. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Musical. 3. 1 2 
Tara Kim: French Club. 3, 1 C, 1 1 Vice Pres. ,12, 
Exec Counc , 11.12. NHS. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Who's 
Who Among High School Students. Key Club. 
ID. 11.12. Latin Club. 10.11; Science Club. 
11.12. CMA. 11,12. Model U. N. . 12. TSC. 1 1 - 
3rd place; VSL, 11. Latin Con.. 11. Spriit 
Comm . 1 1 

Kally KIncald: Basketball. 3.10.11 Capt.. 12. 
Tennis. Latin Club. 10,11.12; 
"Falcon Press". 1 O. 1 1 . Powder Puff. 1 2 
L^rry King: Football, 11.12. Latin Club. 1 O. 1 1 
MIchalla KItchana: Basketball. S. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 

Chrlacophar Kmat: Wrestling. 3. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. 
Baseball. 3; French Club. 1 0. German Club. 

William Knudaon: JA. 11.12. Science Club. 1 2; 
Talon photographer. 1 2 
Mark Kravchak: Wrestling. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 

LMIks L^mba: Wrestling. S. 1 O. 1 1 
Craig Laap: Football. 1 2. Track and 
Field. 12 
Rabaoca Lamburg: Freshman Class 
Vice Pres ; DECA. 12. Exec Council. 
1 2. NHS Leadership Conference. 3; Annual 
Speech Fest. 3; Homecoming Comm. . 1 O 
Charlaa LIndauar: French Club. 9. 1 0. Latin 
Club. 1 1 ; Exec Council. 1 2. Senior Senator 
Chrlatlna Lloyd: DECA. 11.12. FBLA. 1 1 . FHA. 

HopaLuoaa: French Club. 3. 1 1 . Coouettes. 1 O. 
FBLA. 1 2; Wingspan. 3; Falcon Press. 1 1 
Jannffar Luoaa: Spring Track. 3, French Club. 
1 O. 1 1 . Key Club. 1 1 . Talon. 1 1 . NHS. 11.12 
Vice Pres. Latin Club. 11.12 Trees.. Young 
Life. 11.12. Exec Council. 1 2; I C C. , 12. Lead- 
ershio Workshop. 1 2 

Toby Lucy: Football. 11.12; Latin Club. 1 1 . 
Powder Puff. 11 S 1 2. coach 

MLIaa MacOonald: Photog 
raphy Club. 3. Volleyball Club. 
3. DECA. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 
Nall-Qarwood MacEacharn 
French Club. 3. 1 O. 1 1 Sec 
Fine Arts Club. 1 G. Talon. 3. 1 O. 1 1 . Copy Ed 
1 2 Senior Co-Ed . Forensics. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Exec 
Council. 12; Key Club, 1 0. 1 1 Jr. Rep,, 12 
Pres. . NHS. 11.12; Senior Prom Hostess. 1 1 
Miss Cox Pageant. 11 1 st Runner-Lip. Leader 
ship Workshop. 1 2. Governor's School. 1 2 
Kalll Malloy: Gymnastics. 3. 1 G. Foreign Lan 
guage Club. 3. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2. Spirit Club. 3. 1 O. De 
bate. 11.12. Talon. 11.12. Science Club 
11.12; Homecoming 1 2 Chairman 
Oaraldlna Marala: Field Hockey. 1 O.I 1.1 2 
Capt. Softball. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2. SCA. 12. DECA. 
1 2. Fashion Show. 11.12. Powder Puff. 1 2 
Sally March: Sophomore Class Secretary. 
Thespians. 1 O. 1 1 Sec . 1 2 Pres . Fall Play. 
1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Spring Musical. 11,12 
' Kay Maralla: German Club. 1 0. 1 1.12; FBLA. 
11.12. DECA. 1 2. Concert Band. 1 O. 1 1 . Flag 
1 Team. 1 1 
1 Matt Maroon: DECA. 12. FHA. 12. Young Life. 

10. 1 1. 12 

I Alac Marshall: Wrestling. 1 O. 1 1 . Latin Club. 
9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Nexus. 3. Exec Council. 1 2. SCA. 
1 1 . TARS. 1 2. Cross Country, 1 2. Winter Soc 
cer. 1 2. Young Life. 11.12 
Warran Mathaw^a: Basketball 

Linda Maxwall: Chorus. 3. FHA. 11.12. FBLA. 
12, Spanish Club. 1 1 
William McCalium: German Club. 1 1 
Suaan McClailan: Key Club. 3. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2. 
French Club. 3. 1 O. 1 1 . Young Life. 1 Q. 1 1 . 1 2; 
Campaigners. 1 O. Talon. 3. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2 Co-Ed . 
NHS. 11.12; Senior Senator 

Haathar MaFlllln: Softball. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 S; VICA. 

1 ) , i; '. I'liwiiiT I'uff. 1 1. IS 

Maggia MoKaon: FBLA. 10.11.12; DECA. 
1 1. iy 

Craig McLaughlin: Basketball. 9, 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; 
Baaobnll. 9. 1 Q. 1 1,12; French Club. 3. 1 O 
Danlaa MIokalaon: Spanieh Club, 9; Latin Club. 
1 1 . 1 ^. Fall Play. 1 1 Stage Manager; Homecom- 
ing. 1 P Co Chairman; Coquettes. 1 O 
EHo Mliby: Latin Club. 9; SCA. 1 G. 1 1 . FBLA, 
1 r^, ^Sfniur Senator 
Cava Mlllnar: Current Events. 1 O 
Oon Morria: Tennis. 3; Soccer. 3; JA. 1 1 
Chrlatlna IWIorrlaaay: Spaniah Club. 9. 1 O. 1 2; 
Freiirh (.;iiih. 1 1.12; Wingspan. 3. Theapiana. 
10. 11.12. Key Club. 12; Homecoming. 12, 
Spirit Comm . 12 

Jennifer Moyar: SCA. 9. 1 G. 1 S; Ind. Arts Club. 
1 1 Trees . Cheerleading. 9. 1 G. 1 2; DECA. 1 G. 
Powder Puff. 1 2 
Oan Murphy: Golf. 11.12 

Miohaiia Myara: Indoor. 1 O. 1 1.12; Outdoor 
Track. 3. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 S; MVP. 3. 1 O. 1 1 ; FHA. 1 2. 
SCA. 11.12 

Shannon Myara: Art Club. 3. French Club. 
9. 10. Young Life. 1 1. Powder Puff . 1 1. Fashion 
Show. 1 2, DECA. 1 2. Senior Senator 
Shawn Myara: Football. 1 2. VJAS. 1 1 . JA. 1 2 

NJannlfar Naiaon: Gymnastics, 
ID, Spanish Club. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. 
Office Aide. 1 1 
Kriatin Naiaon: French Club. 
3. ID. 11.12. Key Club. 
3. ID. 1 1 . 12. FHA. 12 

Alan Norman: Latin Club. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. TARS. 1 2. 
Model UN, 12, Exec Council, 12. Cross 
Country, 1 2. Indoor S Outdoor Track. 1 2 
Bill Nottingham: DECA. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2. Latin Club. 
1 1 

Aivirlna Novoa: Spanish Club. 12, German Club. 
12. Fine Arts Club. 12 

□ Kavin Oakaa: Cross Country. 3. 
Track. 3; Marching Band. 
3. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2. Jazz Band. 11.12; 
Concert Band. 3. 1 G. 1 1.12 
Alan Oataa: FHA. 1 2. Football. 9 
Jon Odan: Forensics. 9,10.11.12. Debate, 
3, 1 O, 1 1 . 1 2 Co-Capt. , Latin Club, 3, 1 G. 1 1 , 1 2. 
Model UN. 11.12. TARS. 11.12. NHS. 
9.11.12. SCA. 12. Graduation Chairman, 
Fundraising Comm . 1 1 

Backy Ogiaaby: French Club. 3. Symphonic 
Band, 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Color Guard. 9. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2 
Capt, . Homecoming Comm 3. 1 G. 1 1.12. Ring 
Dance Comm . Senior Prom Comm. ; Gradu- 
ation Comm. ; Powder Puff, 1 2; Model UN, 1 2, 
TSF, 1 1 . VJAS. 1 1 ; Young Life. 1 2. Winter 
Guard. 1 2 

Jamas Oilvar: DECA. 1 2 

Paul a*Nail: Football. 3 Capt . 1 0. Baseball. 9 
Capt. 10. 11.12; Latin Club. 9. 1 O; Spirit 
Comm, . 1 2. Senior Senator 

PQina Pachaco: Latin Club. 9. Span- 
ish Club. 10. FBL^. 11. DECA. 12 
Frank Palermo: Basketball. 
9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Baseball. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 
Pace Palmar: Track. 1 O. 1 1.12. 
Football. 1 1 

Pam Paacuai: Spanish Club. 1 0; Latin Club. 
11.12. Key Club. 11. ICC. 11. CMA. 
10. 11.12. SCA. 10. Senior Prom Chairman 
Senior Senator. Adv Band. 9. 1 0. 1 1 . 1 2 
Sam Pavay: Spanish Club. 9,11.12; Latin Club, 
10. 1 1; Key Club. 12. Model UN. 12. SCA. 9, 
Student Exchange. 1 O 

John Packana: Latin Club. 9. 1 0. Marching 
Band. 3. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2. TARS. 1 2 
Jennifer Pennington: NJHS. 3; Ring Dance 
hostess. Latin Club. VICL. 
3.1 G.I 1.12. CMA. 10. 11.12. Homecoming 
Comm, . 11.12. Young Life. 1 C. 1 1.12; Science 
Club. 11.12. FHA. 12. SCA. 12; Softball. 12 
Johnathan Parry: Wrestling. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. 
Latin Club. 9 

Mark Pataraan: Football. 3. 1 O, 1 1 . 1 2 Capt , 
Wrestling, 10,11,12; Track, 3,10,11,12, 
SCA, 3, 1 O, 1 2 

Scott Patarsan: German Club, 3, 1 G, 1 1 . 
TARS. 1 2. Wingspan. 1 2. Science Club. 1 2 
Kriaa Phaipa: FHA. 1 O. 1 2. DECA. 11.12. Latin 
Club. 1 1 

Lara Piaraon: Baseball. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 Capt. . Foot- 
ball. 1 O. Key Club. 9. 1 O. Latin Club. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2; 
Homecoming Comm . 3. 1 O. 1 1 ; Exec. Council. 
1 1 . TARS. 1 2; Senior Senator 
Carolyn Poa: Track S Field. 11.12, Flagbearer, 
1 1 , Stage Crew, 1 1 , French Club, 1 2 
Raven Pravatta: FHA. 1 O; DECA. 11.12. 
Caucasian. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2 

eiizabath Prodan: SCA. 1 O. Drama Club. 1 G. 
Soccer. 1 a. 1 1 . 1 2. Basketball. 3. Powder Puff. 

R Suaan Rayflald: Latin Club. 3. 
FHA. 3. 1 O, German Club. 11.12 
Mary Redding: Spanish Club. 1 1 . 
FHA. 1 2. Guidance Helper. 1 1 
Anna Raaa: DECA. 11.12 Sec . 
Spanish Club. 1 0. Latin Club. 11. FBLA. 12 
Chrlatlna Raynoida: Thespians. 1 0; Fall Play. 
10. Spring Musical. 1 O; French Club. 11; Pow- 
der Puff. 1 1 

Chrlata Rhudy: VICA. 11.12 Council Vice Pres 
Lori RlQcl: SCA. 9; Homecoming Court. 1 O. 
Powder Puff. 11.12. DECA. 1 2 
Raalynn Richardaon: FBUA. 11.12 
Amy RIddick: Fall Play. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Spring Musi- 
cal. 1 O. 1 1 . Madrigals. 1G. 11.12. Regional 
Chorus. 10,11,12, Va, Honors Chorus. 1 2. 
Thespians. 1 G. Historian. 11.12; SCA. 1 O. 1 2. 
Homecoming Court. 1 2. Fine Arts Club. 1 0. 
Miss Cox. 1 1 . State One Act Play Festival. 1 1 
Arlana RIdga: DECA. 1 2 

Rhaa Riava: Coquettes. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Young Life. 
11.12. Chorus. 3; French Club. 10. 11.12. 
Ring Dance Comm.. Prom Comm.; DECA. 12. 

SCA. 1G; Senior Seneca Alt. ; Powder Puff, 12 
ataoy Roaat Fine Arts Club. 1 0. 1 2; FBLA, 
1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; French Club. 11,12; FHA, 1 S: Ecol- 
ogy Club. 1 1 

Karen Rouiiati French Club. 9; 'Voung Life, 9; 
Key Club. 9. 1 1 ; Coquettes, 1 0, 1 1 ; Jr. Claae 
Publicity Comm. . Falcon PreaB, 1 1 ; Powder 
Puff, 11, FBL^, 11.12 TroBB.; NHS, 11,12 
Treas ; Wingopan, 1 2 Co-ED 
Katharina Rudigan FBLA, 1 2 
VIokIa Rumpf I I ,Htin Club, 11,12 
Jay Ruaaalh Wi ■(■Btling, 9; German Club, 9,12; 
Video Club. 12 News Ed.. FBLJ\. 12; Science 
Club. 12 

Alex Sadlan Sr Clese PreB. ; Jr. 
Class Treaa, ; NHS. 11.12: Model 
UN. 11.12. Debate. 10,11,13: 
Latin Club, 9, 1 1 ; TARS Trees. 
11.12; Leadership Workshop. 1 2; 

Boy's State. 1 2. Executive Council. 11.12 

Tad Sakia: German Club. 3; Newspaper Staff. 
1 1 . Asst Editor. 1 2; Library Aide, 1 1 . \A/ho's 

Who Among American High School Students, 


Matt Bavaoooi: Soccer. 1 O. 1 1.12; Cross 

Country. 11. Track. 3; FBUA. 3. 1 O. 1 1 . SCA. 

10. Science Club. Treas. 12; CMA. 12. German 

Club. 12. Key Club. 12. Video Club. 12. 

Homecoming Committee. 1 2. Leadership Con- 
ference. 3. 1 G 

Kimbarly Savino: SCA. 1 1 

Oonallan Schloaaar: Spanish Club. 9: CMA. 

10. 11.12. Key Club. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2: Latin Club. 

11.12. Wingspan. 1 2, TARS, 1 2; Powder Puff. 


Moiila Schmidt: French Club. 9. 1 O. Ecology. 

1 O. Chorus Pianist, 1 2; Spring Musical Pianist. 

11.12; Fall Play Asst. Stage Manager. 1 2. 

SCA. 12 

Raohaai Schmidt: Softball. 9. Basketball. 3. 

Tennis. 11.12. SCA. 1 1 . Powder Puff. 11.12. 

DECA. 1 2. Model UN. 1 2; Sr, Senator. 1 2 

Draw Sohnitt: Wrestling. 9. 1 1 . Spanish Club. 

10. 11; French Club. 1 G; CMA. 11.12; Sr. 

Class Fund Raising Comm. ; Latin Club. 1 2; Sci- 
ence Club. 1 2 

Stafania Schoanbach: Latin Club. 9. 1 O. NHS. 

9; French Club. 1 1 . Vice-Pres 1 2. Fine Arts 

Club. 1 2 

Sonya Scott: Cheerleading. 9. Homecoming 

Comm . 1 O. Gymnastics. 9. 1 2 

Oano Saay: Wrestling. 1 O. DECA. 1 2 

KimbaHy Santar: Spanish Club. 9. 1 O. SCA. 1 O; 

FBLA. 9. 10. Treas 11.. Historian 12. French 

Club. 11.12. Talon. 1 2; Newspaper. 1 2. Pow- 
der Puff. 1 2 

Cathy Barano: Field Hockey. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. SCA. 


Mlaay Barrano: Homecoming Fit 1 0. DECA, 


Matthew Batford: DECA. 1 2 

David Bharpa: Thespians. 1 O. 1 1.12 

Chriatian Sharrook: FBL^. 1 1 . Gymnastics. 

3. 10. French Club. 3. Chorus. 9. 1 G 

Kavin Bhaa: Basketball. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Baseball. 

11.12. Latin Club. 1 2 

Maroia Bhialda: Spanish Club. 3. 1 0. German 

Club. ia. DECA. 12 

Karen Shreckangauat: Key Club. 1 1 . Spanish 

Club. 11.12. Wingspan. 12 

Oavid Shuli: Wrestling. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. German 

Club. 1 O 

Barbara Slbart: FBL^. 1 Q. 1 1 . 1 2. CMA. 1 S. 

Homecoming Comm. Chairman. 1 2 

Chari Bike: Soccer. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Marching Band. 

11.12; SCA. 1 1 . Spanish Club. 1 O. 1 1 . Library 

Club. 1G. 1 1 

Denial BImpaon: Wrestling. 3. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. 

Newspaper. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Key Club. 1 O 

Scott SJovali: Senior Senate. Video. 1 2 

Kathy Slough: Field Hockey. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Soft- 
ball. 11.12. Jr. Class Vice-Pres. . SCA. 9. 1 O. 

ICC. 1 1 . Executive Council. 11.12; Latin Club. 

11.12. Key Club. 3; FHA. 12; Young Life. 

1G. 1 1 . 12 

Wandalyn Spaera: Latin Club. 3. Track. 9. 

FBLA.. 1 G. 1 1 . COE. 1 G. 1 1 . JA. 1 1 , CMA. 1 2 

Kathy Bpancar: Latin Club. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. CMA. 

11.12; Key Club, 12; Who's Who Among 

American High School Students, 1 2. FHA. 1 2. 

Young Life. 12 

Inah Song; Honor Society. 1 G. 1 1 

ChHatophar Sprouaa: Model UN. 3. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. 

Debate. 11.12. Tidewater Challenge. 12. 

Forensics. 11.12 

Kimbarly Stafford: DECA. 1 2 

Haathar Stamen: FHA. 3; DECA. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2. 

FBLA.. 12 

Rabaoca Btarbuck: Model UN. 11.12; Spanish 

Club. 1 1 . Pres 1 2. Powder Puff. 11.12. Fresh- 
man Treas . 3. Basketball. 3. 1 O. 1 1 . Young Life. 

1 2. Basketball. 9 

Michael Staub: Wrestling. 1 O, 1 1 . 1 2 

Jonathan Btauffar: Executive Council. 1 2. Latin 

Club. 3. 1Q. 1 1 . 1 2 

Carl Staphanaon: Wrestling. 9. Golf. 1 O. 

DECA. 1 1 

Raailn Storey: SCA. 1 O. 1 1 . Soph Class Pres. . 

Thespains. 3. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2; Talon. 12. French 

Club. 3. 1 0; FBLjA. 1 D. FHA. 3. Cheerleader. 

3.10.11. Track Man. 3; School Play. 

3. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2. One Act Play. 1 G. District 

Speech. 1 Q. 1 1 ; School Musical. 3. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. 

NJHS Vice-Pres. 3. Ch. 2S Production Team. 


Maliaaa Btreatar: Newspaper. 1 O. 1 1 . DECA. 


Chriaay Strickland: FBLA. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Ring 

Dance Attendant. 1 O; CMA. 1 1 . Science Club, 

1 1 . Young Life. 11.12. Powder Puff. 11.12. 

FHA. 12. Wingspan. 12; "Falcon Press". 12 

Kimbarly Stroud: Spanish Club. 1 O. 1 2. FBLA. 


Mike Summariin: Wrestling. 11.12. Spanish 

Club. 11.12. Young Life. 1 2 

□ ragory Super: Young Life. 3. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2. 

Campaigners. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Band. 9. Key Club. 

1 O. 1 1 . Treas. 1 2; Ring Dance Host. Prom 

Host. Executive Council. 1 2. Who's Who Among 

American High Schoul i>.udontB, 1 2 

TLatlola Tamayoi isCA, 9, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; 
■-j|,onifjl, l^iub, J. 10: Latin Club, 1 1 
Tamara Taahalkoi Voung Lifa, 
a. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2: Key Club. 9. 1 O. 1 1 : 
Latin Club, 1 0, 1 1 . VP 1 2; PowOur 
Puff, 11. Executive Council, 1 1 , i P; French 
Club, 9: Yearbook, 1 1, Section Editor t:?, Miea 
Cox Pageant. 9-firet runner-up 
Mandy Tavaraai Cheering, 1 0, 1 1 , capt. 1 S: 
Homeconning Court, 1 O, C3ueen 1 2; SCA, 9, 1 2; 
Executive Council. 1 2; ICC, 1 2: Powder Puff, 

Natalia Taylon GymnaeCics, 1 O, 1 1 , 1 2: Indoor 
Track, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2, Outdoor Track, 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; 
Cheerleading. 11,12; French Club, 9, 1 0; SCA, 
1 2; Senior Senate, 1 2 

Hanry Thompaont Wrestling, 9,10,11,12, 
Compu:«r Club. 9; SCA, 10,11,12 
Kimbariay Toibart: Spanish Club, 1 1 ; FBLA, 1 2 
Carl Trafton: Tennia. 9, 1 O: DECA, 1 1 : SpaniBh 
Club. 'J 

Charlaa Trent: Marching Band, 10,11,12: 
Concert Band. 3. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2 

Boott Trowbridge: Varsity Soccer, 11,12; 
Cross Country. 1 2: TAHS, 1 2: Science Club, 

Cindy Tucker: FBL-A, 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2: Yearbook, 
3, 1 G, Latin Club, 9; Library Club, 9, 1 O. 1 2: 
FHA. 1 2. DECA. 1 2 

Miohaiia Tumar: French Club, 11,12; DECA, 
1 2. FHA. 1 2. Thespians. 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2: Young ufe, 
Daniel Tyrrail: Latin Club, 1 2 


Chrlati Undarhlil: Color Guard, 
11.12. Fall Play. 1 1 . Spring Musi- 
cal. 1 1 . International Thespian 
Society, 11,12. German Club. 
12. FHA. 12. Powder Puff, 12; 
Sophomore Class Homecoming Float 

Craig Vanabia: DECA. 1 1 ; Junior Achievement, 
11. FBLA. 12. SCA. 12. TARS. 12 
CBamat Vintsant: FHA. 9. Spanish Club. 9, 1 0. 
Powder Puff. 12. DECA. 12. FBLjA. 12 
Anna VInn: French Club. 3. Treas. 1 O. VP. 1 1 . 
TARS. 1 2. Key Club. 3. 1 Q. 1 2. Varsity Soccer. 
11.12. Wingspan. 12. Homecoming. 

9. 10. 1 1. 12. ICC. 1 1 

Anna Vlte: Spanish Club. 9. 10. Yearbook. 

10. 11.12; CMA. 11.12. DECA. 12. Science 
Club. 1 2. JETS Team. 1 1 . TSC. 1 1 . Who's Who 
Among Amer. His Students. 1 2; Key Club, 
9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Class Historian. 1 2 

Robert Vu: Band. 3. 1 O 

WAnne Weita: Softball. 
1 O. 1 1.12. Key Club. 11.12; 
Jefferson Club. 1 1 . Spanish 
Club. 3.11.12. FHA. 
9. 1 1 . 1 2; FBLJX. 1 1 . Powder 
Puff. 11.12. Young Life, 1 G, 1 2. Homecoming 
Committee. 11.12 

Kerry Walker: German Club. 3; DECA. 11.12 
Judith Weiah: Gymnastics. 11.12; Latin Club. 
9. 1 0.I 1.12. Model UN. 11.12; FBLjA. 1 G: 
DECA. 1 2; Soccer. 3 

Richard Walah: SCA Treasurer. 1 2; Wrestling, 
1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Latin Club. 3. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Who's Who 
Among Amer, H S Students 

Brian \Ward: Wrestling. 3. 1 G. Football. 9, 1 O: 
DECA. 1G. 1 1 . 12 

Catharine Weibom: Band. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. DECA. 

Cindy Walborn: FHA. 9. 1 2. Latin Club. 1 O; 
FBua. 1 O, 1 1 . DECA. 11.12 

Robert Welch: Debate. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Model 
UN. 11.12. TARS. 11.12 
Eric Waller: German Club. 1 O. 1 1 
Bradley Wantz: Debate. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2. Computer 
Club. 9 

Molly Wheiehen: French Club. 9. 1 0, 1 1 , 1 2; Key 
Club. 9. 1 0. 1 1.12; Freshman Senate. Sopho- 
more Senate; SCA Historian. ID. TARS. 
1 O. 1 1 . Executive Council. 1 1 . 2nd VP Junior 
Class. TSC. 11. VJAS. 11. Yearbook. 11. 
Student Life Ed 1 2. Leadership Workshop. 1 2; 
Powder Puff. 11.12. National Honor Society. 
11.12. SCA Secretary. 1 2 

Chrlatlna White: German Club. 9. Indoor Track. 
11. -12, FHA. 12. Powder Puff . 12 
Amy Whitaman: Marching Band. 9; Coquettes. 
1 O; Spanish Club. 11.12; FHA. 1 2. Flag Team. 

Cynthia Wllbright: Latin Club. 9. 1 G. DECA. 1 1 ; 
Senior Senate. 1 2; Model UN. 1 2 
Kriatan Wilcox: French Club. 9. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Key 
Club. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2. Drama Workshop. 3. CMA. 
1 1 . JETS. 1 1 . Powder Puff. 11.12. TSC. 1 1 ; 
Yearbook sect. Ed.. 11.12; VJAS. 11. Pres. 
1 2. Senior Class 2nd VP. Tidewater Challenge. 
12, Who's Who Among Amer H.S Students. 
1 2; National Honor Society. 1 2 
Dan Will: Football. 1 2 

Kriatlna Wllliama: DECA. 11.12. Powder Puff. 
1 1 

L^rry Wiiliama: Marching and Concert Band. 
3. 10. French Club. 3. 1 O. Thespians. 11.12; 
FBLA. 1 2; Fall Play. 11.12. Spring Musical. 1 1 ; 
Newspaper. 1 2 
Richard Wllliama: FBL^. 1 2 

Jackie Winataed: VICA. 1G. 1 1 , 12, NCA. 12 
CathaHna Wood: Class President. 11.12: SCA 
2nd VP. 1 2. CMA. 3. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Softball T.:;s-r,. 
3. 1 O. 1 1 . 1 2; Tennis Team. 1 G. 1 1 . 1 2 ^ -.'-.c, 
ter Challenge, 1 1,12; Key Club. 3. ^ ' : ■..:■■ nan 
Club. 9. 1 G 

Daana Woolard: DECA. 1 P ' •; -i; German 
Club. 9. FBLjA. 1 1 ; FHA. 

I Jim Zlnf iUing. 1 1 . 1 2; Ger- 

man C J. 1 1 . 1 2 

Jonr: ; ■ .aok: Key Club, 11,12: 
Sp • Jlub, 3, 1 1 . 1 2; Jefferson 

I C i-j ■ 1 . Soph. Senate 1 O; Powder 
Puff. 11.1' '--IA. 1 2; Wingspan Bus Ed. 12: 
HomecG'— I - - Committee. 1 O. 1 1.12 

pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SC JOJi. SlfilS O 22S 

AObate, Chnstne Ellen 24. 35. 47, 129. 131 

Abbate. Jennifer Lyn 83 

AM. Kim 92 

Academics Drvider 178. 179 

Acord P 507 

'..■-i: .--.ler72. 112, 133 

, ;:- ; .r.eryi Lynn 83 

A,.T,s CiystalLee83 

Adams. Leann Irene 47 

Adams. Michael David 47. Ill 

Adams. Richard Bradley 47 

Ads Dfvider 194 195 

Agar Vanessa Diane 92 

Age*. Amber 83, 111, 129 

Agee Barry Eugene 92 

Aguiar, John Marshall 72 

Akban. Carmen Ezzat 72 

Akers, Andrea Lee 72, 133 

Akins, Stephen Grant 72 

Alexander Roxana Mary 92 129 

Alexander Willis 104 

Allen, Chnstina 83. 115 

Allen, David Glenn 72 

Allen, John Uoyd 83 

Allen, Rebecca Jean 92 

Allen, Sarah Joy 47 

Allis, Kathleen Elizabeth 47. Ill 

Alphon, Jetlrey Mark 92 

Aiuqra, John 72 

AJvaro, Enca Ann 92 

Ame. Jetfery Lamoun 47, 70, 129 

Ames, Melissa Kay 72 

Amos, Corbren 47, 119, 131 

Anctil. Naomi Anna 92 

Anderson, Jason Niles 47 

A/iderson, Knstin Lynn 72. Ill 

Anderson, Robyn Lynn 72, 123 

Anderton, Mark Ross 72 

Andrews, Alecia Lynn 41 

Andrews Natalie Tiffany 83 

Andrews, Nicole Caroline 72. 76. 78. 133 

Angle Kathleen 104, 107 

Archambeau Pamela Sue 72 

Armstrong, Hark 104, 106 

Amhold, Jennifer M 83, 111 

Arnold Matthew Millard 92 

Arringlon, Troy Tabo 92 

Ascenon, Alfred 18 

Ashlon, Sarah Lark 22, 24. 27. 28. 30. 47. 

62. 69, 127, 139 
Audio- Visual Helpers 119 
Auger, Aaron Michael 83 
Auger, Sean Mathew 83, 166 
Augsburger Simone 72, 159 
Austin. Lisa Anne 92 
Ayat, Niloofar Nellie 83, 111, 123 
Ayers, Erik H 92 
Ayers, Tiffney Star 72 
Aymond, Charlotte Grace 47 
Ayscue. John Ashley 72 


Saber. Jo Anna 92 

Bach. Gary William 92 

Badawi. Dielan M 47 

Baer, Hayley Mane 83. 171 

Bagby Crystal Lynn 47 

Bagby Robert L 24, 44, 47. 53. 66. 146 

Bagnall Tammi N 83 

Bailey, Chnsta Jeanne 92 

Bailey, William Brett 72 

Bair, Kenneth 72 

Baker Henry Carson 47. 113 

Baldwin, Brian C 83 

Baldwin Chrislopher 83, 111 

Baldwin Gary Thomas 92 

Baldwin Patrick 28, 47. Ill 

Ballard, M J 107 

Ballew, Woody 145 

Balog, Robert William 47 

Balovich, III Nicholas M 47. 119 

Band 124, 125 

Bandy Judy 34, 104 

Bangert Shane Lawrence 92 

Banks Christopher 47 

Banks, Rebecca Lynn 83 

Bano, Cynthia Mane 83. 111. 159 

Barba, Lee Nicholas 92 

Barco, Kara 47 

Barelield, Holly Lynn 92 

Barker. Jerry 146 

Barker, Mark Allen 47. 146 

Barnar. Wanda Mychell 47 

Barnes, Lisa Oonnell 83. 174. 172 

Barnes Mynila Tonya 47 

Barrett Stephanie 92 

Barrick Marcia Elizabeth 72 

Bariineau. Wayne Eugene 47 111, 151, 150 

Barton. Karen Elizabeth 72 

Baseball 146, 147 

Bass, Slacy Lee 47 

Baltaglia, Benita Ulissea 92 

Baltaglia, Jeanpierre 92 

Baltaglia Rosolino A 92 

Baum, Christopher David 9? 

Baum. Kirsten Ruth 47 

Baum, Scott Robert Jr 92 

Bayfes, Lawrence E 47, 129 

Baylor, Breet Chandler 92 

Bayot, Chnsbne Lea 92 

Bea, D 107 

Beacham, Frankie Bowen 47, 178 

Beachboard, Jule Evon 47 

Beaird Bryan Henry 48 

Beasley, James Scott 83 

Becker, Amy Sara 72, 117 

Becker, Emily Susannah 92 99, 133 

Becker, Urry 48, 104, 106, 107, 112 

Beckner, Margaret 104, 107 

Beckwith Heather Mane 92, 111, 131 

Beech Matthew Sean 72, 161 

Beibonen, Paulina 72 

Bein, David 92 166 

Belcher Simone 72 

Bell, Angela Michelle 24, 72 

Bell, Robert Jeffrey 72 

Bell, Timothy Allen 83 

Belzer. William Jeffrey 48 

Bengson. Melissa Joy 48 

Bentley. Michael Alan 72 

Bentti, Anna-Liisa 28, 72, 111 

Berg, Heather Michelle 92 

Bergdoll, George Haines 72 

Bergstrom, Robert A Jr 48, 117, 133 

Berk, Rona Lee 104 

Berlando. Amy 92 

Berlando, Beth Mane 92 

Berling, Chnstian Laneve 83 

Berling, Enc Travis 72 

Bernhardt, John Ashley 48 

Berry, Elizabeth 72 

Best. John David 48. 55, 188 

Best. Jonathan Robert 83. 181 

Binggeli, Heather 92 

Bivins, Knsty Owen 83. 111. 174 

Black, Tabatha Mane 92 

Blam, Mary Elizabeth 72 

Blakely, Peter Joseph 92 

Blancett, Clay Gant 83 

Blanchard, Jerald Lane 72 

Blanchard, Timothy Peter 48, 117 

Blankenship, Carlo Brian 83, 111 

Bledsoe, Patricia 48 

Blount. Linda Mane 83, 171 

Blount, Michelle Anne 92 

Bloxsom, Allison 26, 46, 48, 127. 129 

Bohike, Bent Weston 92 

Bohike, Todd Joseph 48, 111, 113. 133. 166 

Bolgiano, Lynn Mane 26, 48, 113. 117. 133, 

Bollard. Jenniler M 48 
Bommer, Vivian Leigh 92, 113 
Bondurant, Angie 92 
Boone, Kelly Aline 83 
Boothe, Tom 146 
Borghoff, Francis Anthony 72 
Borsky, Knslin Ann 92 
Borsky, Sean Paul 83 
Bosko, Christopher 92 
Bosko, Denise Mary 24, 48 
Bostick, William P II 92 
Boswell, Jennifer Leigh 72, 111 
Bowen, Mark Andrew 93. 113. 123. 173. 

Bowman, Richard A 83 
Bowman, Shelley 83 
Bowser, Evette Y 48 
Boyd, Brandon Gray 72, 161 
Boyd, Troy David 48 
Boyll, William 104, 128 
Boys Basketball 168, 169 
Boys Soccer 148, 149 
Boys Tennis 150, 157 
Bracewell, Jamie Allen 83 
Bradley Ann Cherie 83 
Bradley Hope Melissa 83 
Bratford, Kelly Lynn 83 
Branche, Jeffrey Allen 93 
Blanche, John Edward 48, 119 
Brannegan, Shannon Anne 72. 117 
Brannen, Cozette Y 48 
Branum Scott Davis 93 
Brass. Stephanie Anne 93. Ill 
Brassil, Claudia Diane 23, 48, 59, 69 111, 

Bralcher, Rebecca Joyce 48 
Braunbeck Shane Anthony 83 
Bray, Mary Ann 104 
Brazier, David Wayne 22, 72. 104 
Breckenndge, Derek Paul 72 
Breece, Eric Auld 83 
Bremer, Kevin Michael 48, 114 
Brennan, Amy Elizabeth 72 
Brennan, Shane E 93 
Brenner Mary Frances 83, HI 
Brelhauei Stephen C 72 
Brian, Anne 72 
Brian, Tammy Lynn 48 
Bnckell Or Edward E 103 
Bnncelield, Carl Dale 93 
Bnnkman. Peler John 48, 150 
Bnnmgham, Adria C 83 
Broocke. Kan Brett 30, 48 127 139 
Brookes, Kevin Andrew 83, 91 150 
Brookes, Alivia Lynn 83, 113 
Brooks, Joseph Charles 48 
Brooks, Paul William 83 
Brothers, Tonia Lynctte 29, 83, 113. 159 
Brown Alan 104 
Brown, Bruce David 72 
Brown, Christopher D 72 
Brown, Danny Kevin 48 
Brown, David Alan 83 
Brown, David Thomas 48 
Brown, Jason David 93 
Brown Kimberley 48 

Brown. Kimberty 93 

Brown, Kimberty 48, 127, 185 

Brovwi Michael 48, 119 

Brown Michael 48 

Brown, Ronda Lynn 48. 127 

Brown, Stephanie Alyson 93 

Brown, Susan Elizabeth 93 

Brown, Tammy Lynn 48, 117 

Brown, Victona Jeanne 48, 117. 127 

Brownell. Jaye Loomis 73 

Brownell, Leigh M 73 

Brownlow, William John 48. 49 

Broyles, Karen RuHi 73. 111. 133 

Bruehl. Kimberly Naomi 73. 131 

Bruehl, Sonia Anne 93 

Bruggman, Scon 83, 117, 172 

Bnjmtield, Curtis Lee III 73 

Brumfield, Derek Lamarr 93 

Bnjmfield, Shintel Lavine 93 

Brumfield, Tavis Quentine 93 

Brunges, Julie Anne 83 

Bryan, Heather Joe 83 

Bryant. Beth Alison 83. 113 

Bryson, Fred H 93 

Bryson, Jennifer 48 

Buchanan, David Wayne 73 

Buchanan, Pamela Denise 93 

Buck, Kelly LeIand 73 

Bullen Shaula Dene 93 111 

Bullock, Audra Michelle 93 

Bundy, Allison Sue 83 

Buonvino, Jason Paul 83, 166 

Burch, John Charles 93 

Burke, Latonia Mechelle 73 

Burke, Steven Allan 50, 133 

Burnett, Knsti Jo 83, 113 

Bun, Knstin Lynn 83 

Burntt, James Randolph 50, 133 

Burt, Jeremy Scott 93 

Busching, Chnslopher G 73 

Bush, Thomas Shane 83 

Bushee, James 50 

Bushee, Lisa Louise 50 

Butler, Monica E 50 

Byer, Terry Farrell 83 

Byerly, Kimberly Ann 73, 174 

Byrd, Julie 27 

Byrd, Yolanda Marcia 83 

Byrne, Jeffrey Todd 190 

Byrne, Mary Colleen 73, 111, 163 

Byrne, William Bryan 83 

Caffrey. Jeannine Marie 83. 113 

Came, Jammel Arthur 73, 83 

Caldwell, Anna Celeste 93 

Caldwell, Bobby 73 

Calkins, Gary W 50, 117 

Call, Jason Thomas 93 

Callan, James 93 

Callanan, Mario M 83 

Cameron, Stephanie Gail 50, 53, 127, 130, 

179, 131 
Campbell, Cnsten Roberts 93 
Campbell, Garrett I 93 
Campbell, Kristin E 93 
Cannon, Gregory Allen 83 
Cannon, Trina Antoinette 83 
Captain, Sarah Mane 83, 87, 171 
Caradine, Donald Clayton 73 
Carden, David Andrew 84 
Carlson, Mary Nell 73 
Carlstrom, Donald Albert 73 
Carlstrom, Nets Edward 50 
Carmichael, Heather Anne 50 
Carr, Kimeall Bannett 83 
Can, Melissa Anne 93 
Carroll, Jennifer 73, 113 
Carson, Lynne 104 
Carter, Deborah Jean 73 
Carter, Pamela Arleen 50 
Carvey, Gennier 93 
Carvey, Sean Tremayne 93 
Caslle, Jason Anderson 83 
Calahan, Dennis 93 
Catahan, Rodelio Aninica 73 
Catania, Beniamin John 83 
Catlett, Dinah Oimol 73, 113 
Catron, Mark Curtis 93 
Cauvel, Todd William 73 
Cebrowski, Knslin Mane 50, 111 
Celalu, Cynthia Nicole 73, 111, 129 
Chalul, Mamie Lynne 83 
Chamberlain, Mark 83 
Chambers, ScoM Edward 146 
Chambers, Tina Mane 50 119. 131. 129 
Chapman. Rick Jason SO 
Charbonneau, Brett Paul 73 
Check, Jennifer Lynn 1 17 
Cheerleaders 176, 177 
Chesney, Susan Jean-Mane 93 
Chiaiese, Danielle Arlene 83 111 
Chilcott, Dyan Renee 50 
Chilcott, Shawn Kimberly 73 
Cho, Charlie 73 11 137, 133, 131 
Christiansen Heather 93, lit 
Christie, Melina Simone 60 
Chrusciel, Brain Chester 92, 93, 131 
Church, Autumn Heather 83 
Cianlrani. Michelle Dame 50 111 
Clancy, Jill 93 
Clark Brian 73 

Clark, Can Michelle 73 

Clark, Carolyn 73, 111 

Clark. Daniel Ralph 93. 115 

Clark, Gina 24, 73, 80, 127 

Clark, Knshn Renee 83 

Clark, Robin Gayle 50, 129 

Clark, Scon Ward 73 

Clark, Shelly Rae 73, 113. 137. 133 

Clark, William 83 

Clarke, Charles Linwood 93 

Claypool, Richard Todd 84 

Closing Divider 232, 233 

Clubs Divider 108, 109 

Cobb, George 73 

Coggin Jacinta Hope 50. 129 

Cohan Scott Wilson 50 

Colehamer, Karen E 73, 111 

Coleman, Carolyn Anne 73, 74, 133 

Coll, Ken 93, 111 

Coll, Kristin Mane 84, 111 

Colley, Stephan Garth 84 

Collier. Amy 93 

Collier. Amy 84, 87 

Collier, Connie Janene 84 

Collier, W Hunter 73 

Collins, Carol Kathleen 73 

Collins, James Edward 93, 123 

Collins, Karn Anne 93, 180 

Collins, Marshall Anthony 73 

Collins, Patncia Frances 119 

Collins, Rodney 73 

Collinson, Sean D 93 

Collinson, Shannon Michel 73 

Colophon 230, 231 

Compo, Gilbert Pennoyer 73, 111. 123, 129 

133, 139 
Concert. Matthew 73 
Conger, Robert William 73 
Conley, Wamie Edward 93, 161 
Conner, Enc 73 

Conner, Jennifer Sarah 72, 73. 159 
Conner, Michael Casey 93 
Conover, Courtney Lynn 73, 113, 133 
Consalvo, Lareina Anne 93 
Cook, Lisa Mane 29, 50 
Cooke, Katnna Joanne 73. Ill, 129 
Cool, Chnstian Clay 73 
Cooper, Jay 84, 133 
Copeland, Dawn Renne 84 
Copeland James Earl 73 
Copeland, Ron 149 
Copley, Tom 104 
Coquettes 120, 121 
Core, Kathleen Gayle 93 
Cormier. Jessica Sue 93. 111. 117 
Cosenza. Wendell 30, 44, 50, 81, 132. 137. 

Cotter. Bob 104. 105 
Couch. Barry Dale 73 
Coureas, John Alexander 84 
Courson, Virginia M 73 
Covaney, Michael J 84, 123 
Cover, Michael Howard 84 
Cowell, Jason Spencer 73, 113 
Cowell, Shannon Tracy 93 
Cox, Katnna Kay 93 
Cox Medical Association 131 
Cox, Tracy Mane 73 
Cox, William Devon 73 
Craig, Amy Suzanne 73, 159 
Craine, David 73 
Cralle, Michael Vaughn 84, 113 
Cnsatulli, Nicholas F 73 
Cnsher, R 107 
Criswell, Paul Robert 50, 55 
Cnswell, Susan Joyce 83, 84 
Crocker, Charles David 50 
Crocker, Nancy 104 
Cross Country 160, 161 
Crowder, Kathy Maria 26, 50. 127 
Crowley, Colleen E 50, 69 
Crowley, Stephen Vincent 93 
Crumblel, Phyllis 107 
Cruser, Peler James 84 
Cruser, Vesta 104, 107, 139 
Crulcher, Eva Lynn 84 
Crutchfield, Lisa Laurel 84, 113 
Cuftee, Lon Janene 73, 111, 172 
Culver, Michele Kay 50 
Cummings, Anthony Bryant 84, 166 
Cummings, Kenny Bryon 50 
Cummings. Pamela 104, 138 
Currey, John 73. 191, 133 
Currey, Kevin Michael 73. 113. 127 
Curtis. Daphne 104 

Jil) Ji 

Davenport. Sean Chnstie 73. Ill 

David. Daniel Wesley 50. 111. 161 

David, Kerry Beth 84 

Davidson, Michael 50, 166 

Davis Alison Mehera 23. 49. 50. 131 

Davis. Amanda Jill 73. 111. 163 

Davis. Ann 93 

Davis. Ann 93 

Davis. Charles Stanley II 84 

Davis. Chnsti Glenn 50. 117 

Davis, Heather 73. 171. 145 

Davis. James 93 

Davis. Justin Ross 03 

Davis, Lawrence Sidney 03 

Davis, Linda 104 

Davis, Martha 104 

Davis. Michael Carter 50. 63. 71. 150, 133 

Davis. Tracy Lavem 50. 113. 129 

Davis, William Raymond 84. 123 

Dawkins, David Jeremy 93 

Dawson, Shannon Lynn 73, 117, 129 

Dean, Michelle Mane 26, 50, 111 

Dean, Tracy Michael 93 

Deane, Sonnie Leigh 93 

Debate 132, 133 

Decandia, Anthony Vincent 94 

Decker, Chnslopher Slade 50, 73 

Decker, Jonathan Paul 94 

Deems, Albert Earle 84, 117 

Dehm, Cassandra Elizabeth 73. 145 

Delhi, Geraldine 104, 118, 119 

Delidakis, Emanuel George 94 

Denerott, David Laurence 73 

DePaolis, Rebecca 104 

DePaul, Enc 73 

Desormeauz, Joseph L Jr 94 

Diaz, Denise 75 

Dibelardino, Aldo Joseph 50. 166 

Dickson, Holly Katnna 75 

Dietz, Brian Chnslopher 94 

Digeronimo, Brent Joseph 82, 84, 87. 127 

Dillard, Dennis M 50 

Dillard, Roslon Brustead 84 

Dingle, Tomi Lynn 50 

Disbrow, Heather Scanlon 94 

Dismore. Michael Steven 75 

Dittnck. Jill Allison SO. 139 

Diablaly, Sepanda 75 

Dobbins, James Ryan 75 

Dobson, John Lynn 94, 111 

Dobson, Mary Margaret 23. 30. SO. 69. 127 

179. 133, 129. 139 
Dockter Monique Angeliqu 22, 29, 84. 113, 

Dobson. Bnan Craig 84 
Donahue. James Kevin 50 
Donaldson. Angela Gail 75. 113 
Donato, Chene Lynne 52. 133 
Doney, Enn Elisa 84 
Dooley, Michael C 52. 70. 133 
Doran. Leila 94, 95, 117. 127 
Doscher. Enca 84 
Dow, James 129 
Downie, Susan 104, 117 
Doyle, Paul Edward S2, 111 
Dozier, Alison Lynn 75, 113, 133 
Drake, Elizabeth Barrett 75 
Drexler, Enc Christopher 84 
Drumheller, Angela Lynn 84 
Drye, Jay 94 
Drye, Leigh Ayn 75, 129 
Drye, Stuart Tracy 94 
Dubrachek, Nancy Anne 84 
Duell, Chnslopher Owen 94 
Duffy, Jennifer Lee 84 
Duffy, Raymond Andrew 94 
Duke, Thomas Lee 75 
Dumlao, Paul Anthony 75, 131 
Oumphey, Stephanie 84 
Dunagan, Dawn Junne 52 
Dunagan, Edgar Woodrow II 94 
Dunbar, Dwight Deland 52 
Dunbar, Leslie Steven 75 
Dunn, Greg 171 

Dunphey, Stephanie Jean 113. 117 
Dustin. John Charles 30, 49. 52. 104. 119 
Duty. Kelly Leann 84 
Duvall. Ehzabelh 104 
Duvall. Kipal Kalhryn 52 
Dysart. Fred Hudson 75 

DECA 114 115 

Damron, Julie Anne 84, 85. Ill 

Damulh, Philip Halleck 73, 111 

Dangleman David Anthony 50, 119 

Dangleman, Michelc Ann 84 

Danncr Barry Eugene 93 

Danner, Juslin Ryan 93 

Danz, A 123 

Darby, Catherine Clarke 93 

Oarden, Jenniler Leigh 50. 117. 163 

Daiden. Mary Stewart 104. 130 

Dasher, Steven G 84 

Dasher Willis AKred Ji 111, 148, 149 

Davenport Brock Harrison 93 

Earl. Larry Richard Jr 94 

Easter. Dwighl David 75. 115 

Ealon, Came Lynn 75. 131 

Eby. Terry Lee 75 

Economidis. Chnslopher K 75. 113 

Edelman, Kns Daniel 84 

Edelman, Scott Lowell 84 

Edmondson. Melissa Winlie 26. 52. 113 

Edwards. Allison Leigh 94 

Edwards. Christina 52. 69 

Edwards. Doughlas Michael 84. Ill 

Edwards. Holly Mechelle 52 

Edwards. Jerri Lynn 84. 129 

Edwards, Kathleen 53. 113 

Edwards. Laura Anne S3. 159 

Edwards, Timothy Craig 84 

Edwards, Tina 94 

Ehrenzellei, Nicole Renee 94. 113 

Ehrenzellci. Sean Michael S3, 75 


Ehrenzeller, fodd Matthew 53 

Elizondo, Mary Meghan 94 

Elliott, Barbara Anne 53. 69, 127, 183, 138, 

133, 139 
Ellis, KarryLyn 84, 111 
Ellis, Kevin Wintord 53, 71, 111. 166 
Ellison, Shelley Jeanne 94 
Ellsworth, John Lawrence 84, 166 
Ellsworth, Susan Leigh 53 
Emberton, Amy Lynn 94 
Emerson, Brian Eugene 84 
Emerson, Stelanie Sue 53 
Engel, Eric Paul 75 
Epstein, Jennifer Beth 75, 111 
Esau, Catherine Julia 53 
Estes, Arthur William 84 
Estes. David Michael 119 
Estes, Matthew Scott 84 
Eubanks, Carmen Michelle 84 
Eun, Scott 82, 84, 111, 132, 133 
Evans, Graham Colin 75, 147 
Evans. Kerry Ann 84 
Evans, Matthew Lee 94 
Everett, Jeanne 84 
Eversoll, Rhonda Dyan 53 
Ewell. Amy Mane 94 
Ewing, James 75 
Executive Council 126, 127 


FBLA 134, 135 

FHA134, 135 

Faison, Charles James Jr 94 

Falcon Press 116, 117 

Fanton, Aaron Todd 94 

Fanton, Lawrence Bert 94, 166 

Farano, Louis Italo 84, 111 

Farrow, Michele Irene 84, 174, 175 

Fay, Kevin Michael 75 

Fedon. Charlene Francess 75 

Fedon. Michelle Leigh 94 

Feineis. David 75 

Feldman. David Lawrence 94 

Felty, Kevin Patrick 54 

Fete, Jeremy Joseph 84 

Fenn, Brenda Meia 94 

Fenn, Timmy Maurice 94, 146 

Fentress, Brian C 54 

Fentriss, Jennifer Aynne 94 

Ferguson, David H 54 

Ferguson, Douglas Carl 54, 75 

Ferguson, Xaver 94 

Fermil, Amelia 104 

Field Hockey 158, 159 

Field, Jason Risk 84, 111 

Fike, Janet Elaine 75, 111 

Filer, Anne 54, 129 

Finch, Amy Chnshna 84 

Finch, Michael Lewis 75 

Finger, Katie 94 

Finger, Laura Louise 75 

Finn, Tammy Sue 94 

Fiore, Jamie Michelle 94 

Fish, Jack 75 

Fisher. David Alexander 84 

Fisher. Kathleen Rachelle 75 

Fisher. Tom 104. 147. 178. 146 

Fisher. Wayne Curtis Jr 94 

Fitzpatrick. Daniel K 150 

Flag Squad 124. 125 

Fleming. Pierce Celon 23. 54. 119 

Flint. Stacy Lynn 75 

Flores. Robert V 75. 129 

Flowers, Marlissee Anne 54, 111 

Foley, Melinda Irene 75. Ill 

Football 156. 157 

Ford. Marc Christopher 75 

Ford, Ruth Annette 75 

Foreman. David Lee Jr 84 

Forensics 132. 133 

Forget. Jon Andre 94 

Forrester. Jana M. 54 

Forzano. Corinne 94 

Fosina. Elizabeth Anne 84. 117. 145 

Fosina. Katherine Mane 54. 70. 171. 145. 

Foster. Andrew Gordon 94 
Foster. Jefl Adam 54 
Foster. Kimberly Shown 75 
Fountain. Christopher P 54 
Fountain. Heidi Elyse 29. 75 
Fowlkes. Nancy 104 
Fox. John Edward 75. 127 
Fozzard, llene Rena 54 
Francavilla. John Thomas 75 
Franssen. Andrea Elaine 94 
Frasher. Michelle Lynne 74. 111. 119. 131 
Frazier. Robert Esker 84 
Frease. Joseph R II 94 
Freed. Amanda Rene 84. Ill 
Freels. William 94 
Freeman. Dawn Mane 84 
French. Christopher M 75 
French Club 111 
French. Justin Glynn 84 
Frey. Robert Joren 75. 111. 166 
Friedsam. Alexander John 94 
Friedsam. Jerrilyn Paige 54. 123. 131. 133 
Frohlich. David William 94 
Frost. Angela Yvette 54. 116. 117, 129 
Frost, Sue 104 

Fry, Matthew Lewis 75 
Fulghum, Billy Owen III 94 
Fulkerson, Daivd G 54, 111, 117 
Fuller, Scott 75, 117 
Fumia, Rebeccqa Suzanne 94 


Gabor, Duane Bradley 84. 117 

Gaiennie, Annie Lee 54 

Gaiennie. Edmond Harry 94 

Gaither. Eric Stanley 54 

Galgon. Marianne 84 

Galvan. Tanya Kathleen 94 

Ganser. Jennifer Paige 94 

Gardiner. Famous L 94 

Gardiner. Laura Lynn 55 

Gardiner. Vicker L 54 

Gardner. Ginny 104 

Gardner. Scott Hottman 84. Ill 

Garner, Robert C 75, 111 

Garrett, James 104 

Garrett, Teresa Kay 24, 119 

Garris, Jennifer Marie 54 

Garvin, Knox Lytton 75 

Garvin, Rachel Leah 94 

Gaston, Sonia Mane 54 

Gates, James Albert 75 

Gates, Jonathan Daniel 95 

Gattshall, Becky Chnstin 95 

Gaylor, Carol Jean 55, 119, 139 

Gegner, Patncia Ann 84 

Geise, Ian Sebastian 95 

German Club 112, 113 

Ghoreishian, Anna 84, 111, 131 

Gibb, Kathleen Ann 95 

Gibbs. Dwight Grubb 55, 113, 117 

Gibson, Stephen Edwin 55 

Giesen, Douglas Brent 95 

Gilman, Robin C 55 

Gilson, Michelle Deann 95 

Gilson. Tanya Ann 95 

Gingras, Jennifer Renee 84 

Ginn, Michelle 118 

Ginn. Wanda Jean 84 

Girls Basketball 170-171 

Girls Soccer 154, 155 

Girls Tennis 162, 163 

Gish. Sharon Paige 55. 111. 117 

Gladwell. Christopher S 84 

Glass. Michelle Lynn 95. 113 

Glazebrook, Celia Mane 95 

Glover, James Redd 84 

Glover. Travis Wayne 95 

Gluckowski. Joann 55 

Godfrey. Laura 104 

Godwin. Tracee Ann 55 

Goldberg, Craig Ian 75. 166 

Goldberg. Mark Lawrence 84. 166 

Goldberg. Patricia Jean 84 

Golf 164. 165 

Goll. Jennifer Lee 85 

Good. John 85 

Goodall. Lisa Mane 55 

Goodman. Stacey Jermaine 95 

Gordon. Melody Dawn 55 

Gostel. Keith Andrew 85. Ill 

Gostel. Matthew Morgan 55 

Gottal. T 117 

Gower. Cathenne Mane 75 

Graham. Jane Elizabeth 85. 123 

Grant. Philip A 85. 113 

Gray. Cednc 55 

Grayer. James Allen 85 

Grayson. Jennifer 55 

Greber, Lon 55, 111, 117, 131 

Green, Elizabeth 85 

Green, Gregory Lee 75 

Green, James Wilson 85 

Green, Jennifer 85 

Green, Stefanie Renee 75, 129 

Greenough. Theodore Louis 115 

Gregory. Thomas 55. 161, 166 

Griffin, David Thomas 55 

Grooters, Jennifer Lynn 23, 55, 117, 129 

Grover, Kimberly Alison 85 

Grover, Timothy Scott 85 

Grubbs, Lon Anne 27, 55, 111 

Guidance Helpers 118, 119 

Guliani, Salina 85, 111 

Gutermuth, Billy 104, 166 

Gutermuth, Nancy Ann 75 

Gwin, Marvin Louis 55 

Gymnastics 174, 175 


Habit, Al 106 
Haddack, Kay 107 
Hadfield, Aimee Windsor 107 
Hadfield, Jennifer 55, 131, 129 
Hale, Elizabeth Jane 56, 111 
Haley, Patncia Lynn 75 

Haley, William Patrick 56, 166 

Halfon, Ehud 56, 129 

Hall, Carolyn Joyce 85, 111, 131 

Hall, John Turner 75 

Halsey, S 107 

Halton, Eddie 75 

Hamilton, Mark 107 

Hamm, Brian David 56, 172 

Hamm. Marilyn Kathryn 56 

Hammer. Laura Louis 85. 129 

Hammer. Michael Paul 75. 190 

Hampson. Bridget 104 

Hannan. Timothy 56 

Hanwit, Alison Joy 95. 127 

Hanzl. Can Anne 75. Ill 

Harder. Amy Lynne 85 

Harder, Susan Anne 56 

Harding, Jill Suzanne 75 

Hark, Lee Justin 85, 89, 111, 133 

Harman. Susan Chene 56 

Harmon. Lisa Paige 56 

Harom. Aviran 85 

Harrell, Jonathan Michael 75. 133. 131 

Harrington. Roger Scott 123 

Hams. Gary Walton 75 

Harris. Judith 104 

Harris. Theresa 104 

Harris. Vincent Gordon 75 

Harris, Sandra Leigh 56 

Hart. Laurence Gordon 85. 133 

Hartley. Virginia May 119 

Harlrantt. Gary 105. 166 

Harvey. Lisa Kay 75 

Haselman, Katnna Shan 56. 117 

Hatch. Vicki Lynn 75 

Hawk. Tory 75 

Hawley. Laura Chnstine 119 

Haworth. Anne 104 

Haworth. Lee Anne 85. 133 

Hayes. Christopher David 56. 181 

Hayes. Raymond Shawn 75 

Haynie. Kimberly Day 30. 56. 111. 174. 175, 

Hazelgrove, Kirk Ramey 85, 111 
Hearst, Beniamin Allen 75 
Heckler, Mark Francis 56 
Hedspeth, Mark David 56 
Hedspeth, Tammy Alayne 75, 171 
Heidt. Chnstopher 117 
Heinch, Jeremy Lee 85 
Heinnch, Tracy M 75 
Heisig, Bntt Alan 83. 85 
Hendershot. Kevin 75 
Henderson. Carole Lea 75 
Henderson. Susan Mane 85 
Hendrick. Tanya Mane 85 
Henry. Elizabeth 56. 18 
Henson. Kimberly Lynn 85 
Herbert. Jennifer Lynette 75 
Hernandez. Audrey Ann 30. 56. 62. 127. 

133. 139 
Herzke. Colleen 75. 77 
Hesbol, Suzanne Michelle 56. 111. 119 
Hess. Sarah Elizabeth 56. 65. 69. 195 
Heston. James Patnck 75 
Hewitt. Cindy Mane 85 
Hibbs. Charlie William 75 
Hickman. Aaron Blake 85 
Higgins. Shelia 144. 145 
Highton. Mary 75. 113. 180 
Hilgers. John Jack W Jr 113 
Hill. Amy Mane 75. 77. 127 
Hill. Leon Perry 85. 115 
Hill. Noah Mendenhall 56 
Hillier. Luke M 85. 166 
Hinman. Pam Lynn 57 
Hinson. Keith Levi 75. 104. 146 
Hinton. Dawn Lee 85 
Hobart. David Bruce 75 
Hobbs. Denise Rene 75. 80. 127. 133 
Hodeen. Enc Stephen 85. 123 
Hodges. Cecilia J 57 
Hodges. Melinda 75. 171 
Hodgkiss. Pamela 104 
Hoeverman. Amy Elizabeth 119. 180. 131 
Hottman. Jennifer Lynn 75.. Ill 
Hottman. L 107 
Hogan. John Kelly 75 
Holden, Timothy III 75 
Holik. Carolyn Renee 75. 113 
Holand. Deborah 104 
Holland. Stuart 104. 171 
Holman. Marcus Joe 57 
Hong. Hae Jin 85 
Hood. Gregory Clark 85 
Hoots. Leon 104. 151. 150 
Hopkins. Mary 104 
Hopper. Michael Allison 75 
Horton. Jennifer Allen 85. Ill 
Honon. Knsten Effie 24. 75. 144, 171, 145, 

Horvath, Michael J 85 
Hough, Laura Evelyn 75 
Houlihan, Patnck J 75 
House, Beniamin 85 
House, Jennifer Lynn 85 
Houston, Michelle Angeliq 85 
Houtwed, Laura 105 
Howard, Chns 85, 91 
Howard, Pete 147, 146 
Howard, Scott Reed 85, 87 
Hubenthal, Charlene Ann 75 
Huddleston, Apnl Diane 85 
Huddleston, Tamela Lynn 57 
Hudson. Robynn 26. 75. Ill 
Hughes. Angela Jeannine 24. 75 
Hull. Jennifer A 96 
Hume. Anthony Charles 96 
Hume. Carne Frances 75 
Humes. Kimberly Ann 85 
Humphreys. Melissa Lynn 57 

Hunt. Maureen Anne 57. 113. 133 
Hunter. Carol 75 
Hunter. Shelli Vaughn 75 
Huntley, Sharon Cornelia 75 
Hupfert, Mike 96 
Hurley, Allen 105 
Hurst, Jennifer Jo 85 
Hurt. Margaret Ann 75 
Hussey. Elizabeth R 75 
Hutchens, Juliet. Claire 85 
Hutchcson. Mary 100 
Hux. Kim 105 
Hyman, Mary 105 

Imler. John Robert 85 
Indoor Track 172. 173 
Industrial Arts Club 114. 115 
Ingram. Michelle Leigh 75, 111, 113 
Inter-Club Council 126, 127 
Ipock, James Michael 76 
Ison, A 123 
Ives, Michael 51 

j J j 

Jackson, Dana Robert 96 

Jackson, James Enc 76 

Jackson. Matthew C 76, 129 

Jackson. Randall Howard 96 

Jackson. Steve 96 

Jackson. Tess Mane 85 

Jackson. Tittany Lynn 96 

Jackson. Tnna Ann 76. Ill 

Jacobi, Philipp85. Ill 

Jacobs. Chnstopher I 57 

Jacobsen. Kenneth C II 57 

Jacquin. Ryan Richard 76 

James. Ginny 103. 105. 133 

James. Katnna Denise 57 

James. Kevin Donald 85 

James. Stacey Renee 85 

Jansen. John Martini 44. 57. 127. 146 

Jarrett. Richard 76 

Jastano. Michael 76 

Jenkins. Karen 35. 105 

Jenkins. Kris Everett 76 

Jenkins. Terry 105 

Jenson. Jeanine A 96 

Jeroy. Deirdre Ann 85, 111, 133 

Johnson, Dana C 85 

Johnson, Davey 148 

Johnson, Donald Anthony 85 

Johnson, Henry Macewan, IV 57 

Johnson, Holly Goodwin 57 

Johnson, Jeffrey L 85 

Johnson. Jennifer Jean 57 

Johnson. Karen Adele 76. 113 

Johnson. Kelli 96 

Johnson. Kelly 85 

Johnson. Kimberly Ann 76. 113 

Johnson. Leiand Lloyd 86. 111. 131 

Johnson. Rebecca Ann 57. 178. 131 

Johnson. Rhonda Mane 96 

Johnson. Ross Elliott 76. 96 

Johnson. Seth Gabnel 86 

Johnson. Skip 105 

Johnson. Tracy Ray 76 

Johnson. William Ryan 96 

Johnston. Elizabeth Page 96 

Johnston. Phillip S 76. 166 

Jones. Barbara Elaine 57 

Jones. Jerry Lee 115 

Jones, Ronald Alex 86 

Jones, Shannon Lee 96 

Jones. Yvonne Deidre 96. 133 

Jordan, Kerr E 57 

Jordan, Kimberlea Kelle 76, 111 

Jordan, Knstie Michelle 96 

Jordan, Tama Dawn 76 

Jorgensen, Bo Kandborg 86, 113 

Josephson, Amy Beth 86, 89, 113 

Josey, Melissa Anne 96 

Joyner, Ronald Lee 86, 166 


Kattwinkel, Frank Walter 86 

Kawecki, Cathrmni: E 76.111,131 

Kawecki. Susan Elizabeth 96. 131, 163 

Kay. Karen Victoria 'J 18 

Kazik. Tricia Lynn 96 

Keeler, Gregory Hugh 86. 113 

Keefer Kathryn 57. 119 

Kefler. Melanie Dawn 86 

Kellam. Adrian Renee 86. 113 

Keller. Philip David 86 

Kclley. Jacqualin Suzanne 86. 172 

Kelley, Leah Ann 58. 12/. 145, 133 

Kelly, Roberta Annette 86 

Kelly. William John 76 

Kemp. Suzanne Nicole 73. 76. Ill 

Kendall. Donald John 86 

Kendall. Robert Harrison 76 

Kennedy, Jason P 86 

Kent, Katherine Elizabeth 96 

Kent, Michelle flame 58, 172 

Kent, Shane Michael 86, 111, 166 

Kerr. Patricia Davis 76 

Kesler. Donovan Paige 96 

Kessinger. Jeremy A 76 

Key Club 138. 139 

Kharbanda. Raian 96 

Kidd. William Leiand. Jr. 77 

Killoughm. Gregory 172 

Kim. Alex 96. Ill, 123. 131 

Kim. Tara Un Suk 58. 111. 123. 127. 131, 

Kincaid. Kelly Leigh 58. 187. 171 
Kindred. Chnsty Anne 77, 111 
King. Cynthia 86 
King. Kimberly A 24. 77. Ill 
King. Lawrence Thomas 58 
Kinnard. Stephanie Elaine 96 
Kitchens. Michelle Leigh 58. 171 
Klemstme. Kathenne K 96 
Klemstine. Steven James 77 
Kmel. Christopher Scot 58. 166 
Knight. Rodney Wayne 96 
Knox, Misty M 96 
Knudsen. William 58 
Knutsen. Deborah Anne 77 
Koeppen. Arthur 105. 145 
Kohl. Kevin Kitchin 96. 97 
Kokoska. Gerald John. Jr 86. 113 
Koonin, Gigi 96 

Koss. Jennifer Lynn 77. 127. 159 
Katandes. Michael 58 
Kraft. Gemot 77 
Kraft. Jennifer Michelle 96 
Kraft. Kimberly 77 
Krail. Jeanne A 86. Ill 
Kramer. Robert Jack 96 
Kratzer. Kevin 30. 74, 77. 80. 113. 123. 

127 191. 166 
Kratze.'. Timothy Andrew 96 
Kravchak. Gregory James 96 
Kravchak. Mark Douglas 58. 166 
Kress. Robert James 150 
Kneger. Michal 86 
Kroboth. Carne Audrey 117. 119 
Kuhlmann. Jennifer Emily 77. 113. 119 
Kuhlmann. Victoria E 96 
Kurek. John Henry 77 


Kaczmarczyk. Tracy Jo 86 
Kahler. Chnstoher B 96 
Kane. Chnstopher Michael 86. 129 
Kapos. George Gus 57. 113 
Karlen. Burletine 102. 103 
Kasperbauer. Kelly Rae 76 

Labancz. Steven Monroe 86 

LaBarbera. Tommy 105 

Lahore. Daniel Carl 133 

Lahore. Wayne Anthony. Jr 119. 131 

Lackore. Everett Peter 77 

LaCroix. Lisa Anne 59 

LaFernere. Glenn 104. 105. 163 

Lahm. Janet 105 

Lalik. Scott Travis 96 

LaMarche. Karen 86 

Lambe. Michael Lee 59 

Lambnola. Bob 183 

Landau. Alan 86 

Landon. Angela Chnstine 86 

Lane. Amy Cathenne 77 

Lane. Doug 77 

Lane. Molly Elizabeth 96 

Laney. Stepehn Marcus 86 

Laslo. Lee Scot 96 

Latin Club 110. Ill 

Lawrence. Charles Arthur 77 

Lawrence. Heather Nicole 86 

Le. Thi Nhu Ngoc 96 

Leagan. Gary 105 

Leap. Craig R 59 

Leary. Elizabeth Alene 86. 113 

Ledlow. Amanda 96 

Ledlow. Jennifer Nan 86 

Lee. Amy Sue 77 

Lee. Jimmy 96 

Lee. Joseph Allen 86 

Lee. Lon Ann 77 

Lee. Matthew 86 

Lee. Paul Arthur 96 

Legg. Quentin Jame-' 

Legros. Tom 86 '" 

Lenham. Shelf" ,111. 128 

Leivas. Mari-. ^ ' ,.■ a6 

Lemburg " : ia Louise 33. 59. 71. 127 

Leon. Ps!f i.xe. Jr. 96 

leonvy i;- .J Charles 77 

Lenn:ji:. javid 77 

!.e:.iitf Travis Scott 96 

Dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo INDEX O 227 


Levine. Marc Alan 96 
Lewis Carn:ir,e Elizabeth 96 
Lews - --er^eelll 
:- -etcher 77 

_ c-joen 96 
- i Sneia Ann 86 
dsms. Thomas William 86. 111. 166 
Lewis. Trivillus Marquise 96 
Ubrary Club 130. 131 
Ubrary Helpers 118. 119 
Lindauer Chanes Francis 59. 127 
W-:":~ • =-^ Edward E 77. Ill 

•-;e,di96. 174 
.... ^rriHiter Anne 79 
^ttle. Cnnstopher 86 
Little. Oustin 77 
Little. Scon 86 
UtUe. Tonya Taria 96 
Uverman. Dons Jean 77 
Livingston, Michele Dons 96 
Lloyd. Chnstine E 59 
Uoyd. Joe Arthure 86 
Uoyd, Susan Adele 77 
Logan, Kelly Jane 86. 117 
Loggin. Michelle 86 
Loggins, Patti 86 
Lompero, Lalane 86 
Londeree. Adnenne E 86 
Long. Cathenne Carlisle 77 
Long. Colleen Mane 59 
Long. Jerry 105. 130 
Long, Nathan 77 

Loschi. Jonathan David 77. 111. 127 
Lott, Misty Ann 96 
Lott Reobert John IV 96 
Lougheed, Amy Beth 86 
Lucas, Christina Lynn 77, 113 
Lucas, Hope Mane 59. 134 
Lucas Jenniter Jerry 24. 59. 111. 127. 183 

Lucas. Pamela Dawn 77 
Lucas. Tammara Ann-Kelly 59 
Lucas, Wingate Hezekiah 86 
Lucy. Toby Elliot 59 
Luuk, Martin J H 77 
Lynn, Barry 96 
Lynn. Ron 86 
Lyon. Dena Faye 77 
Lyon. Janell Lee 86 




MacOonald. Lisa Lynn 59 
MacOonald. Susan Lee 86. Ill 
MacEachern, Hylton Hughes 96 
MacEachem, Nell Garwood 30. 32 59, 64, 

127, 138, 133, 139 
Mach, Heather Anne 77 
Macktal Joseph James 86 
Macktal, Tyra Lynn 96 
MacNamara, Theresa 105 
MadeysKi, Lisa Maria 77 
Madigan, Tracy Ann 86 
Madrigals 128, 129 
Maglicco, David C 96. 225 
Malary, W 107 
Malta, Barbara 105 
Mallas, Kyle Howeth 86 
Malloy, Kelli Anne 27, 59, 71. 119. 123. 

133. 139 
Malloy March Breidenthar 86 
Malone Michael J Jr 96 
Mangus. Dawn Mane 97 
Manuel Joan 105, 130 
Maple. Kristine L 86 
Maratino Joseph 106 
Maraia Geraldine Lisa 59 
March Sally K 26, 59, 129. 139 
Marcoccio Frank Oominick 97 
Marcus. Mark Jason 77 
Marcy Lon 106 
Maraia Geraldine 145, 159 
Marella, Kathleen 59, 113 
Mariani Jimmy 59 
Mariani Johnny 77 
Marlinghaus, Ryan 86 
Maroon Manhew Wayne 59 70 
Marr Lea Allison 92, 97, 113 
Marriott. Jan BaMwin 77, 111 
Marsh Kalhenne E 86 111 
Mdfsriall, Candace Lynn 77, 111, 145 
Mar-.hall, Eliubelh L 86 
Marihali Richardson Lee 77 
Marshall, Roll Alexander 44, 59, 127. 184, 

Marshall Vince 106 
Marston, Zachary Cox 77. Ill 
Martin Andrew David 86 
Martin Chnslie Michelle 97 
Martin, Dianne Renee 60 
Martin, Don 106 
Martin, Timothy Kerr 60 
Martino. Jeanelte 106 
Martinez. Anna 86 
Mason, Michael Wayne 77 
Maslon, Jennifer Lee 97 
Malhas Alexander Thomas 77 185 
Mathews Warren Marsaille 60 
Matosich Jeinon 77 153 
Matosich Korb Steven 86 
Mahhei, Wiebke 86 
Mathew Sharon Denise 77 

Matthev»s, Craig M 97 

Matthews, Gary L 77, 129, 173 

Matyas, Karin Lyn 86 

Mauylin, Denise 77 

Maxwell. Linda Ann 60 

Maxwell. Melissa Jean 86 

May. Raymond Jetlery 77, 79 

May. Susan 106 

Mayette, Danielle Lea 22. 30. 83. 86. 91. 

90 111. 127 
Mayette Marc Robert 22. 30. 73. 77. 111. 

126. 137 
Mayhall. Clitlord Wesley 117 
Mazach, Leigh Carlsen 22, 29, 87. Ill 
McAdoo, Jason Lee 97 
McBnen, Harry I 87 
McBnde, Elizabeth 106. 130. 131 
McCall Anne Clark 87. Ill, 133 
McCallister, Shannon L 87 
McCailum, Charles F 97, 111, 133 
McCallum, William Joseph 60 
McCanna, Richard 87 
McCartney, Charles Bnan 77 
McCausland. Shawn Stuart 87, 113, 133 
McCausland. Stuart 106 
McClellan. Susan Elizabeth 22. 23. 25.30. 

60 70. 178. 139 
McCollum, Tammny Leann 97. 129 
McCollum, Tina C 129 
McCormick, David Matthew 87 
McCormick, Sean Michael 97 
McCready. Julie Anne 77 
McCready, Timothy Daniel 97 
McCuiston, Melinda Dawn 87, 117 
McCullough, Kendra 87 
McCutcheon Terrie Lynn 77 
McOaniels, Norma Lee 60 
McDonough, Knsta Lynn 97, 113, 117 
McEKresh, Chnstopher J 60, 66 
McElveen. Chnshn 87 
McElvein, Sarah Jean 24. 26. 27. 77 
McErlean Michelle Leigh 97 
McFillin, Celeste Margaret 87 
McFiNin Heather Deborah 60. 145 
McGinness. Ryan Joseph 95, 97. 113. 123. 

McGregory, Robert Francis 60 
Mclntire, Patricia M 87, 111 
Mclntyre, Corey Rhodes 87 
McKay, Kimberly Frances 87 
McKenzie, Jason Eric 87 
McKenzie, Lisa Annette 177 
McKenzie, Sean Michael 22, 97 
McKeon, Mariorie Gail 60 
McKinney, John C 87, 146 
McLaughlin, Craig Earle 60 
McLaughlin, Patrick James 97 
McLendon, Detra Devonne 97 
McLeod. Christopher Scott 87 
McLeod, George Murray 77 
McLeod. Robert C 87 
McLeod, Shawn Christopher 87 
McLeod, Tammy June 60. 111. 129. 131. 

McLaughlin. Michael A 87 
McMannes. James Edward 77. 166 
McNaughl. Angela Siobhan 77 
McNaughton, Steven Bnan 77 
McNemey, Jill D 87 
McQueeney, Chnstine D 87 
Meads, Cfiristopher S 97 
Medlin Amber Elizabeth 95, 96. 97. 111. 

127. 183 
Medlin, Mark Alan 77 
Melinda. Allice 97 
Mercker, Mary 106 
Mewborn, Kayte Ellen 87. Ill 

Meyer. Renee 144. 145 

Mickelson. Denise Deann 60, 69. Ill 

Middlebrooks. Virginia C 97 

Miele. Donaldson Anthony 77, 111 

Miele, Jenniler Ann 87, 111, 117 

Milby, Eric Christian 60 

Miles, Joseph Dudley 97 

Miles, Sherri Lynn 76. 77, 80, 81, 127. 171 
131. 133,159 

Miller, Allison Brooke 87, 111, 133 

Miller. Heather Dawn 87 

Miller. Heather Lynn 77. 113 

Miller, Kimberly AnneMan 85. 87 

Miller. Misha Lyn 97 

Miller, Nicole Elizabeth 97 

Miller, Shayne Kenneth 60 

Miller Stephen 78 

Miller, Tracy Lynn 78 

Millner, David Allen 60. 119 

Millner, Robert Louis 87 

Mills, Rus^ 78 

Mills, Robert Jason 97 

Minger, Suzanne 87 

Minkowski, Catherine S 87. Ill 

Mitchell. James Richard 78 

Mitchell Megan A 78. 111. 172 

Mitchell, Raymond Arthur 87 

Moayery Shaudy 87 

Model UN 132, 133 

Molin, Shandia Lee Anne 87, 129 

Molloy Bonnie 106 

Moncol, Deborah 106 

Monger, Caroline A 26. 74. 78. 111. 137 

Monlez Joel Lawrence 97 

Moon. Kimberly Ann 97 

Moore. Alison 78 

Moore. Allison 78 171 18 

Moore. Althea Loucille 78 

Moore, Beth Pomeroy 78 134 

Moore. Charles Franklin 60 

Moore. Edward Joseph 98 

Moore. Fancy Mary E 87 

Moore. James 60 

Moore. James 78 

Moore. Nancy Bennett 78 

Moore. Reggie 146 

Moore. Robert Chnstopher 78 

Moore. Sean David 78. 113. 149 

Moore, Shannon 178 

Moore. Thea 87 

Moore. Theodore Michael 78 

Moran. Jennifer Lynn 88 

Moran. Stacey Ann 98 

Mordica. Michelle Yvene 88 

Morgan. Enca J 98 

Morgan. Joseph Buxton 98 

Mormando Marti Anthony 88. 166 

Momingstar. Wesley Robert 98 

More. Lisa 98 

Morns Casey Sean 88 

Morns. Donald Archie 60 

Morns, Steven Edward 88 

Mornsette, Jennifer Man 97. 98 

Mornson, Dania Renee 98 

Mornson. Kandace Renee 98. 111 

Mornson. Sara Michelle 88. Ill 

Mornssey, Chnstine L 60. 111. 113. 129 

Morse. Anna Mane 78 

Mortanno. Matteo 88 

Morter. Jerry Ernesto 98 

Mosbach, Chnstopher Haro 98 

Moser. Jeff 146 

Moser. Kevin Eugene 88 

Moser. Kimbertee Jo 119. 129 

Mosher, Debora 106 

Mosman, David A 60, 119 

Moyer. Amy Lynn 98. 99 

Moyer. Jennifer Mane 60 

Mucha, John 60. 113 

Mucha, Mark 98 

Mullarney-Yano, Jim 106 

Murphy. Chris 82. 84 

Murphy, Chnstine Ann 86 

Murphy, Daniel R 60. 161 

Murphy. Jams 106 

Murphy. Jeanne Megan 24. 78. 79. 133 

Murphy, Keith 60, 185 

Murphy, Mano Beniamin 98 

Murphy. Timothy Joseph 78 

Murray. Kathryn Elizabeth 82. 87, 88 

Murray, Robert Ian 98 

Musten. Scott Bradley 78 

Myers. Curtis Todd 98 

Myers. Diana Lynn 98 

Myers. Matthew Shawn 98 

Myers. Michelle L 60 

Myers. Shannon Morris 46. 60 

Myers. Shawn Allen 60 




Nagle. John Stephen 98 

Nahum. Galit 78. 129 

Nahum. Sharon 98 

National Honor Society 138. 139 

Neal, Elizabeth Mason 78, 111 

Neil, Randy Keith 98 

Neil. Sharon Lynne 88 

Nelson. Anthony Paul 78 

Nelson. Clifton Lane 62 

Nelson. Dana Anne 98 

Nelson. Jennifer Joy 62. 113 

Nelson. Kevin 78 

Nelson, Knslin Annette 62. 139 

Nelson. Larry Charles 78 

Nelson. Shauna Lynn 78. Ill 

Neubert. Leann 78. 113 

Leubert. Victoria Anne 78 

Newbern. Kathrine Lynn 78 

Newill. Donan 106 

Newman, Michael Lawrence 88 

Newton, Misty Lynn 78 

Nichols. Jason C 78 

Nichols. Jonathan D 98 

Nichols. Steven Bradley 88 

Nobles. Lesley Paige 78 

Nolan, Emerson G 98 

Nolker, Melissa Mane 88 

Nommack. Darrell 98 

Norman. Alan Patnck 62. 127. 133 

Norman, Ann Mane 98 

Norville, Alyse Paige 88 

Novoa, Alvirina62, 113. 129 

Novoa. Alvin. Jr 62. 104. 192 

Boyle. Christopher Gran 78 

Donnell. John Sean 98 

Prandy. Tara 98 

Oakes. Kevin Charles 62. 180 

Cakes, Maria 106 

Dates Alan Brooke 6? 185 

Oalcs, Laura Stewart 88 174, 

Oberlin, Michelle M 88 

Ocamb Kimberly 78 

Oconnell, Frederick W 88 

Oden, Heather Jagci 78 

Oden, Jon Marshall 30. 63. 132. 133. 139 

Odum. Holly Michelle 78 

Ottice Helpers 118. 119 

Oglesby. Rebeca Jane 63. 139 

Ogline. Jennifer Lynn 78. 133 

Oleary. Timothy 88 

Oleiar. Carol Lynn 78, 111. 131 

Oliver. David Scott 98 

Olson. Heather Lynne 88 

ONeal. Constance 78 

ONeal, Shaun 78 

Oneil. Paul Joseph 63. 146 

Oneill. Charies Bnan 88. 117 

Onquit. Nancy Fae Panga 78 

Ontko. George 106 

Opening Divider 2. 3 

Oprandy. Susan Mary 98 

Orchid. Lyssa Janel 98. 101. 163 

Osbome. Chnstopher B 98 

Outdoor Track 152. 153 

Overton, Lisa Brandes 88. 117. 133. 131. 

Owens. Billy Warren 88 
Owens. Roberta 106 
Owens. Todd Randolph 88 
Owsiany. Chnstine Renee 78 



Pacheco. Gina Mane 63. 71. 146 

Patumi. Brian Anthony 78 

Pak. Sang Yon 88 

Palermo. Frank David 63. 71. 146 

Palmer. Pace Bryan 63 

Pangle. Jennie Lou 94. 106 

Part). A 127 

Partner. Agnes Mane 88 

Parker. John Daniel 88. Ill 

Parr. Jett 63. 166 

Parsons. Chad Earl 98 

Paschall. Mary Lou 78 

Pascual. Pamela Flor 63, 190. 131 

Pasicov. James Matthew 98 

Patterson. Lisa Mashay 98 

Patterson. Paul 98 

Patterson. Sonia Renea 88 

Paulson. Elias William 98 

Pavey. Joseph Edwin 98 

Pavey. Samuel 63. 113 

Payne, Andrew Mason 78 

Peckens. John Newton 63. 133 

Pekarsky. Carol Beth 98 

Pellenn. Karen Anne 78. 133 

Pellenn. Robert Dennis 63 

Pelton. Michael Lynn 78 

Pennington. Jenniter C 63. 123. 131 

Penny. Michael Jon 63. 161 

Pentzer. Richard Dale 88 

People Divider 44. 45 

Pep Club 120, 121 

Perez. Daniella D 78 

Perez. Deborah D 78 

Perez. Melissa A 44. 78 

Perez. Vanessa Mane 92, 98 

Perrault. Tiffany Rae 98 

Perry. Brandon 18 

Perry. David Edward 78 

Perry. Dean Michael 88 

Perry. James J 98 

Perry. Jenniter Elizabeth 74. 78 

Perry, Joel Wade 63 

Perry, Jonathan Charles 190 

Person, Christina Lynn 78, 111 

Person. Mark Richard 98 

Petersen, Mark Louis 63. 70. 166 

Petersen. Michele Diane 78 

Petersen. Scott Michael 63. 117. 123. 188. 

Petrey. Linda Kay 98 
Pettersen. Anette Stiegle 98 
Pettersen. Bngitte Sliegle 88 
Phelps. Knss Michelle 63 
Phillips. Blake Hunter 88 
Phillips. Kevin 18 
Piazza. Thomas M 78 
Pickard. Allison Paige 88. 131 
Pierce. John Williamson 88. 117 
Pierce. Lark Ellen 119 
Pierce. Tomma Rene 98, 111 
Pierson Knslofer Jon 88, 104 166 
Pierson, Lars-Erik 63, 18, 146 
Pierson, Reinholdine K 98 
Pilecki, Michael Scon 98 
Pitt. Tracy Gail 88 
Pihs. Tracey 98 
Plato. Heide Mane 78 
Platz, Bruce 106 184 
Pleacher, Charles Jody 98 
Plumlee. Charles Eric 78 
Poe. Carolyn Lee 111. 131 
Pohl. Jeffrey Kenneth 88 
Pollard. Kimberly Anne 63 
Pooie. Kirslei; Rosei 78 
Poore. William Keith 98 
Porter, Michael 103 
Porter, Scolt Ryan 78 
Poslusny. Diana Jeanne 98 
Post, Stephanie Mae 88 
Poston Windy Haye 88 
Potts. Jennifer Lee 78 
Pouliol. Richard Earl 88 
Powell. Jan Dinna 98 

Powell. Joyce Dawn 78 
Powell. Judith Ann 78 
Powell. Missy Lea 88 
Powers, Danielle A 78, 111 
Precllanio, N 107 
Prestndge. Rebecca Lee 98 
Prevette. Laurel Raven 63. 71 
Pntchett. Chnstopher 98 
Prodan. Elizabeth A 63 
Prodan. John Paul 78 
Prouty. Richard Charies 98 
Pniden. Sean Robert 88. Ill 
Pryor. Brant 151. 150 

Raftensperger. Harvey P 88. 123 

Rainbolt. Pamela 88. 113 

Rainer. Brenda Denise 98 

Ramer. Donna Ann 78 

Rams. Philip Sean 88 

Ramos. Erwin Gnialvo 63. 117 

Randall. Edwin Jay 98 

Raney. Bnan Kent 88 

Ratclitfe, Robert Wilton 98. 113. 123 

Rayfield, Susan Elizabeth 63. 113 

Rayhall. Clifl 98 

Raynes. Scott 88. 111. 127 

Reading. Van 106 

Reaves. Stephanie Ann 78 

Redding. Mary Jane 63 

Reed. Kara Elizabeth 63 

Reed. Thomas Claude 99 

Rees. Anna Margaret 64 

Regula. Knshn 78. 80. 113. 129 

Reichenmiller. Olaf 78 

Reichert. Douglas 88 

Reid. Dayne Michelle 99. Ill 

Reid. Kimberiy Dionne 99 

Reid. Rebecca Ann 78. 171 

Renno. Gregory Scott 64 

Renno, Shen Ann 78 

Reyburn. David James 99. 123 

Reynolds. Chnstine 64 

Reynolds. Dennis Alan. Jr 88 

Rhoades. Abigail Carleton 79 

Rhudy. Cnsta Paige 64 

Ricci. Loma Lee 64 

Rice. Enc Wallace 99 

Rich. Maureen Anne 99 

Rich, Timothy Michael 79. 113 

Richards, Tara Patrice 79 

Richardson, Michael Joseph 99 

Richardson, Michelle Lynn 88 

Richardson, Raelynn 64 

Rickard. Jo Anne 99 

Rickard. Lea Anne 79. 129 

Riddick, Amy 46. 64, 70, 128. 129. 195 

Ridge. Arlene Elizabeth 64 

Ridge. Mark Gregory 99 

Rieve, Rhea Lynne 54. Ill 

Rieve, Royce Johnson 99 

Rieves, Laura Cathenne 99 

Riffle. Gail 106 

Riner. Elizabeth Mann 79 

Ritter. Knsty 145 

Roberson, Roxann 85. 88 

Roberts. Deborah Lynn 88 

Roberts. Meredith Ann 64 

Robert. Ronald Gary 79 

Roberts. Shawn Mane 88 

Robertson. Kathryn Hard 83. 88. 89 

Robins. Kimberly Aline 88 

Robins, Robie99, 113 

Robinson, Chnstopher Mic 99 

Robles. Monica Lynn 99 

Rode. Robert 106 

Roetker. Michael Robert 99, 111 

Rogers, James Gordon. Jr 79 

Rohdenburg. Kristin K 99. 113 

Romaine. Scoll Edward 79 

Rose. Marrie 99 

Rosen. Guy 99 

Ross. Stacy 64 

Rothotf. Nicole Mane 99 

Roullet. Karen Suzanne 64. 117. 178 

Rouse. James Stanley 99 

Rowe. Julie Elizabeth 99 

Rowland. Dax Michael 88 

Rudiger. Katherme Denise 64 

Rudoll. Chester David 79 

Ruflin. Amber Kathleen 88 

RuMin, Lonnie. Ill 99 

Ruiz. Vanessa Lynn 88. 113 

Rumpf. Paul 88 

Rumpf. Rikki Lea 99 

Rumpf. Vickie Lyn 64 

Runnells. Cindy Amanda 88. Ill 

Russell. Jay Calvm, Jr 64, 113 

Russell, Kimberly Fay 98, 99 

Russell, Susan Mane 88, 111 

Russell. Tracie Lynn 99 

Russo. Joseph 99 










SAOD 138. 139 

'9 O WD£y ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 


SCA 136, 137 

Saboufin, William Leonard 79 
I Sadler, Alex Edmund 30, 49, 64, 71, 186, 

Sakis, Theodore Thomas 35, 64 

Sale, Charles Latane 99 

Sale, Noel Lee 88 

Sale. Talley Virginia 79, 117 

Salyer, Preston Edward 79 

Samford, Katharine 1-6 

Sanderlin, Mary Lee 88 

Santoro, Florence Ann 88 

Sarvella, Floyd Randall 64 

Saunders, Charles Christopher 80 

Saunders, Kimberly Mane 99 
I Saunders, Margaret 99 

Savacool, Christa Lynn 98 

Savacool, Matthew Jetlrey 113, 123, 131 

Savino, David Andrew 99 

Savino, Kimberly Anne 64, 18 

Sawyer, Tern 105, 106, 123 

Sawyer, William Jordan, IV 80 

Scarborough, Kay 106 

Schatli, Timothy Michael 88 

Schellhammer, Scoti Frede 99 

Schiet, Amy Noel 99 

Schlatter, Martin Duane 80 

Schleck, David Ryan 80 

Schlosser, Donellen S 64, 111, 117, 131 

Schmid, Lisa Lorena 64 

Schmidt, Mollie Wilds 65 

Schmidt, Rachael M 65, 163 

Schmurr, Lisa Renee 80 

Schneider, Grant Michael 80 

Schnitt, Drew Evan 65. 111 

Scholl, Gary Laverne 80 
I Schonback, Stefanie Ania 65, 111 

Schreckengaust, Karen 113, 117 

Schrob, Alan 80, 190 

Schroeder, Stacy Ann 80 

Schugardt, Richard Jason 80 

Schultz, Jeffrey Thomas 80, 113, 161 

Schwartz, Amie Kathleen 99 

Schwartz, Kenneth Ray 99 

Schweickert, Mary E 80 

Science Club 122, 123 

Scofield, Jeffrey Paul 88, 113 

Scott, Sonya Ann 65, 174 

Scott, Tabatha Betrand 99 

Scott, Thomas Henry 99 

Scotti, Adam Michael 80. 115 

Scruggs, Craig Overton 88 

Scruggs, Jason Walker 115 

Sears, Corey Cornel 99 
' Sears, Jennifer Rachel 92, 99 

Seay, Marvin 65 

Seay, Windy Jill 80, 113 

Sebastian, Lorin Lee 65 

Segall, Liad Y, 99 

Segerblom, Kevin Lee 80 

Segerblom, Scott Dana 80 

Sell, Donald 88 

Seltzer, George H IV 80 

Senior Stats 224. 225 

Senter. Kimberly Dawn 65, 111, 117, 119 

Senter, Barbara 106 

Sereno, Catherine Regina 65, 159 

Sereno, James Daniel 99 

Sen, Carrie Ann 99 

Serrano. Melissa Lyn 65 

Setlord, Matthew J 115 

Shaggs, R 107 

Shank, Ronnie Laverne 77, 80, 127 

Sharpe, David Marshall 55, 129 

Sharpe, Sarah Garland 88 

Sharrock, Christian ONeal 65 

Shaw, Renee Mane 88 

Shea, Kevin Michael 65, 70, 111, 18, 146 

Shedlock, William Michael 80 

Shelton, Charlene Renee 99 

Shepherd, Michael Anthony 80, 166 

Sheridan, Shelley Anne 88, 111 

Sherlock, Kieran Carter 99, 111 

Shewchuk, Mark Dennis 99 

Shick, Jason Tyler 99 

Shields, Gregory Scott 88, 111, 133 

Shields, Julie Mane 99 

Shields, Marcie Elizabeth 65 

Shirk, Ann Mane 88, 113, 117 

Shoaf, Jeffrey 106 

Shon, Melissa Anne 65, 117 

Shores, Doninique Rennee 99 

Shores, Lance Patnck 65 

Shon, Chnstina Kaye 80 

Shon, Leslie M 88, 111 

Shoner, Kimberly Elaine 99, 100, 113 

Shreckengaust, Karen M 65 

Shugrue, Chnstopher P 88 

Shull, David Leonard 65, 166 

Shull, Stacey 99 

Shuman. Chnstopher Scott 99 

Shuman. Michael Jason 99. 113 

Shumpert. Lenore Kay 89 

Shupe. Holly Lyn 80, 163 

Shupe, Robert David 80, 172 

Sibert, Barbara 65 

Siebeking, Stephanie 24 

Sike, Chen Louise 55, 65, 129 

Silva, Raquel 99 

Simons, Cassie Lynn 89 

Simpson, Daniel Harnson 65, 166 

Sinclair, Shawn Christopher 89 

Singleton, Ronette Andrea 99 

Sipe, Tavis Winton 93, 99 

Sisler, Chnstopher 66 

Siovall, Scott Allen 66 

Skiles, Robert 80 

Skinner, Donald 80 

Skinner, Robert Allen 89 

Slaven, Melissa 66 

Slaven, Susan 80, 111 

Slough, Kalhenne Ellen 44, 66, 71, 111, 

127, 18, 145, 159 
Smith, Allen Edwin 99 
Smith, Chnstine Leslie 80 
Smith, Chnstopher L 80 
Smith, Christina Franchesc 99 
Smith, Deana Jane 99 
Smith, Donnyell Pierre 99 
Smith, Gregory Shawn 99 
Smith, James Dennis 99 
Smith, Jennifer Lynn 89 
Smith, Jonathan Allen 89 
Smith, Kim N 119, 131 
Smith, Mia Trinean 89 
Smith, Michael Joseph 66 
Smith, Monica Ann 66 
Smith, Rebecca Eileen 89 
Smith, Stephanie Michelle 89 
Smith, Sylvester 106 
Smith, Tom 106 
Smithwick, Amy Lynn 24, 80 
Smoke, Christopher Joseph 66 
Snilka, Charles 89 
Snyder, Helen Jeanean 99 
Snyder, John Shawn Hams 99 
Snyder, Sean 161 
Snyder, Shauna Ann 80 
Softball 144, 145 
Song, In Ah 66 
Sokolowski, Ray 89 
Sokora, Daniel C 89 
Spanish Club 113 
Spears, Wendalyn Rachelle 66, 119, 131, 

Speckhart, James Matthew 99 
Speckhart, Michael Louis 80, 127 
Spence, Aaron Christopher 89 
Spencer, David 89 
Spencer. Don 149 
Spencer. Kathenne Elaine 66. 111 
Spencer. Kyllie Ann 106 
Sports Divider 142. 143 
Spotswood, Nicole Mane 80 
Sprague, Matthew Russell 100 
Sprouse, Chnstopher W 66, 133 
Sprouse, David Boyd 89, 111 
Spruill, Mark Brandon 100 
Squire, Arthur Clifton 89 
Stables, Thomas Bernarr 89, 166 
Stace, Gerald Lynn Jr 89 
Staehle, Tara Michelle 96. 100 
Stafford, Kimberly V 66 
Stafford, Melinda A 100 
Stafford, Shannon 100 
Stafford, Thomas Alan 100 
Stagg, Gregory James 89 
Stallings, Michael Kent 80. 123 
Stamer. Heather Mane 66 
Stamer. Jason Edward 100 
Stanchina. Jerry Gene Jr 100 
Stanfield. Jeffery Allen 80, 111, 166 
Stanton. William Anthony 89 
Starbuck, Lucy Rebecca 66, 113, 133 
Starting, Jennifer Ruth 80 
Starting, John Randolph 100 
Staub, Michael C. 66 
SUutfer, Jonathan W 63, 66, 69, 127, 184, 

Stedman, Jaimi Mane 100 
Steele, Jeffrey Alan 80 
Steele, Lisa Ann 89 
Stefonich, Danielle 66 
Stem, Roger Samuel 80 
Steinkamp, Karen Lynn 80, 113 
Stephens, Anthony Moore 89, 111 
Stephenson, Cart D II 66 
Stephenson, Tom Michelle 89 
Stetler, Stacy 100, 113 
Stets, Mark Alan 89 
Stevens, Christopher Alan 89 
Stevens, Karen Michelle 100 
Stevens, Lee Travis 80 
Stevens, Rebecca Ann 89 
Stewart, Bruce 106, 147 
Stewart, Joseph Bruce Jr 89 
Stewart, Monica Grace 80, 159 
Stewart, Rebecca Lynn 80 
Stewart, Robin James 80 
Stewart, Thomas E 33 
Stivers, Ginger Michele 100 
Stone, Chnstine Noele 80 
Stoner. Barbara Anne 80 
Storey, Raelin 27, 66, 178, 129 
Strahan, Sonya Miranda 100 
Stratman, Jennifer Lyn 100 
Strazzullo, Joanne Marie 100 
Strazzullo, John Anthony 100 
SIreeter, Melissa Ann 66, 18 
Strickland, Mary Chnstin 67, 117 
Slnckler, Michelle S 67 
Strother, Robert Glenn 89 
Stroud, Adam D 89, 166 
Stroud, Kimberly Denise 67, 117 
Stubblefield, David E 89 
Student Life Divider 6,7, 
Stultz, Ronald 106 
Sturgeon, Dons 89 
Suber, R. 107 
Suggs, William Thomas 89 
Sulecki, Sharon Lee 80 
Sullivan, Jennifer J 80, 133, 129 
Sullivan, Stacey Meegan 100 
Summertin, Burt 89 
Summertin, Michael 67, 113, 166 
Summertin, Stephen James 113, 166 
Super, Gregory Matthew 67, 69, 127, 139 
Sutton, Chnstopher Matth 80, 123 
Sutton. Hollie Mane 80 
Sutlon, May 106 
Svede, Diana Clare 100 
Swanson, John Patrick 100 

Sweetser, Robert Seth 100, 161 
Sweger, Wayne Nolan 89 
Swingle, Matt 146 
Sykes, Jimmey Wesley, Jr 89, 123 
Symons, Scott 100 


TARS 132, 133 

Tabor, Todd Martin 89, 113 

Tagmons, Tom 80 

Talbott, April M 95, 100 

Tamayo. Leticia Maria 67, 184 

Tamayo, Soma Suzanne 80 

Tarpey, Michael Patrick 89, 117, 129 

Tartoni, Debra L 100 

Tartoni, Krisli Carol 89 

Tasheiko, Tamara Leigh 30, 61, 62, 67, 11, 

Tatay, Galit 100 

Tatem, Stephanie Rose 53, 67, 130 
Tavares, Mandy E 67, 127 
Tavenner, William Markus 89 
Taylor, Ginger Lorraine 89, 111, 174 
Taylor, Jennifer Paige 80 
Taylor, Keenan, Joseph 80 
Taylor, Natalie Hope 67, 70, 111, 174 
Taylor, Robert Macey 89. 115 
Templeton. Skip 100 
Ten. Andrew Joseph 67 
Tertizzi, Annette Dawn 82, 83, 89, 113 
Theurer, Charles Joseph 67 
Theile, Jeffry Beniamin 80 
Theile, Layne Bruce 80 
Thespians 128, 129 
Thomas, Cindy Leigh 100, 129 
Thomas, David Eugene 81 
Thomas, Enca Levon 89 
Thomas, Enn Wayne 100 
Thomas, Gordon Damien 89 
Thomas, John Eric 81 
Thomas. Stephen 67 
Thomas. Tamatha Renee 81 
Thomas. Timothy Daryl 100 
Thompson. Brian John 67 
Thompson. Deanna 89 
Thompson, Henry L, Jr 67, 119 
Thompson, James Franklin 90 
Thompson, Laune E 81 
Thompson, Shannan Michele 100 
Thompson, Tamara Suzanna 81 
Tiedemann, Dawn Mane 90 
Tiedemann, Patncia Lynne 81, 131 
Tippett, Jeffrey 100 
Tolbert, Kelly Suaanne 100 
Tolbert, Kimberiey Erin 67 
Tolbert, William Haywood 81 
Tolberton, Bree Revere 100 
Tolertin, B 111, 137 
Tolive, Thomas C 90 
Tomasetti, Micheal David 100 
Tomlin, Dru Delance 100 
Tomlinson, Paul David 81 
Torbert, Robert 48, 67 
Townsend, Enck David 81 
Townsend. Jonathan Mark 81 
Townsend. Richard Slade 90 
Trafton. Cart Leslie 67 
Trammell. Joel 106 
Trent. Charies Edward 67 
Troedson. Kerry Shannon 100. 131 
Trout. Maren Lynn 81 
Trowbndge. Scott C 67. 182 
Tuazon. Danielle Michelle 90 
Tucker. Cmdy Lou 67 
Tumer. Andrew Delton 90, 100, 113, 166 
Turner, Chnstopher Wayne 90 
Turner, Jason Armstrong 100 
Tumer, Michelle Dawn 67, 11, 119, 129 
Turner, R Jonathan 100 
Turner, Rachel 100 
Turner, Ryan Lane 81, 146, 166 
Turpine, K 107 
Tye, Paul Winston 81 
Tynes, Hunter Lynne 100 
Tyrell, Daniel Jude 67 
Tyrell, Patnck James 100 




Underhill, Christianne M 67, 113, 129 
Upton, Wendi Rae 81 
Urbanski, Kara Corcoran 100 

Valerio, Matthew James 30. 82, 91 , 90 11. 

Van Idetstine, Eric Paul 100 
Vanderwerken, Noelle 90 
Vanderwerken. Vikki Ann 100 
Vaneycken. Cathy 67 
Vann. Carolyn Elizabeth 81, 129 
Vann. Diana Fentress 90. 91. 127, 129 
Vann, Ronald Corey 81 
Vanvalkenburgh, Kimberly 97, 100, 113, 137 
Vassilakis, George 100 
Velde, Christian Rudin 100 
Venable, Craig Roberts 67, 133 
Venable, Jennifer Anne 100, 101 
Vermillion, Pat 81 
Vest, Carol Lynn 73, 81 
Vest, William Thomas 90 
Viar, Bonnie Rhea 90 
Viar, George Duran 45, 81 
Viar, Jode Lee 90 
Video Club 130, 131 
Vincent, Denise C 81 
Vincent, Garnet Lee 67 
Vinh, Anne Baoanh 67 
Violette, Victoria Ann 90, 117 
Vion, Cheryl Leigh 90 
Visbeek, Karen L 90 
Vita, Anna Jeannette 34, 67 
Vokshoorzadeh, Amir A 81 
Voncannon, Valerie Lee 100 
VonLudwig, Amelie 107 
VonSchmidt-Pauli, Chnsti 81, 112, 113 
Vote, Laura Kay 100 
Vrooman, Tamara Lynne 81, 117 




V V V 

Wade, Angela N 81, 163 

Wade, Robyn L 100 

Wagner, Daniel Paul 81 

Wagner, Karen Biscoe 100 

Waite, Anne Bryan 67, 145 

Waldron, Lisa Mane 90 

Waldron, Wendy Therese 81, 111 

Walker, Anne Mathis 100 

Walker, Jennifer BIythe 90, 119, 131 

Walker, Kerry Ann 68 

Walker, Michelle 107, 192 

Walker, Steven William 68 

Walker, Bobbie 81 

Wallace, Geoffrey Hart 81 

Waller, Neola 107, 183 

Walsh, Adam David 100, 113 

Walsh, Judith M 68, 111, 174 

Walsh, Richard Craig 30, 53, 68, 137 

Walston, Joy Elizabeth 22, 90 

Walton, Celeste Shannon 100 

Walton, Courtney Machen 100 

Walton, Stephanie Elizabeth 81 

Walton, Wade Presley 100 

Ward, Bnan Philip 70 

Ward, John Gilbert 100 

Ward, Kimberty Sue 100 

Ward, Patnce Valene 81 

Wardzinski, Geoffrey G 90 

Wardzinski, Melissa Mane 81, 111 

Wargo, Chamie Ann 90 

Wargo. Mark Christopher 81, 113 

Warnick, Terry Lee 100 

Warren, Roger Dalton, Jr 81 

Warren, Laura Elaine 111, 163 

Washington, Peggy 107 

Waterman, Heather Elaine 90 

Waters, Eart 107 

Waters, Lottie 102. 103 

Watkins, Mike 100 

Watson, Sandra Lynn 90 

Watson, Wendy Michelle 100 

Watts, Jalene Mane 100 

Watts, Tama Leah 90 

Watts, Terry Nicholas 101 

Weber, Dennis Irvin 81, 111 

Weber, Michael Gregory 68 

Webster, Jack Raymond 101 

Webster, Sterting F IV 101 

Weed, Heather Alexandra 90 

Weeks, Robert Lee, II 101 

Weiss, Thomas Alan 101 

Welborn, Catherine Warren 68 

Welborn, Cindy Lynn 68 

Welch, Robert Thomas 133 

Waller, Ayelet 68 

Weniger, Tamara Lynn 101 

Weniger, Tracy 118, 119 

Weniger, Wendy Mane 90 

Wentz, Bradley Joseph 68, 133 

Wentz, Trey 101 

Werkmeister, Deborah Ann 81 

West, Jocelyn Knstine 30, 101 

West, Stacey 81 

Wetmore, Michelle Louise 87, 90 

Whaley, Michael David 24, 68 

Whaley, Michael Wayne 24 

Wheelous, Lisa Anne 129 

Whelahan. Margaret Neary 28, 30, 50, 68 

71, 111, 137, 139 
White, Andrew Dewitt 81, 117, 183, 131 
White, Chnstine A 68 
White, Richard Eugene, III 81, 166 
White, Roy Littleton, III 81 
White, Shannon Mane 101 
White, Stacey Rene 68 

While. Stfv.: 

While. Tfevi.i . •■• ■ 

White. Vane'.L,' A'.n 90. Ill 

Whiteman. Amy tli/;il)eth 68 

Whitfield. Amanda iy. ai, 90 

Whitfield. Paul B 1U1 

Whitney, Anita Ann 90, 1/4 

Wilbncht, Cynthia Joan 68, 70. 1P3, 133 

Wilbnchl, Daniel Charles 90. 111. ibG 

Wilcher, Rixey 107 

Wilcox, Knsten Ann 28, 29, 48, 49, 50, 61, 

68, 111. 127, 139 
Wiley, Christopher Scott 68, 123 
Wiley, Marilyn 186 
Wilkerson. Michelle Lee 90 
Wilkie. Susan Kimberly 101. 113 
Will. Dan Eric 68, 163 
Williams, Christopher P 101 
Williams, Knstin Michele 81 
Williams, Knstina Ann 68 
Williams, Larry 68, 117, 129 
Williams, Michelle Collee 101 
Williams, Phil 103 
Williams, Richard Dean 68 
Willis, John Gregory 68 
Wilson, Christopher Mark 101 
Wilson, Courtney Paige 96, 98, 101 
Wilson, Emma Nannele81, 113, 131 
Wilson, Hilda 107 
Wilson, Kelly 145 

Wilson. Timothy Michael 81, 111, 133 
Winborn, Stephen Francis 90 
Windmiller, Richard 119 
Windrow, Allen Lee 101, 111 
Wingspan 116, 117 
Winstead, Jackie Denise 68 
Winstead, James William 101 
Wise, Sebastian Vivian 101 
Wise, Wade M 90 
Wilhers, Christopher M 101 
Wolfe, Alyson Nora 81 
Womack, Sean Antonia 81 
Wombolt, Christopher 81, 113 
Wong, Judy Yat 97, 101 
Wong, Krey Larhung 90 
Wood, Cathenne Anne 25, 30, 44, 58, 68, 

71, 127, 144. 137, 145, 163 
Wood, Elizabeth Elaine 81 
Wood, Susan 145 
Woodard, Ami Elizabeth 24, 90 
Woodard, Mark Lee 101 
Woodhouse, Betty 107 
Woodhouse, Dscar Ray 90 
Wool, Sidney 107 
Woolard, Deanna Carter 68 
Wort, Victor 90 
Worthington, Mary 107 
Wrestling 166, 167 
Wright. Dionne Annette 101. 117 
Wright. Heather Nicole 101 
Wnght. Lisa Kelli 90 
Wyatt. Tony Michael 81 
Wyche. Vera 107 

ii. 1 ii. 

Yates. Tanya Leigh 101 
Yeager. Amy Ann 68 
Yeager. Deanne Cathenne 81 
Yearbook 140. 141 
Yeatts. Knsta Kelly 81. 119 
Yellis, Cassandra Suzanne 90 
Yellis, Nicholas Gregory 81, 166 
Young, Albert Draper 68 
Young, C 107 
Young, Chnstine Mane 81 
Young, Thomas J 81 
Youngburgh 150, 151 


Zamarin, Eden Elena 81. 173 
Zam. Robert Michael 101 
Zatout, Matt 101 
Zawacky, Laura 101, 111 
Zenarolla, Kimberty Miche 90 
Zinas, Jim 68, 113, 166 
Zinas, Kathy 90 
Zook, Jennifer Kay 27, 68. 113, 117 

)()oooooooooooooooooooooooooooococoo (MDCy O 22^ 

The 1987 Talon, Volume 26, was published by 
Hunter Publishing Company, Winston-Salem, 
North Carolina. Mr. John Perry is the publishing 
representative. The press run was 1300 copies. 
The finish of the paper throughout the book is 
Warren Gloss. The cover is a four-color limited 
lithographic design, drawn by Mick McKay. The 
endsheets are 65 lb. stock, color #115 Orchid 
Amton Text. The majority of the type used in the 
book IS Helvetica Condensed. Body copy is printed 
in 10-point, captions in 8-point, and kickers in 

Most senior portraits, faculty and underclass 
pictures, group pictures, and assorted candids 
were taken by Mr. Hall Ward of Max Ward-Delmar 
Studios, Chesapeake, Virginia. 

If bubble gum did not exist, the Talon would not exist either 




\^ . » . 

We would like to give special thanks to the 
tollowing: Mrs, Gail Riffle for helping type the 
index; Mr, Leon Hoots, Dr. Kathleen Angle, 
and Mr. Sylvester Smith for their help with 
photography; Mr. Hal Ward for his photog- 
raphy; Mr. Ken Janosko and Dr. Kathleen 
Anuie for the us of the dark room; and espe- 
cially Mf Michael Porter for his theme, "The 
State of InCUXitation," 

We would also like to extend our sincerest 
appreciation to the staft of the Talon, Thanks 
for putting up with us We both agree that the 
hard work and tedious deadlines finally paid 

off. Also to our assistant editors — Sarah 
Ashton, whose knowledge was indispensable, 
and Carolyn Clark, who gave so much of her 
time. Our special thanks to Nancy Moore and 
Jeff May, our most dependable staff 
members. Finally, our sponsor, Mrs. 
Margaret Beckner, who belongs in the Hall of 
Fame for her writing and listening abilities. 
How could we have survived without our 
"Mom." We love you! 

Sarah and Susan 


Editors-in-Chief Sarah Hess 

Susan McClellan 

Advisor Margaret Beckner 

Assistant Editors Sarah Ashton 

Carolyn Clark 
Student Life Editors .... Molly Whelahan 

Kristen Wilcox 

Senior Editors Christi Edwards 

Nell-Garwood MacEachern 

Junior Class Editors Carmen Akbari 

Karen Broyles 

Sophomore Editors Britt Heisig 

Kathryn Robertson 

Freshman Class Editor Kristin 


Clubs Editor Karen Colehamer 

Academics Editor Tammy Tasheiko 

Sports Staff Pat Baldwin 

Brent DiGeronimo 

Michael Roetker 

Nancy Moore 

Photography Editor Matt Jackson 

Copy Editor Jeff May 

''O O CLOSINQ oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooc 

General Staff Editor: Nancy Moore 

Assistant Editor: Carolyn Clark 
Editors-in-Chief: Susan McClellan and Sarah Hess 

Student Life Editors: Kristen Wile .-uny Wtielahan 

Assistant Editr Ashton 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo J CLOSINQ O 2S7 

After having won the spirit competition, the most inCOXitation seniors parade their The effects in inCOXitation leave Lance Shores and David Griffin blowing bubbles. | 
spirit links around the gym at the Homecoming pep rally. i 

Freshmen Kim van Valkenburgh and Kristin Rohdenburg prepare for graduation dur- 
ing the Homecoming float competition 

A little French conversation provides the lighter side of in- 
COXitation for Hunter Tynes, Wendy Weniger, and Alex 

^ O ClDSINCj oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo? 

After ai Yemv -of 

With the arrival of warmer 
weather, going about the business 
of education grew increasingly dif- 
ficult as tan lines and surf racks 
made their appearance among the 
student body. The lure of the beach 
was overwhelming, and days of 
wool jackets and scarves seemed 
light years in the past. So did the 
year's activities: Orientation, club 
meetings, snow days, and wrestling 
matches. There were lectures, tests, 
term papers, and the occasional 
detention to be served. Young Life, 
pageants, parades, and parties gave 
us night life. We skated, surfed, 
cycled, and tried out new licenses,. 
We danced to dee-jays. Wild King- 
dom, Phil Collins and decked our 
halls with green and gold or red, for 
Homecoming or the holidays. We 
donated money and time for others, 
and our sweat and inspiration en- 
abled us to conquer on all fields — 
athletic and academic. The feelings 
of pride, of participation, of joy, of 
celebration, of occasional sadness 
or frustration captured us in one 
huge, glorious, technicolor bubble 
. . . a year of inCOXitation. 

Mr, Snowman lives on 
COXitated efforts of I 
Wiicox, Denise Mir'^ 
Caddy Wood. 

)000000000000000000 000000000000 

nooi day due to the m- 
iO. Raelin Storey, Kristin 
Astiton, Meg Dobson, and 

CUXtNQ O 211 


Tllie IPiites €f Sipiriiirg 

Although Spring's official arrival wasn't until March 21st, the early signs began 
to show as far back as February when seniors placed cap and gown orders. 
Seniors nnade daily mailbox checks for those all-important college acceptance 
letters, all the while planning for a long weekend ski trip to Snowshoe. Those of us 
who were less fortunate, had to content ourselves with an early departure and a 
late start, due to a dusting of snow and sleet. The discreet few, who were lucky and 
sneaky enough to capture those sought-after Genesis tickets, were the envy of the 
have-nots as they paraded their new Genesis tee shirts on the Monday after two 
sold-out shows. 

March blew in a host of activities — Foreign Language Week, the Miss Cox 
Pageant, and underclass pre-registration — all of them sure signs that Spring was 
on its way. Ring Dance and Prom preparations merely contributed to the frenzy, as 
students bought gowns, rented tuxes, and even hired limos for the festivities. 

A soft silence reigned over Cox country after the students were released early. 

Looks like Brian Fentress is getting ready to cut back into the soup 

Preparing for a bottom-turn and a cut-back, John Prodan enioys himself at 
Rodanthe Pier. (Inset) 


f- O CLOSINQ oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 



< » 

*^ . - 

Celebrity Day exposes the real Pee Wee Herman, senior Alex Sadler. 
In jubilation and celebration, the year ends with graduation. 

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CLOSINQ O 23S 

Gradually, the weather softened, days lengthened, attention spans shortened, and tans darkened. 

By April everyone was counting days until that long-overdue and much needed Spring Break, and we 
returned with a vision of the year's end in our mind's eye. We saw the next slate of leaders elected to class 
and school offices, each candidate full of promise and the hopes of filling the shoes of their predecessors. 

In late May, the seniors skipped en masse, ordered cards and announcements, and studied for their 
fina' final exams. Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen all pondered the summer months ahead and won- 
dei. ^ next year they'd be wiser, as well as older. Seniors would practice graduating on a hot field, attend 
the tra.. ^nal Sunday Baccalaureate service; and at last, on a Friday evening in June, they would don their 
green and yold one lasi 'me. With the toss of a tassel and a cap thrown high at the close of the ceremony, 
each and every ^f^nior, as ..'ell as those of us who taught them, learned or lived with them, would be caught 
up in the year's final monr^nt of inCOXitation. 

Although his bubble burst. Lance Shores smiles as the ef- 
fects ot inCOXitation set in 

^^ O CLOSINCj ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 



John Perry 
Virginia Beach. Va 



( ) 

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noade. i-^throuq-H n^is C(eai^ u^i1V)ouor- 

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-for qojas I b^dr nC)t-fLncxL<^. LOt\ I ux'a^ 

(JouAScif U^ (^^ (e9cx^ 1 1 U_ lyv^ h(C| K^ 
V^OOl- ^-lAJibfirfet was 1^ ?50 

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